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Why do I need to select the grade along with the NGC certification number?

This is done to prevent people from browsing or "crawling" submissions in the NGC Certification Verification database. We understand that this added step can be a little inconvenient, but it provides significantly greater data security.

Why does it say "No match was found"?

There are several possible reasons that no match was found:

  • You entered an invalid certification number. Please double-check the certification number and try again.
  • You selected the wrong grade. Please double-check the grade and try again.
  • Your coin has not yet been shipped by NGC. Only coins that have been shipped can be searched in NGC Certification Verification.
If you still cannot find your coin, contact NGC Customer Service.


Contact NGC Customer Service: If you see this alert, contact NGC Customer Service to inquire about this coin. There are a variety of reasons why "Contact NGC Customer Service" may be displayed.

Possible Counterfeit Holder: If you see this alert, it means that NGC has seen a counterfeit or tampered holder that uses this certification number. Contact NGC Customer Service if you see this note. Also see the NGC Security Center.

Mechanical Error: If you see this alert, it means that the label has a mechanical (typographical) error. This coin should be returned to NGC so that the label can be corrected. For more information and submission instructions, contact NGC Customer Service.

Deleted: If you see this alert, it generally means that the coin was removed from the NGC Census population report. Coins are occasionally deleted in error, however, so if you see this note but own the coin, please email pictures of the front and back of the holder to

Why does it say "NA" under "NGC Census" in Verify NGC Certification?

Most graded coins, tokens and medals are listed in the NGC Census, but some esoteric pieces are not listed in the NGC Census.

If you think your coin is similar to other types listed in the NGC Census but it is not listed, please contact NGC Customer Service. Note: If your coin was just recently shipped by NGC, the NGC Census may not have updated yet. Please check the NGC Census the Tuesday after your coin was shipped by NGC to see if the entry is still missing.

Why are there no images of my coin in Verify NGC Certification?

NGC has imaged virtually all non-bulk submissions since October 2008.

If images of your coin are not displayed, it was likely graded prior to October 2008 or was part of a bulk submission that was not imaged. If your coin falls into either of those categories, you can submit it to NGC under the ReHolder service to be placed in a new holder and imaged.

If you think that your coin was graded after October 2008 and was not part of a bulk submission, please contact NGC Customer Service so that we can check into the missing images.

What do I do if I think I have a counterfeit or altered holder?

NGC may be able to confirm the authenticity of an NGC holder by examining high-resolution images. In other cases, NGC may need to examine the holder at its office. If you send a holder to NGC and it is confirmed to be a fraudulent NGC holder, NGC will take high-resolution images of the fraudulent holder, remove the coin from the holder and return the coin with a letter stating that it was received in a fraudulent NGC holder along with the images taken of the holder. Under no circumstances will NGC return counterfeit or altered NGC holder parts.

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