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NGC Certifies 250 Casascius Bitcoins

Bitcoin, the most popular option for cryptocurrency, was created in 2009. Many investors were interested in the digital currency but felt more comfortable owning it in a physical form. Innovator Mike Caldwell saw an opportunity and began striking his Casascius Bitcoins.

Nectanebo II Gold Stater Coin - The Last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

The defeat and exile of Nectanebo II in 342 B.C. marked the beginning of centuries of Egypt's rule by foreigners, first by the Persians, and later by Greeks and Romans.

Julius Caesar Octavianus Gold Aureus

The coin is attributed to 43 B.C., the year after the assassination of Julius Caesar. During this time, the teenage Octavian was accumulating the power that earned him a place in the Second Triumvirate. Octavian eventually became Rome's first emperor, Augustus.

The Last Great Mystery of the SS Central America

Unseen since 1857, 123 incredibly well-preserved $20 gold coins from the height of the California Gold Rush are finally revealed. (Photos of the “Garden of Gold” and “SS Central America Safe” are by California Gold Marketing Group. Photos of “Gold Coins in Box” and Dwight Manley are by Donn Pearlman.)

NGC Ancients Certifies Fabled Brutus Gold Coin

Perhaps the most important and valuable Roman coin ever to be offered at auction — an ‘EID MAR’ aureus of Brutus in Mint State condition — has been certified by NGC Ancients, the world’s premier service for third-party authentication and grading of ancient coins.

NGC Certifies More Partrick Ultra-rarities

Incredibly, this stunning group of coins includes two Brasher Doubloons, fabled rarities that rank among the most prized coins in all of numismatics.

The NGC Grading Process

At NGC, coins have several important stops with professionals as they travel from Receiving to the Grading Room to the Encapsulation Department.

NGC - Expert and Impartial Coin Grading

NGC revolutionized the coin market by providing an expert, impartial and trusted assessment of a coin’s authenticity and grade.

NGC Certifies Newman's Unique 1792 Washington President Gold Eagle

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has certified the late Eric P. Newman's most cherished coin: the unique 1792 Washington President gold eagle that some researchers believe was presented George Washington and carried by him as a pocket piece.

NGC Confirms Discovery of 4th Known 1854-S $5

Discovery of a Lifetime! A coin that a New England man originally thought was a counterfeit has been authenticated by NGC as only the fourth known 1854-S Liberty Head Half Eagle.

NCS Professional Coin Conservation

Learn how Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) can enhance the eye appeal of your coins.

25 Years of Numismatic Commitment

2012 marks NGC's 25th anniversary. Hear from some of the industry's top experts how NGC became the largest and most respected third-party grading company.

Your Coin’s Journey Through NGC

This coin grading video walks you through the many stages of NGC’s grading process at our secure facility in Sarasota, Florida.

CoinWeek IQ Videos

The Resolute Americana Collection of 1776 Continental Dollars

Mark Salzberg, NGC Chairman, and Robert Rodriquez, Collector, discuss the Resolute Americana Collection of 1776 Continental Dollars displayed at the NGC booth during the 2017 ANA World’s Fair of Money in Denver.

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