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NGC is the first grading authority to offer a 10-point grading scale for coins, with the same precision, consistency and guarantee we've been known for since our founding in 1987. Coexisting with NGC's industry-standard 70-point grading scale, NGCX makes it easier than ever for collectors of comics, TCGs, sports cards and other collectibles graded on a 10-point scale to expand their interest to coins.

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E panding the Hobby

NGCX offers a universally understood grading scale for coins.
For coins that are laminated, NGCX evaluates the coin, not the lamination.


Our Guarantee

The NGC Guarantee is the strongest in the industry — and it extends to NGCX coin grading as well. The NGC Guarantee provides one of several remedies in the rare event that an NGC-certified coin is determined to be not genuine or overgraded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get NGCX-certified coins?

NGCX-certified coins will be available through select retailers beginning January 2023. Qualifying retailers include:

Which coins qualify for NGCX certification?

Modern coins, minted from 1982 to present, qualify for NGCX certification. All US vintage coins are also eligible to be graded on the NGCX 10-point grading scale.

Can I submit coins for NGCX certification?

At this time, NGCX is not available for regular submissions to NGC, which will continue to be graded according the 70-point scale.

I thought coins were graded on a 70-point scale. How does the 10-point scale compare to the 70-point scale?

The 70-point scale, known as the Sheldon grading scale, is the industry standard for coin grading. NGC will continue to use the 70-point scale for regular submissions.

There is no difference in quality between a grade on the NGCX 10-point grading scale and a grade on the 70-point scale. On the NGCX scale, 10 is the supreme grade, equivalent to a 70 on the traditional scale. The subsequent grades cascade from 10, a criterion understood by all.

For example, a coin graded NGCX Mint State or Proof 10 has no imperfections at 5x magnification, the same as a coin graded NGC Mint State or Proof 70. Likewise, an NGCX Mint State or Proof 9.9 is the same as a coin graded NGC Mint State or Proof 69 — each a fully struck coin with nearly imperceptible imperfections.

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Is there a way to see how many coins have been certified using the NGCX 10-point scale?

Once NGCX certification begins in January 2023, NGC will develop a special NGCX population report so that collectors can see how many coins have been certified using the NGCX 10-point scale. The NGCX population report will be similar to the NGC Census, but just for NGCX-certified coins.

NGCX-certified coins will not appear in the current NGC Census.

Can NGCX-certified coins be added to the NGC Registry?

NGCX coins are not currently eligible for the NGC Registry. But don't worry – NGC will develop a platform for collectors of NGCX-certified coins to organize and display their collections.

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