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What is a "Crossover" and what grading companies qualify for this service?

NGC offers a CrossOver service that allows submitters to send their PCGS-holdered coins and have them graded by NGC only if the coins will receive an NGC grade that is the same (or higher) as the grade in the PCGS holder. If the coin will not receive the same (or higher) grade at NGC, it will be left in the PCGS holder and returned to the submitter. This helps the submitter avoid the risk of receiving a lower grade than the one assigned by PCGS.

Only PCGS-holdered coins are eligible for NGC's CrossOver service. Coins holdered by other companies must be accompanied by a consent form authorizing NGC to remove the coins from the holders and grade them "raw" (not in the holder).

Learn more about submitting coins holdered by other companies here >

Can a PCGS-holdered coin with a "set" pedigree (e.g. 25th Anniversary Set) be submitted for CrossOver to NGC?

Due to the special verification required, NGC does not recognize designations or pedigrees assigned by other grading services, as NGC requires that the coins be submitted in the sealed mint shipping box. For example, NGC requires that 25th Anniversary Set American Silver Eagles be received by NGC in the sealed US Mint shipping box. Therefore, a PCGS-holdered American Silver Eagle with the 25th Anniversary Set pedigree cannot receive the 25th Anniversary Set pedigree at NGC if submitted for CrossOver because NGC did not have the opportunity to open the sealed US Mint shipping box to confirm the coin's pedigree. While these coins can still be submitted to NGC for CrossOver, they will not receive the set designation or pedigree assigned by PCGS.

If a coin is removed from an NGC holder, will it receive the same grade if it is resubmitted to NGC?

No. Once a coin is removed from an NGC holder, the NGC Guarantee no longer applies. This is because NGC cannot account for where that coin has been, what, if anything, has been done to it, and because of the overall subjective nature of coin grading itself.

What do I do if I think my NGC-certified coin is overgraded?

NGC offers a free Appearance Review service in the event that someone believes that an NGC-certified coin is overgraded. Coins that are reviewed and downgraded by NGC are covered by the comprehensive NGC Guarantee of grade and authenticity. To read the full NGC Guarantee, click here.

What do I do if I think my NGC-certified coin is undergraded?

If you believe your NGC-certified coin is undergraded, you may submit it to NGC under the "ReGrade" service tier. An applicable grading tier must also be selected.

If I submit an NGC-certified coin to NGC, will it be removed from the NGC holder?

Yes. If an NGC-certified coin is submitted to NGC, it will be removed from the NGC holder so that it can be fully examined.

If the coin was submitted under the ReGrade service and NGC determines that the grade should not be changed, it will be encapsulated in a new holder with a label bearing the same grade. If NGC determines that the grade should be lower-an extremely rare scenario-it will be handled as an Appearance Review, and NGC will offer one of the remedies provided by the NGC Guarantee.

Why do NGC graders not wear gloves?

Gloves make it more difficult to hold a coin and increase the likelihood of it being dropped or mishandled. It is widely accepted within numismatics that a coin should be held on its edge with clean, dry hands and without gloves.

Similarly, librarians who handle rare books are generally discouraged from wearing gloves due to the increased likelihood of tearing a page or otherwise damaging a book. The Library of Congress, for example, states that "contrary to widespread belief, gloves are not necessarily recommended to handle rare or valuable is generally preferable to handle your books with clean hands, washed with soap and thoroughly dried, rather than with gloves." Extensive research on this subject is available online.

What if I submit a coin for both NCS conservation and an NGC ReGrade, but NCS declines to conserve the coin?

NCS conservation can help coins with unattractive toning, copper spots and other surface issues. Customers may submit a coin already certified by NGC for a service that includes NCS conservation and an NGC ReGrade (NCS+ReGrade). If NCS declines to conserve a particular coin under this combined service, then NGC will not perform the ReGrade. If the customer wants the NGC ReGrade regardless of the NCS determination, then the customer should write on their submission form: REGRADE REGARDLESS OF NCS DECISION.

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