NGC holders come in a range of options to meet your needs

NGC Scratch-Resistant EdgeView® Holder

An advanced UV-cured hardcoat — the same material that protects eyeglass lenses — ensures the exceptional durability of this holder.

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NGC’s Scratch-Resistant EdgeView® coin holder

NGC EdgeView® Holder

EdgeView’s pronged core allows for easy viewing of the encased coin’s edge in this secure, preservation-grade design.

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NGC’s EdgeView® coin holder

Oversize Holder

This special holder provides state-of-the-art protection for large coins measuring up to 1 kilo in weight and 120 mm in diameter.

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NGC’s Oversize Holder for large coins

GSA Holder

NGC provides special grading services and labels for silver dollars still sealed in the original holders from the US General Services Administration (GSA).

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NGC’s GSA Holder for silver dollars

NGC Retro Holder

Limited Edition

NGC celebrated its 25th anniversary by introducing the Retro Holder, reminiscent of the black holder first used by NGC in 1987.

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NGC’s Limited-Edition Retro holder

Certified Rolls

NGC provides special grading and encapsulation services for coins stored in rolls — sonically sealed and tamper-evident.

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NGC’s Certified Rolls coin holder

NGC Holders Offer Security and Preservation

Coin collectors and dealers worldwide trust NGC coin holders for their crystal-clear display, proven security and long-term preservation. Watermarks, microprinting, fused holograms — and a few features we keep to ourselves — work together to prevent counterfeiting of these technologically advanced coin holders. Sonically sealed, and uniquely strong, archival polymers provide stable protection for your coins. In fact, most NGC holder materials are the same ones tested and now used in the museum holder NGC developed for the Smithsonian Institution. With so many unique NGC holder options, you’re sure to find the ideal solution for protecting and preserving each of your coins.