The Royal Mint Partners with NGC to Offer Certified Coins

The Royal Mint is now working with NGC to grade and encapsulate a portion of its new coin releases. Learn more >

NGC Special Label for Low-Mintage 2020-W Palladium Eagles

This year, the Mint is releasing only 10,000 Palladium Eagles in a new Uncirculated finish. Learn more >

NGC Releases Updated Image Gallery and Video for Partrick Collection

Numismatists can explore stunning images of the greatest collection of Colonial and early US coins. Learn more >

NGC Expands ASF Special Label to Innovation Dollars

The ASF label perfectly underscores the Innovation Dollars' celebration of discovery. Learn more >

An American First! NGC Celebrates the 2020 Colorized Basketball Coins

On August 28, the first colorized coins ever produced by the US Mint are being released. Learn more >

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NGC Special Labels for the 2020-W Quarters

A limited mintage with a WWII privy mark are being released directly into circulation.

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Verify NGC Certification

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What is NGC Certification Verification?

This tool can help you to verify that your NGC holder is genuine and has not been tampered with. It can also be a useful starting point to research your NGC-certified coin.


Enter a coin's NGC certification number (circled in the image) and grade to confirm its description and grade in NGC's database and, if available, view the images of the coin taken by NGC.

  • For coins that have a grade of 1 to 70, enter the certification number, select the numeric grade in the dropdown menu and click "Go."
  • For coins with an NGC Details grade, select "NGC Details" in the dropdown menu and click "Go."
  • For coins graded by NGC Ancients, select "NGC Ancients" in the dropdown menu and click "Go."
  • For anything else, select "Other" in the dropdown menu and click "Go."
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Learn how to submit coins to NGC for expert authentication and grading.

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NGC Price Guides

Research values for US and world coins struck from 1600 to present.

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NGC Census

Discover the relative rarity of NGC-certified coins, tokens and medals.

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