The NGC Green Label

Distinguishing the hobby’s most appealing coins.

A Morgan Dollar with cartwheel luster, a Peace Dollar with a sharp strike, a Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle with exquisite color — only quality coins, as determined by major numismatic market makers, are eligible for the NGC Green Label. They are the coins collectors want, with exceptional eye appeal and other desirable traits.

1915 S 25C and 1925 20 Dollar NGC Green Label Holder
1922 D One Dollar NGC Green Label Holder

Making Markets for Quality Coins Certified with the NGC Green Label

Experts from established numismatic firms carefully select coins for quality and eye appeal to be authenticated, graded and encapsulated with the NGC Green Label. The firms are also making markets in NGC Green Label coins by placing sight unseen bids on them on dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platforms. The coins are offered to retailers only, and back-up bids remain for the long term.

How It Works

Numismatic experts from major market makers inspect and select coins for quality and eye appeal according to strict standards.

The top-tier coins are sent to NGC for certification with the NGC Green Label.

NGC Green Label coins are made available through select retailers.

The market makers establish demand for NGC Green Label coins by placing strong, long-term bids through worldwide dealer-to-dealer trading platforms.

1881 S One Dollar NGC Green Label Holder

Why Go Green?

The NGC Green Label identifies coins that are of premium quality and solid for the grade, according to established major market makers.

  • Attractive eye appeal
  • Strong strike
  • Impressive luster
  • Great color

“By identifying coins that are worthy of distinction, the NGC Green Label makes it easier for collectors to recognize, trade and value quality coins.

This advantage is powerful when combined with RARCOA’s commitment to maintaining sight unseen bids for the NGC Green Label coins on a wholesale level.”

-Wayde Milas, President of RARCOA
1907 Indian 10 Doller Holder

Authenticity and Grade, Guaranteed

Collectors can be confident that NGC Green Label coins have been graded by NGC’s team of experts according to the internationally recognized NGC Grading Scale. All coins encapsulated with the NGC Green Label are backed by the comprehensive NGC Guarantee of authenticity and grade. This financial guarantee enhances the safety, value and liquidity of NGC-certified coins.

Get Green Today!

RARCOA and Heritage Auctions partner with a growing group of select retailers, including ModernCoinMart, to offer coins with the NGC Green Label.

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