NGC Shipwreck Certification

The Leading Authority in Shipwreck Coin Certification

Welcome to NGC Shipwreck Certification, a division of Numismatic Guaranty Company devoted to authentic shipwreck coin certification. NGC is the world’s largest rare coin certification company, and does not buy or sell coins. Our shipwreck certification division is the only independent third-party shipwreck coin certification company providing professional services for experts and companies specializing in the field of shipwreck archaeology.

NGC Shipwreck Certification performs three essential functions. First, the most important component of any shipwreck artifact is the documentation of its origins, and NGC Shipwreck Certification provides independent assurance of the pedigree of recovered artifacts. Second, NGC Shipwreck Certification also evaluates the condition of recovered artifacts using the only grading scale for shipwreck effect coinage. And third, NGC applies a suite of independent criteria to confirm that coins have been recovered in an archaeologically sound manner.

An affiliated company, Numismatic Conservation Services, provides professional conservation services for coins and medals and has specialized experience in the conservation of shipwreck coinage.