Eliasberg. Damon. Richmond. Throughout our history,
NGC has had the honor of grading some of the world’s most remarkable collections, including the legendary coins of the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection.

Throughout our Gallery, you’ll have the opportunity to observe in detail some of the most extraordinary presentations of the past, and also preview the latest collections from our grading room. As part of each Gallery, we include close up, detailed image presentations as well as an historic narrative for each collection, prepared exclusively by NGC's Numismatic Historian, David W. Lange.


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An NGC-certified fascinating time-capsule collection that ranks among the most important US coins, tokens and medals from the Rev. Dr. McClure Collection. learn more »
NGC-certified selections from the astounding Donald G. Partrick Colonial American Collection, widely considered one of the finest collections of all time. learn more »
Feature in which we highlight some of the unusual, interesting, and special coins submitted to NGC for certification.
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