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What coins will NGC grade?

NGC grades most US and world coins struck 1600 to date (or 1300 to date for Western Europe) as well as many tokens and medals (see list). NGC Ancients provides comprehensive grading services for coins from Western ancient civilizations, dating from the inception of coinage to circa AD 500, and coins of the Byzantine Empire, AD 491-1453.

What coins will not be graded by NGC?

NGC will not grade coins that are counterfeit, are of questionable authenticity or have been altered. In addition, NGC will not grade coins that have active surface contaminants such as PVC residue. Coins with surface contaminants will often be eligible for NGC certification after conservation by Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS), an independent affiliate of NGC.

Coins That Are Not Encapsulated

World Coins Not Eligible for NGC Grading

Ancient Coins Not Eligible for NGC Grading

Does NGC recognize varieties? Is there a fee?

NGC recognizes many major varieties — characteristics attributable to the die pair that struck it — under its VarietyPlus® attribution service. Most variety attributions require that the "VarietyPlus" service be selected on the submission form. There is a $18 fee for most VarietyPlus varieties.

More information about varieties is available here. To see a list of eligible varieties and attribution tips, visit VarietyPlus.

Does NGC grade mint errors?

Yes. NGC will grade most circulation issue mint errors as well as most Proof mint errors struck prior to 1985. Mint errors struck after that date are evaluated for NGC grading on a case-by-case basis. NGC does not recognize as mint errors those coins with minor die chips, breaks, rotations, etc., which fall within our interpretation of mint tolerance. The determination of what constitutes a mint error is solely at the discretion of NGC.

Mint error attributions require that the "Mint Error" service be selected on the submission form. There is an additional fee of $18 for mint-error attributions.

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