NGC Oversize Holder®

NGC offers an oversized coin holder for coins and medals that are too large for the NGC standard holder. The NGC Oversize Holder can accommodate coins up to 120 mm in diameter and is available in four different thicknesses, up to 25 mm. It is ideal for everything from classic multiple thalers to modern kilo coins. The standard NGC holder is used for all coins up to 45 mm.

NGC is the only grading company to offer an oversized-holder option. It incorporates industry-leading security features: it is sonically sealed, includes a tamper-evident joint and a security hologram. It is also made from the same materials as the holder NGC developed for the Smithsonian Institution, designed and tested for optimal long-term preservation.

The fee for the NGC Oversize Holder is $20 per coin, in addition to the regular submission tier price. Oversized coins may be submitted under any NGC tier, and the standard minimum requirements and value limits apply for each tier. Additional turnaround time may apply.

Please see NGC's services and fees for complete information.

Note: The 25 mm thick NGC Oversize Holder is available only for coins up to 101.5 mm in diameter.

Questions about the Oversize Holder? Please contact NGC Customer Service.
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