Congratulations to the 2020 NGC Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/8/2021

The NGC Registry continues to grow and now includes more than 21,000 participants, 180,000 sets and 1.2 million coins. NGC Registry participants, we thank you for sharing your collections with us and the world!

Each year, NGC recognizes the top collectors and collections in the NGC Registry. Winners of major NGC Registry awards receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their NGC Registry set, a $500 NGC grading credit and an NGC-certified coin with a special label and pedigree. Prizes valued at more than $25,000 were awarded this year!

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Our team of judges reviewed the top sets across every category in the NGC Registry. After much consideration, they have made their selections. View the winners in the video below or by reading on. Congratulations to our winners!

Overall Achievement

All MS70
This passionate collector has no fewer than 75 competitive sets and a total of 1,388,161 Registry points. As one would imagine from his handle, this collector’s focus is on modern coins exclusively. The many sets of United States regular, commemorative and bullion coins include numerous Number One rankings — a remarkable achievement. The top point scorer among his sets is Roofers MS & PF Silver American Eagles Complete, with a score of 883,959 points.

Since becoming a member in 2012, Judea has racked up 103,600 Registry points spread over 52 competitive sets. That’s a lot of coins and a lot of commitment, too. The overall theme of these sets appears to be the Jewish and Islamic coinage of the Middle East during the 20th Century up to about 1980. The highest in points is Palestine British Mandate 20 Mils 1927-44, with nearly 12,000 points. This set is ranked Number One in its category, as are numerous others belonging to this dedicated collector.

This is another very passionate collector, a previous winner in the Best Classic Set category and a 25-time winner of Best in Category. The 18 competitive sets have tallied over a million Registry points. Though most of these sets are not yet complete, it is understandable given the rarity and the cost of the coins involved. Most are type or date sets of 19th Century United States coins. The top point earner is a nearly complete set of Morgan Dollars, with almost all of the coins being nice MS or PF examples in high grades.

EMO Collection
This collector has won three Registry Awards for world coin sets and is a 191-time winner of Best in Category for the 30 sets posted, which have a combined total of 377,189 Registry points — an enviable achievement. The overriding theme is the coinage of Cuba, and about half of the sets are ranked Number One in their categories. The top point earner is a complete set of Cuba’s circulating coins 1915-61 that previously won a Best World Set award. Nearly complete, all of these coins are NGC-certified and accompanied by photos.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this collector has a thing for Pandas, and what a Panda collection it is! Some 48 competitive sets have been posted, with a combined Registry score of nearly 900,000 points. Those charming creatures have sold a lot of coins over the past 40 years, and some of the finest pieces are found here. Many of these sets are ranked Number One, and the top point earner is a nearly complete set of ½-ounce gold Pandas 1982-date in Mint State, with varieties.

Hornets Nest Collection
The theme for this collector is the gold coinage of the United States Mint at Charlotte, North Carolina (1838-61). A complete set of all the coins from the Charlotte Mint is a truly immense achievement, and it has earned the owner a whopping 380,416 points. Combined with the complete individual sets of C-Mint Gold Dollars, Quarter Eagles and Half Eagles, there are just four in total, but they include many remarkable rarities. Some of these were formerly owned by such notable numismatic figures as Louis E. Eliasberg, Ed Milas and John Jay Pittman. Pieces from the memorable Elrod Collection are also included.

Best Classic US Sets

Indian Head Cents 1859-1909, Circulated Coins Only
By Xan Chamberlain

This collection is complete by date and mint, with all coins being nicely matched examples certified as AU 58. To achieve such consistency in any coin series is very difficult, and it would have been easier to find MS examples of various grades (in fact, the owner has an additional set of MS coins in high grades). Each entry is illustrated, and the key dates of 1877 and 1909-S are particularly challenging to find in the 58 grade. This set serves as an inspiration to fans of the Indian Head Cent who may wish to fulfill their goal within a reasonable cost.

Seated Liberty Dollars 1840-1873, Proofs
By NW Collections

Attempting to secure a complete run of proof Seated Liberty Dollars is a bold undertaking. This collector has not only completed the set but has done so in style, with almost exclusively choice or gem pieces that, as a group, edge out the next best set for First Place. Each coin is illustrated in its certified holder, and this makes for a useful reference to the series. The top point earner is a beautiful 1844 dollar NGC-certified as PF 64 Cameo. This coin is pedigreed to the memorable Sweet Collection, and a quick survey of the remaining entries reveals other important names such as Pittman, Share and Richmond.

USA-Philippines 1903-1945 Complete, One-Per-Date
By lightningsquid

This set is ranked Number One in its category by a comfortable margin. It is complete for all dates from half centavo through peso, and many of the coins are gems. The USA/Philippines series is a difficult one to complete, even by date alone. Nearly all of the coins are illustrated in their NGC-certified holders. Some of the highlights include a gem 1905 centavo (PF 65 RB), the very rare 1918-S 5 centavos mule variety (MS 61), the 1928-M 20 centavos mule (MS 64), the 1905 peso (PF 65), the 1906-S peso (XF 45) and the 1910-S peso (MS 65).

20th Century Series Type Set, Proofs & Non-Proofs
By BlakeEik

This delightful set is complete for all USA coin types of the 20th Century from cent through double eagle, and it’s top ranked for its category. The coins are a mix of MS and PF examples, all of them NGC-certified in superb grades. Each coin is accompanied by excellent photographs taken by the owner, and these are accompanied by brief descriptions of the pieces shown. Some of the more memorable coins include the 1909 Indian Head Cent (MS 67 RD), the 1911 Liberty Head Nickel (PF 68«), the 1911 Barber Dime (MS 67), the 1900 Barber Quarter (PF 67+ Ultra Cameo) and the 1907 High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (MS 62).

B.T. Washington Half Dollars 1946-1951
By StanJustice

This splendid set is yet another that leads its category with the highest score. Complete for the entire series of P-D-S Booker T. Washington Half Dollars from 1946 through 1951, all of the entries are NGC-certified in very high grades. The owners’ emphasis is on “blast white” pieces, though there are a few really great toners, too. For example, the 1946-D (MS 68«) is about as pretty and colorful as this type comes. It is also the top point earner in the set, but other highlights include 1946-S (MS 68«), 1948-S (MS 67), 1950-S (MS 67«) and 1951-S (MS 67+).

Best Classic World Sets

Great Britain Maundy Type Set, Charles II – Elizabeth II 1660-Date, Circulation Issue
By rpjcpa

The Thursday before Easter witnesses the British monarch dispensing small bags of fine silver coins in the denominations of one penny, two pence, three pence and four pence to worthy citizens who have served their nation or community. This superb set features each denomination for each ruler from the Restoration to the present day as certified by NGC. The coins are all illustrated, and those from George III onward are mostly gems. Highlights include 1692 4P (MS 62), 1698 3P (MS 63), 1703 3P (MS 62), 1831 3P (MS 64), 1884 3P (MS 66) and a 2004 1P (MS 69)!

Great Britain ½ Sovereign, George IV 1821-1828, Circulation Issue
By TMS Coins

Ranked Number One in its category by a hefty margin and absolutely complete, this set is notable for both the amount of information furnished by the owner and the outstanding condition of the coins, all of them NGC-certified. There are seven coins in all, no half sovereigns having been dated 1822. Far and away the most notable entry is the 1821 graded MS 64«, which combines rarity with near gem condition. The highest graded coin is the 1823 (MS 65), but the 1825 (MS 64+) comes in a close second. All are nicely illustrated and quite beautiful.

India British Colony 2 Anna 1862-1947, One-Per-Date & Mint, Circulation Issue
By The Oscar Collection

Ranked Number One for its category, this extensive set of 2 anna pieces is presently 89% complete, an outstanding achievement given the many dates and mints. All of the coins are illustrated in their NGC holders. Each one is Mint State, most being at or near the gem level. The star of this set is the rare 1874(B) grading MS 62, but other important pieces include 1878(C) (MS 64), 1884(B) (MS 64), 1889(C) (MS 65) and 1911(C) (MS 66)!

Albania 1926-1938, Mint State and Proof Issues, Complete
By Star City Homer

This very active collector holds numerous Number One slots in the NGC Registry, and among these is the fabulous set named here. It features all the MS and PF coins issued under President/King Zog, and the set is presently 85% complete with all NGC-certified coins. The owner presents an extremely informative history of both Zog and his coins that really sets the background for enjoying the latter. Among the more notable pieces are 1927R Frang Ar (MS 67), 1926R Franga Ari (MS 65+), 1937R 100 Franga Ari (MS 62) and 1938R 100 Franga Ari, Royal Wedding (MS 64).

Danzig 1923-1937 Type Set, Complete
By Stanislawski

Ranked Number One for its category, the set presented here is truly outstanding. It is complete for all 18 coin types, and these are all at or near the gem level as certified by NGC. Each coin is superbly photographed in images supplied by the owner. Standout entries include 1926 ½ gulden (PF 65 Cameo), 1932 2 gulden (MS 65), 1927 5 gulden (PF 65 Ultra Cameo), 1935 10 gulden (MS 65), 1923 25 gulden (MS 65) and 1930 25 gulden (MS 66).

Best Modern US Sets

Modern Gold Commemoratives 1984-Date, Complete

This participant is a real Registry fan, one with 132 competitive sets and more than 1.4 million points in total. This particular set is absolutely complete for all 88 entries, and each coin is NGC-certified as MS or PF 70. In fact, it also features the three gold 2016-W commemoratives of the 1916 Weinman and MacNeil coins. All of the entries are illustrated in their NGC holders, and the owner has provided the Census figures for those certified as 70. Standouts include the PF 1984-S $10 Olympics issue and the scarce MS 1997-W $5 Jackie Robinson coin.

Modern Commemoratives 1982-Date, Complete
By Bruce Laquster

It’s been nearly 40 years since the USA resumed the striking of commemorative coins, and this series now includes some 312 entries for all designs, mints and finishes. This amazing set is 100% complete and grades 70 throughout; as such it holds the Number One rank. Each coin is illustrated in its NGC holder, and the owner has provided brief commentary, as well. A few highlights include the MS 1984-D $10 Olympics, the PF 1984-S $10 Olympics and the PF 1987-W $5 Constitution.

Kennedy Half Dollars 1964-Date, Complete
By Bob Len

Just a very few points away from being ranked Number One, this set presently is 97% complete, which makes for a lot of coins. The quality of these coins is amazingly high, representing in most instances the highest grades certified by NGC for their respective dates/mints. All of the coins are illustrated in their holders, and the owner has provided background on how each specimen was obtained. Among the many superb gems, a few stick out: 1964 Accented Hair PF 68 Ultra Cameo, 1966 SMS MS 68 Ultra Cameo, 1982-P MS 67 and 1987-P MS 68 hint at the overall quality achieved.

Platinum Eagles 1997-Date, Proofs, Including Varieties & Special Pedigrees

Among the nine sets posted by this collector is this distinctive set comprised entirely of NGC-certified Platinum American Eagles with labels signed by former Delaware Governor and U. S Congressman Mike Castle. The set is complete for all one-ounce and fractional coins grading PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Though the PAE series dates only to 1997, it already includes 65 separate coins. Standout entries include the P$100 pieces dated 1997-W, 2001-W and 2003-W.

100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins, First Edition
By The Bray Collection

Ranked Number One for its category, this set is already 95% complete, a simply amazing achievement. This set is defined by rare or remarkable issues, and some really superb examples have been secured by this collector. These feature labels signed by the book’s co-author Jeff Garrett, and each coin is illustrated in its NGC holder. The owner’s comments so frequently include the words “Finest Known!” that it can be numbing. Top pieces include 1969-S DDO MS 61 (#1), 1968 No S 10c PF 69 (#3), 1999-W G$10 Eagle from proof dies MS 70 (#24), and 1991 G$25 Eagle MS 70 (#45).

Best Modern World Sets

Thailand Silver Commemoratives Type Set 1963-Date, Complete
By jetdow

Presently 98% complete, this set already holds the title “Best in Category.” It will include 67 coins when completed, and those entered already are quite remarkable. The set comprises a blend of MS and PF coins, and many of the latter are superb PF 70 Ultra Cameo pieces. A few highlights that are NGC-certified at that grade include (1982) Queen Sirkit’s Birthday 600 baht, (1984) Princess Mother’s Birthday 600 baht and (1987) Rural Development Leadership 600 baht. Top MS coins include (1982) Bangkok Bicentennial 600 baht (MS 69) and (1989) Chulalongkorn University 600 baht (MS 68).

Niue Silver $2, Disney 2014-Date, Mint State and Proof
By RDH2000

The island nation of Niue near New Zealand is probably unknown to most people who aren’t coin collectors, but in the latter realm it is a giant. Among its rich numismatic legacy is this series of coins featuring licensed Disney characters. This collection of the $2 issues is 99% complete, including 132 of the 133 total slots. Each coin is attractively illustrated in its NGC-certified holder. The majority of the coins are proofs, and these are universally grade PF 70 Ultra Cameo. The remaining coins all grade MS 69 or 70. Some top point earners include 2014 Donald Duck, 2015 Daisy Duck, 2016 Dory-colorized and 2016 Hank the Octopus-colorized, all superb PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

Canada Platinum Wildlife Series 1990-2004, Proof
By guenther trust

Ranked Number One in its category, this impressive set is 100% complete and celebrates Canada’s native fauna in precious platinum. All of the coins are NGC-certified as PF 69 or 70 Ultra Cameo, and they’re nicely illustrated in their holders. Some of the highlights in this set include 1992 Cougar $30 and $150, 1993 Arctic Fox $150 and 1994 Sea Otter, all of them outstanding PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Other high scorers relative to their bullion value are the 1995 Lynx $75 and $150 coins, both likewise gorgeous PF 70 Ultra Cameo gems.

Australia Opal Series, Silver Dollars 2012-Date (1 ounce), Proof
By silver1320

Already 100% complete, this top-ranking set of silver dollars with inset opals commemorates the native wildlife of Australia. The animal images are colorful and stand out nicely from their silver rings. Each of the 14 coins in this set is NGC-certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo, and there are a variety of labels featuring custom graphics. The 2020P (Perth Mint) edition is encapsulated in a retro-black NGC core. The top-scoring coins are found within the early dates, such as 2012P Wombat, 2013P Kangaroo, 2013P Tasmanian Devil and 2014P Masked Owl.

Australia Kookaburra Silver 1-Ounce 1990-Date, Complete, Including Varieties
By Jim Moser

This immense set comprises 225 coins of both MS and PF finishes, and it is an impressive 99% complete. Though ostensibly a bullion coin, the Kookaburra has nonetheless captured the hearts of Australian collectors, just as its namesake bird has for generations. All of the entries are NGC-certified as MS 69 or 70 and PF 69 or 70 Ultra Cameo. A few of the highlights from this set include 1992 Eagle (PF 69 UC), 1995, 1996 and 1997 Pandas (holy crossover, Batman! MS 69), 1996 Great Britain (MS 70) and 2008 (MS 70).

Best New US Sets

Seated Liberty Quarters 1838-1891, Circulation Issue
By jlmjjhac

A 92% completion level for this set is simply amazing, as this is one of the toughest of vintage coin series to assemble, with some 116 coins needed. Most entries are in the highly sought grade of AU-58, with a few of the real tough ones grading from 45 to 55. All are accompanied by excellent photos. Among the many standout entries are 1840-O No Drapery, 1843-O, 1847-O, 1851-O and 1852-O (all AU 58). A rare variety in that grade is 1854-O Huge O. Rare S-Mint quarters in AU 58 include 1856-S normal and also S/s, 1858-S, 1859-S and 1860-S.

Franklin Half Dollars, Complete Set 1948-1963 (Including Varieties)
By Ferqua

Though a few of the varieties have yet to be added, this charming set is otherwise complete for all regular MS and PF Franklins. The quality of these coins is truly exceptional, with most of the MS coins being certified as FBL (full bell lines). The entries range from fully white pieces to those having exquisite toning. Among the latter a standout is the 1951(P) certified as NGC MS 67 FBL. The owner has expressed a goal of continuing to upgrade this set, as “There is always room for improvement.” Indeed, collecting is most enjoyable when there are more coins to buy

Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916-1947, Circulation Issue

The magnificent set is already 98% complete and holds the Number One position, with a 70,000-point advantage over its nearest competitor. Nearly all of the entries are choice or gem specimens. Indeed, the lowest grade is an impressive AU 58 for the very scarce 1919-D. Many of the coins are nicely illustrated in their NGC holders, revealing a real eye for quality on the part of this set’s owner. Some of the more memorable coins include 1916(P) (MS 66), 1934(P) (MS 68«), 1934-S (MS 67«), 1935-D (MS 67), 1937(P) (MS 68), 1940-S (MS 67) and 1941-S (MS 67).

Best New World Sets

Great Britain Gold Five Pounds, Commemorative, Elizabeth II 1990-Date, Proof
By Thomas78

The owner has made tremendous progress with this set, having nearly ten times as many points as the nearest competitor. Through 2020 there are a total of 66 slots, with the present set being 63% complete. Nearly all of the entries are NGC-certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo or RP 70. The coins are accompanied by excellent illustrations and brief commentary on the event commemorated. Among the highlights of this set are 2005 Horatio Nelson, 2006 Queen’s 80th Birthday, 2007 60th Wedding Anniversary and 2013 Imperial State Crown (all PF 70 Ultra Cameo).

Bulgaria 1951-1990, Complete Proof Issues

With 92% completion, this collector’s set has scored some four times as many points as the runner up. This is pretty remarkable, as the set provides for 140 coins! There is a broad range of denominations and compositions represented, with most of the entries being commemoratives. All of the coins are NGC-certified, and nearly all are gems. Top pieces in this collection include 1963 gold 10 Lev Slavonic Alphabet Anniversary (PF 67 Ultra Cameo), 1979 silver 10L Year of the Child, 1989 silver 25L Bear and Cubs and 1981 silver 50L Nationhood Anniversary (all PF 69 UC).

Venezuela Silver 5 Bolivares 1900-1936, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties
By FAS_Coins

Ranked Number One in its category, this set is 93% complete for the 33 possible entries. The coins are all NGC-certified and range from the higher circulated grades for the toughest pieces to gem MS for others. As suggested by its title, most of the varieties are present, as well. Standout specimens include 1900 (XF 45), 1901 (XF 40), 1902 (AU 50), 1904 (XF 45), 1905 (AU 53), 1910 Oval 0 (AU 50) and Round 0 (XF 45). Stellar gems are found in the 1935 and 1936 issues, both of which are NGC-certified as MS 65.

Best Presented US Sets

Morgan Dollars 1878-1921, One-Per-Date
By ChrisInJesup

The stated goal of this collector is “to present a nice respectable ‘Mint State’ collection at an average ‘Gem State’ level.” The emphasis is on the enjoyment of affordable, collector coins rather than achieving a high score. Each Morgan is illustrated with photos and text, both by the owner. Information is included about how and when the particular dollar was obtained and what significant events occurred in the year of its coining. The line-up includes a pleasing blend of white coins and those having attractive, peripheral toning.

Buffalo Nickels 1934-1938, Circulation Issue
By scopru

The “short set” of Buffalo Nickels is a perennial collector favorite, comprising the final years of the series in which the coins are affordable in Mint State. For this collector Buffalo Nickels are “a nostalgic coin series that always brings back memories of my early youth and time spent with my grandfather searching nickels.” The coins are illustrated with photos by either NGC or the owner, who has added an interesting historical fact with each entry. Certified by NGC in grades ranging from MS 64 to MS 67+, each piece is appealing yet affordable.

Morgan Dollars 1878-1921, Circulation Issue
By Brian Hilkey

This set is perhaps a collaboration between B and C, since the opening comments state “we have developed a love for unique coins – those with beautiful toning and patina.” Indeed, each Morgan Dollar combines color and character to make it memorable, and clearly much care went into the selection of these pieces. This passion comes through in the commentary that accompanies each coin, which includes a name for each such as Leatherface or Roller Girl! One more thing – the photography is excellent throughout.

Best Presented World Sets

Hungary Korona 1912-1916, Circulation Issue
By Jaelus

This set is 100% complete for the five entries, and its score beats out the runner-up by a factor of six. Indeed, the emphasis has been on “high grade and eye appealing coins of the final silver korona type 1912-1916.” These coins all depict Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I, whose death coincided with the end of the series in 1916. Each entry is NGC-certified and accompanied by excellent photos that reveal a mix of “white” and splendidly toned beauties. The highlight is the scarce 1913 issue grading MS 63. The owner’s comments are brief but interesting.

Isle of Man Silver Angel 1995-Date, Proof, Including Varieties
By Fenntucky Mike

This is another Number One for its category, with a score nearly four times that of its nearest competitor. All 19 entries are present, each one NGC-certified. With just two exceptions the grades are uniformly RP 70 or PF 70 Ultra Cameo. The owner presents a detailed history of the angel as a coin denomination over the past 500+ years. It was revived in 1995 as a silver crown struck for the self-governing British dependency, Isle of Man. Each specimen is nicely illustrated, most in their NGC holders, and the owner provides useful facts and statistics about all of the coins.

Philippines Silver Commemoratives 1947-1999, Circulation Issue
By The 12th Denticle

With 100% completion this collector is solidly in First Place for the category. The owner provides an interesting history of the coin series, as well as entertaining commentary on the challenge of assembling this set. The photos of obverse and reverse are excellent for each entry. The owner’s essay about each coin is quite detailed, relating the significance of the subject depicted, the story behind its creation and the difficulty in finding a gem example. The grades are quite high on average, and most of the coins are untoned.

Custom Sets

Best U.S. Custom Set

Rainbow collection by coinnut36

This collector is a 16-year veteran of the NGC Registry, and the set presented here is truly outstanding. Its goal is that “Only the best, vivid, neon, Rainbow toned coins that this humble collector can afford make it into this exclusive one of a kind set.” Indeed, the coins are amazingly colorful and cover a broad range from cents to silver dollars to bullion coins---some 247 pieces in all! The owner provides excellent color photos of each coin, as well as brief comments as to its qualities and the source from which obtained.

Best World Custom Set

My World Crown Affair
By jgenn

The stated goal of this collector is a set featuring “Eclectic pre-20th century world crowns from as many different nations as possible.” The set features 54 coins that the owner has identified as crowns---silver coins ranging from 36-42mm diameter and 25-32grams weight. They span the 16th-19th centuries, which were the heyday of such dollar-size coins. Each piece features very nice photos and informative commentary that is quite extensive in some instances, including catalog attributions where available.

Best Ancients Custom Set

Twelve Caesars Set
By Nycappedbust

“My goals are to emphasize coins with fine style portraits,” states the owner of this set. While the collection at present include just nine caesars, viewers certainly will be eager to see the remaining coins as they’re added. The examples already posted are indeed of fine style and in excellent condition. The owner provides important expository information about each piece, including its provenance. In addition, the photography is superb, making for an experience that is both educational and pleasing to the eye.

Best Tokens & Medals Custom Set

Patriotic Civil War Tokens and Store Cards
By Princeton Numismatics

Civil War Tokens fall into two main categories: Patriotic tokens featuring general messages supporting the Union cause and store cards advertising some business. This collector seeks to obtain Mint State examples of all the R-1 (common) tokens listed in the books by George and Melvin Fuld, placing a greater emphasis on the patriotics. This is a massive undertaking, and the set already includes over 600 pieces. Each token is well illustrated, and basic numismatic text accompanies the photos. This is a wonderful encyclopedia of the series that is sure to attract some converts to the field.

Most Informative Custom Set

What comes next? You’ve been freed. Do you know how hard it is to lead?
By coinsandmedals

As the owner of this set explains, its title is taken from a line in the musical Hamilton that is uttered by Britain’s King George III to the newly independent America. In fact, the introductory text to this set makes for such fascinating reading that it’s easy to forget about the coins. These comprise a broad assortment of the copper pieces struck for George III at Matthew Boulton’s Soho Mint from 1788 to 1813. Each piece is nicely illustrated and accompanied by very detailed text about its technical details, as well as its historical context. This is a truly superb presentation.

Most Creative Custom Set

Xanno Error Indians
By Xan Chamberlain

More than 400 mint error coins are included in this outstanding set. Nearly all of them are Flying Eagle or Indian Head Cents 1857-1909, but the collection opens with a few U. S. Mint pattern coins that reveal how the old copper large cent morphed into the small cent between 1850 and 1857. All but a few of the pieces are NGC-certified, and each is accompanied by good photos and a detailed description revealing the nature of the error shown. The owner acknowledges that the set can never be complete, since each error coin is distinctive. It’s a sure bet that this set will continue to grow.

Collectors' Journals

The Collectors’ Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the NGC message boards is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We’re proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.


Best in Category

And as always, the NGC Registry honors the #1 set in each category with an icon of recognition next to the set. Winners will also have an option to print a certificate of achievement through their My Account page.

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