Gold Eagles (1986-Date)
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Gold Eagles
1993 EAGLE G$50 MS Coin Auctions

Auction Stats

Category: Gold Eagles (1986-Date)
Average Grade (1 Year): (No Data)
Average Grade (All Years): MS 69
Average Price (1 Year): (No Data)
Average Price (All Years): $1,619.16
Volume (1 Year): (No Data)
Volume (All Years): 39

Auction Volume

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Auction House(Ascending)
Sale / Lot(Ascending)
4/21/2021 MS70 PCGS Heritage Auctions Tuesday & Wednesday US Coins Weekly Online Auction Session(2), 132116/25535 $2,520.00
4/30/2017 MS70 NGC Heritage Auctions 2017 April 26 - 30 CSNS US Coins Signature Auction - Chicago Session(6), 1254/8655 $2,115.00
4/28/2013 MS70 PCGS Heritage Auctions 2013 April 24 - 28 CSNS US Coin Signature Auction - Chicago Session(6), 1184/5188 $2,820.00
10/21/2012 MS70 PCGS Heritage Auctions 2012 October 18-21 ANA US Coins Signature Auction - Dallas Session(3), 1175/5281 $4,700.00
11/20/2011 MS69 NGC GreatCollections GreatCollections Coin Auctions 11/20/2011, 24419 $2,003.10
8/2/2011 MS69 PCGS Heritage Auctions Internet Coin Auction Session(1), 131131/24787 $1,725.00
6/5/2011 MS70 PCGS Heritage Auctions 2011 June Long Beach Signature US Coin Auction Session(2), 1156/4357 $2,760.00
7/26/2009 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2723, 2723/2847 $2,242.50
6/21/2009 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2708, 2708/3058 $2,472.50
10/23/2008 MS70 PCGS Heritage Auctions 2008 October Dallas, TX Signature US Coin Auction #1117, 1117/1777 $1,955.00
6/22/2008 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2546, 2546/2956 $2,016.00
6/2/2008 MS69 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2537, 2537/2413 $1,064.00
4/22/2008 MS70 PCGS Heritage Auctions 2008 April Rosemont, IL US Coin Final Session #1105, 1105/9973 $2,185.00
10/2/2007 MS69 PCGS Heritage Auctions 2007 September Long Beach, CA US Coin Final Session #447, 447/10739 $1,150.00
5/14/2007 MS70 NGC Heritage Auctions 2007 May US Coin Online Session #435, 435/10124 $2,300.00
1/28/2007 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2319, 2319/2272 $2,352.00
12/5/2006 MS69 PCGS Heritage Auctions Tuesday Internet Coin Auction #26122, 26122/14452 $690.00
7/4/2006 MS69 PCGS Heritage Auctions Exclusively Internet Auction #26072, 26072/13715 $632.50
6/8/2006 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2216, 2216/1375 $3,136.00
4/13/2006 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2189, 2189/1409 $2,912.00
4/13/2006 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2189, 2189/1408 $2,912.00
4/10/2006 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2187, 2187/1900 $2,912.00
3/19/2006 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2176, 2176/1967 $4,032.00
3/5/2006 MS70 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2170, 2170/2133 $3,360.00
1/2/2006 MS69 PCGS Teletrade Auction 2140, 2140/1799 $644.00
Page 1 of 2 (40 items)

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NGC Auction Central Disclaimer

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