This program has been discontinued as of August 2015.

NGC Authenticated Bullion offers a number of advantages over uncertified bullion coins. The coins certified by NGC are guaranteed to be genuine. Bullion coins encapsulated by NGC are examined by numismatic experts who confirm their authenticity. On the NGC label, metal weight and fineness are simply and uniformly described. Regardless of the date, country or denomination of the bullion coin enclosed, you can see exactly how much precious metal it contains.

NGC also assigns a unique serial number to every coin, making it easy for you to track individual bullion coins. That means that you can easily manage your rare coin inventory and identify items that are stored with a custodian. For additional security, NGC also maintains independent records of serial numbers along with coin descriptions.

Finally, every coin is encapsulated in a state-of-the-art coin holder. The NGC holder is composed of the highest quality preservation-grade materials suitable for very long-term storage. And every holder features a high-security hologram and is sonically welded to assure a secure and tamper-evident seal.

Metal and Purity Terminology for Authenticated Bullion Coins

Bullion coins are struck in either a single pure metal or an alloy, a mix of metals. The weight shown on the NGC Authenticated Bullion label refers to the actual weight of the named metal and not the total weight of the coin. In other words, it provides the weight of the pure metal so that you immediately know the important precious metal content of the enclosed coin.

Weight is shown in the holder using Troy Weight Standards, which is the standard measuring unit for precious metals. The weight is followed by an acronym indicating the metal type:

ASW   Actual Silver Weight
AGW   Actual Gold Weight
APtW   Actual Platinum Weight
APdW   Actual Palladium Weight

1 Troy Ounce (abbreviated Oz.) = 31.103 Grams = 480 Grains

The metal fineness is also provided to the thousandth place. Fineness is the measure of the total unit mass that is derived from the metal described. For example, bullion coins that are 90 percent gold by weight are .900 Fine Gold.

NOTICE TO SUBMITTERS: This service is available to NGC Authorized Dealers in bulk submission only.