World Palladium Coin Melt Values

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Updated on 5/22/2024 2:40:01 PM EST
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Gold : BID $2,379.11 ASK $2,381.11 CHANGE 1.00
Silver : BID $30.86 ASK $31.01 CHANGE 0.07
Platinum : BID $1,036.14 ASK $1,046.14 CHANGE 5.00
Palladium : BID $981.98 ASK $1,031.98 CHANGE 25.00
This page shows the intrinsic metal values of palladium coins from around the world, commonly referred to as their melt values. During market hours, melt values of the World Palladium Coins shown on this page are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

The table below shows melt values for commonly collected World Palladium Coins, including Russian and Canadian coins. Click on the links below to see historical melt values for each coin and to access the melt value calculator. A coin's numismatic or collector value may be higher than its melt value. To find the melt values of more palladium coins along with prices of specific dates and grades for NGC-certified world coins, visit the World Coin Price Guide

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Melt Values of World Palladium Coins

Weight (g)
Melt Value
Updated 5/22/2024
Canada Palladium $50 (2006) 99.95% Palladium31.16 1 $1,031.98
China Palladium 100 Yuan Panda (2004-2005) 99.9% Palladium15.559 0.4997 $515.68
Isle of Man Palladium Crown (1987) 99.9% Palladium31.1 0.9988 $1,030.74
Portugal 200 Escudos (1987-2000) 99.95% Palladium31.119 1 $1,031.98
Russia Palladium 5 Roubles (1993-1995) 99.9% Palladium7.7758 0.2497 $257.69
Russia Palladium 10 Roubles (1993-1995) 99.9% Palladium15.55 0.4994 $515.37
Russia Palladium 25 Roubles (1992-1995) 99.9% Palladium31.1035 0.999 $1,030.95
Tonga Palladium 1/4 Hau (1967) 98% Palladium16 0.5041 $520.22
Tonga Palladium 1/2 Hau (1967) 98% Palladium32 1.0082 $1,040.44
Tonga Palladium Hau (1967) 98% Palladium64 2.0164 $2,080.88

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