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Jeff Garrett | Jim Bisognani | All Articles
Trump and Numismatics

12/1/2016 - What does the Trump presidency mean for coin collectors?
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Thanksgiving – A New Numismatic Tradition

11/23/2016 - If it’s not already a tradition, find a way to introduce numismatics this holiday season.
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How To Invigorate The Hobby

11/17/2016 - The US Mint forum attracted leaders from all areas of the hobby including the media, mass market sellers, numismatic artists, collectors, rare coin dealers and grading companies.
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Whitman Baltimore Robust

11/10/2016 - Mintmarked gold hot in Stack's Bowers sale; Collector on prowl for Gem DPL CC Morgans
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Using Auction Records

11/3/2016 - Auction records have become an invaluable tool, but knowing how to use them can be very important.
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Collectors Intrigued by Political Campaign Memorabilia

10/27/2016 - Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Baltimore Expo on Deck; Colonial Copper Caper
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Collecting Ancient Coins

10/20/2016 - Ancient coins are extremely popular because of their historical importance, artistic merit and affordability.
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Go For The Gold This Fall –$20 Saints Are Great Value!

10/13/2016 - Heritage Dallas sale rakes in $8.5 Million; Fresh top grade material captures record prices!
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The Future of Numismatics

10/6/2016 - Many great minds and tireless volunteers are working hard to secure a future for the hobby we all love so much.
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1916—The Year Of Reform And Great Numismatic Treasures

9/29/2016 - 2016—Golden centennial tributes commemorate inspired individuality
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