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Jeff Garrett | Jim Bisognani | All Articles
Art and Numismatics

9/22/2016 - Collecting coins based on art is an endless journey and one that should give you a different perspective of the hobby.
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Modern Market Motivated!

9/15/2016 - Ancient world coins an exciting option; Colonial era coins from mother country a great value
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Collecting Classic Gold Commemorative Coinage (1903-1926)

9/8/2016 - This is great time to collect one of the most interesting and attractive United States coins series.
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Playing Cat and Mouse With Lady Liberty

9/1/2016 - Five minute sellout now claiming five times issue price; silver looking to take home gold; "The thing is gorgeous"
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Collecting Classic Silver Commemorative Coinage (1892–1954)

8/25/2016 - A look at this often-underrated yet highly interesting series.
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ANA Impressions

8/18/2016 - Anaheim Auctions Stake Claim To Over $46 Million
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Information and Numismatics

8/11/2016 - Today's collectors and dealers have an amazing number of tools available to make buying and selling decisions.
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ANA Anaheim – Endless Numismatic Summer In Southern California

8/4/2016 - Two Cent Red Rarities; Franklin Halves A Valuable & Economical Series
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How to Start a Coin Collection

7/28/2016 - Coin collecting offers many opportunities, and with patience you will probably find a series or issue that will be exciting and profitable to collect.
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You Can’t Roller-Skate In This Buffalo Herd; ANA World’s Fair On Deck

7/21/2016 - Online Auctions Tide Collectors Over – My Five–0 Season Continues
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