Congratulations to the 2021 NGC Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/7/2022

The NGC Registry continues to grow and now includes more than 236,000 sets and over 26,000 NGC Registry participants. We thank you for sharing your collections with us!

Each year, NGC recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry Set building. For 2021, 10 winners were selected in each of our Best Classic, Best Modern, Best Presented and Best New categories, along with seven Custom Set winners. In addition, we named six winners in the Overall Achievement in Collecting category.

Winners in these major NGC Registry Award categories receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their NGC Registry set and a $500 NGC grading credit. We awarded more prizes than ever for 2021, with a total value of more than $30,000!

Our team of judges reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry. After much consideration, they selected the following sets. Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Overall Achievement

Coin Maestro
With 436 competitive sets and close to 2.9 million points, this collector is a force with whom to be reckoned. All of this has been achieved in just seven years of NGC Registry membership. The overriding theme of his sets is excellence in modern coins from nations all over the world. Coin Maestro has been a guiding force behind the creation of many new sets that in turn provide inspiration and avenues of opportunity to other collectors.

Newlinter is fairly new to NGC’s Registry, having joined as recently as 2020. In that brief time this member has risen to Number 24 in the overall rankings. Some 170 competitive sets have been assembled, these including nearly a thousand coins, 94% of which are nicely illustrated. There is an odd juxtaposition in that the sets lean heavily toward the modern coins of China and Australia, yet there are also sets of modern and classic United States coins.

A member since 2010, J.D.A. focuses exclusively on coins of the United States. Most of the sets are for modern coins, yet also in their early stages of completion are sets of Lincoln Cents starting 1909 and Washington Quarters 1932-98. Many of the modern pieces are Top-Pop NGC coins, helping to boost a total point score of well over 1.3 million across 52 sets. Ranked Number 26 overall in the NGC Registry, J.D.A. won a Best Modern set award back in 2016.

Placing Number 36 within NGC’s Registry, this collector has embarked upon some 203 competitive sets. Both modern and vintage coin series are included, and these encompass several nations, including Canada, Panama, The Philippines and the USA. Each set has been given a clever and sometimes quite amusing name, adding to its entertainment value. A member since 2012, this collector is ranked Number 31 in overall points.

Electric Peak
A previous award winner in different categories during 2010 and 2015, this collector ranks Number 38 in overall points across 102 competitive sets. Of great benefit to Registry viewers, the coins are 97% imaged and 100% annotated with the owner’s observations. The dominant theme is classic United States coins, and there are sets ranging from half cents through double eagles. Modern bullion coins are represented, too, making for a virtual Red Book.

This collector has received awards for Best Classic Sets in 2005, 2011 and 2013. Achieving well over a million NGC Registry points with just nine sets is a testament to the importance of the individual coins, some 145 pieces in all. Several of these sets are ranked Number 1. Focusing on vintage proofs, the sets include Barber Dimes and Quarters, Gobrecht, Seated Liberty, Morgan and Trade Dollars, and even the very rare proof Indian Head Eagles, Half Eagles and Quarter Eagles.

Best Classic Sets

Big Contrast from a Little Silver! - Good Trimes
The silver three-cent (trime) series is one that’s off the radar of most collectors, yet Good Trimes has achieved remarkable success in assembling a complete, high-grade set of the rare proof editions. The majority of these are Top-Pop rated in NGC’s Census. It’s hard to select the most important pieces, but just a few highlights include 1856 (PF 66), 1858 (PF 68), 1863 (PF 68 CAC) and 1872 (PF 68). Most are illustrated, as well.

JW’S REDFIELDS - Gerald Waters
This collector likes Morgan and Peace Dollars that come with a bit of history—specifically, previous ownership by the eccentric millionaire, Lavere Redfield. Each of the coins in this set is sealed within an original holder identifying it as a coin from the Redfield Hoard that was dispersed in the late 1970s. Many are Top-Pop entries in NGC’s Registry, and some highlights include 1879-S Reverse of 78 (MS 62+), 1888-S (MS 63+), 1889-S (MS 65), 1891-S (MS 65+) and 1893-CC (MS 61).

Apfel Family War Nickels - Wxman Slaw
The owner of this set recalls being able to collect silver “war” nickels from circulation in the 1960s, an experience shared with this writer. That lasting enthusiasm has resulted in the completion of a superb set of high grade examples, every one of which qualifies as NGC Top-Pop! Each coin is illustrated, too. The standout entries include 1943/2-P (MS 67 5FS), 1943-D (MS 68 6FS), 1945-P (MS 67 5FS), 1945-D (MS 67 5FS) and 1945-S (MS 67 5FS). Most of these beauties are blast white, yet the 1945-D features gorgeous colors.

EVEREST-HONEYCUTT - First Strike Society
This stunning set of proof Seated Liberty Half Dollars is 100% complete from 1858—the first year that the U. S. Mint announced proof coins for sale—through the series conclusion in 1891. Nearly all of the entries are NGC Top-Pop examples, and each is illustrated in its certified holder. Some of this set’s stellar highlights include 1860 (PF 67 Cameo), 1863 (PF 68 Cameo), 1864, 1865 and 1873 Arrows (all PF 66 Ultra Cameo) and 1887 (PF 67 Ultra Cameo). Several of the early dates are richly toned, while the later entries are blast white with stunning contrast between fields and devices.

Resolute Americana Oak Tree Collection - Roblou270
The silver coinage of Massachusetts is one of the foundations of United States numismatics, and this wonderful set focuses on those varieties known collectively as the Oak Tree type. Presently just over half complete, it includes superb examples of the four denominations known, and each of the NGC-certified coins is a Top-Pop specimen. Kicking off with a two-pence certified as MS 63, other highlights include an MS 63 three-pence, a six-pence certified as MS 64 and two shilling varieties grading MS 65 and MS 64, respectively. All are beautifully illustrated with exceptionally sharp photos.

Chervonetz (10 Roubles) Trade Coinage, Complete - Huviline007
The chervonetz is a gold 10-rouble coin first issued by Russia in 1923, just as it was establishing the USSR. This one-shot lay largely forgotten until a revival of interest in bullion coins brought it back in 1975. A complete set through 1982 consists of 14 coins, all but one of which are represented in this excellent set. Each piece is illustrated obverse and reverse in its NGC-certified holder. Among the standout entries are 1923 (MS 63), 1978(M) (MS 68), 1980(M) (PF 70 Ultra Cameo) and 1982(M) (MS 68).

SMK Victoria Cents - stevekuznicki
During the reign of Victoria, Canada issued cents in 1858-59 as a province and again starting 1876 as a confederation. This superb set includes each date and major variety, as well as some additional, non-competitive varieties. The coins are all NGC certified, and the grades suggest very attractive coins. This set would be even more appealing if all were illustrated. Some highlights include 1859/8 Wide 9 (MS 63 RB), 1859/9 #1 Narrow 9 (MS 62 BN), 1859/9 #5 Narrow 9 (AU 53 BN), and 1891 Small Date, Large Leaves (MS 63 RB).

1937 Proof Sovereign Set - Hades
After the crisis of Edward VIII’s abrupt abdication in December 1936, the UK’s Royal Mint raced to produce a new coinage for his brother and successor, George VI. The four glorious gold coins in this set are all choice or gem proofs, and all are illustrated obverse and reverse in their NGC-certified holders with special labels reflecting their British heritage. The set consists of half sovereign (PF 67 Ultra Cameo), sovereign (PF 66 Cameo), two sovereigns (PF 65 Cameo) and five sovereigns (PF 63 Cameo).

Britain’s reform coinage that commenced in 1816 included gold sovereigns and half sovereigns the following year. Coinage of the latter denomination ended in Britain during 1915, due to wartime economic conditions. The fascinating history of both these “modern” coins and their pre-1817 ancestors is told in an excellent introductory essay. This amazing set is nearly complete for the 90 slots encompassed. Each is nicely illustrated and comes with very informative text about that date and the particular specimen displayed. There are far too many highlights to list here, but this is a set that’s worth studying in some detail.

Peter Chase Collection - SALONICA
This delightful set presents the first coinage of Greece following its independence from the Ottoman Empire. Despite the short period involved, there are some 261 slots to fill, due to the great number of varieties cataloged. This set is nearly complete. The owner provides a fine introductory history, and each coin is shown obverse and reverse in its NGC-certified holder. The coins are all in high grades for their respective issues, many of which are quite rare. There are too many pieces to single out any one for special attention, but it is worth noting that this very challenging set presently has a total score of 594,241 points!

Best Modern Sets

Marini-WWII – Marini
The 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II was commemorated by the United States with two coins and two medals that make for a small but very moving Registry set. In this collector’s set, each of the entries is NGC-certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo. All are nicely illustrated in their very desirable NGC black-core holders with the exclusive John Mercanti label. The entries include a 2020-W American Silver Eagle and 2020-W Gold American Eagle, both with the V75 privy mark, as well as the silver and gold medals issued solely during 2020.

sk*m/ed*l Roosevelt circa 1965 – Date Clad all NGC MS & SMS 10c’s - Sheila Moore
The series of copper-nickel-clad Roosevelt Dimes is now well over 50 years old, and this wonderful set is complete from 1965 through 2020 with the sole exception of the 1982 dime variety lacking a mintmark. All the coins are NGC-certified in high grades. Though it would be nice to have more photos, the grades speak for themselves. Among the more memorable entries are 1965 (MS 68), 1981-D (MS 68 FT), 1984-D (MS 67 FT), 1985-D (MS 68 FT), 1987-D (MS 67 FT), 1989-D and 2004-D (both MS 68 FT).

Through 2021 there are a total of 40 coins in a complete set of the Gold Buffalo series, and every one is found here with uniform grades of NGC 70! All are nicely illustrated, and many feature various special release labels offered by NGC. Of particular interest are the fractional Buffalos of half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce that were coined solely in 2008 and are now highly sought. The top-scoring jewel of this set is the 2008-W one-ounce, $50 piece grading NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

All American Eagle Proofs - Roberto Zen
In its 36 years of production the American Eagle coin series has resulted in 249 different proof entries across all denominations and finishes. This collection presently is 96% complete, and that’s an amazing accomplishment. Even more amazing is that each coin is NGC certified as 70. A few highlights include 1986 W G$50, 1989 P G$25, 1990 P G$25, 1995 W S$1, 1997 W P$100 and 2001 W P$100. The majority of the coins in this set are illustrated obverse and reverse in their NGC holders, and it’s hoped that the owner will be able to fill in a few of the gaps to make this collection even greater.

Ladies First! – AYWP
The half-ounce gold coins which accompanied the Presidential Dollar series featured those leaders’ better halves or, in some cases, allegorical stand-ins. Mintages approaching 20,000 were not unusual at the beginning, but interest declined, and some later entries were produced to scarcely more than 2,000 coins. This set is absolutely complete for all proofs, and each piece is NGC-certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Top-scoring pieces include 2008-W Andrew Jackson’s Liberty, with its Bust Quarter Dollar obverse, 2009-W Julia Tyler and 2020-W Barbara Bush. All of these coins are nicely illustrated, many in their popular NGC black-core holders.

Saudi AH 1383-1438 - Prefix_001
This handsome set consists of 65 entries covering the years 1963-2016 in the Western calendar, and the wonderful set presented here presently is lacking just a single coin. All are NGC certified in outstanding grades, and each piece is illustrated obverse and reverse in its graded holder.

Enric’s OLIMPIADAS DE VERANO COMPLETO – collectioncoin
The popularity of modern Olympic coinage is such that no fewer than 664 entries are needed to complete this very big collection through 2016. The set presented here is well over halfway there, which is an amazing achievement, and already it scores a total of 156,321 points. The grades represented are almost uniformly high for their respective issues, and all are NGC certified. Most display obverse and reverse photos of the holdered coins, as well, and we look forward to seeing more images as they become available.

Proof Quarter Sovereigns - The HRS Collection
The gold quarter sovereign is a relative newcomer to the roster of British coins, and presently a complete set consists of just 14 proof coins through 2021. It’s interesting to note that within this short span there are two different portraits of the queen represented. This set is complete, with all entries NGC certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo, and the owner has provided technical data on each entry. The star of this charming collection is the 2012 edition marking Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary as queen.

Silvers Complete Koala Collection - silver1320
As critters go, koalas and pandas compete to see which is the cutest, but when it comes to the coins they inspire both are enormously popular. Through 2021 this set includes 51 silver dollars featuring different images of Australia’s goodwill ambassador. This collector’s set is absolutely complete, and each coin is NGC certified. All but one are graded 70, and each is illustrated obverse and reverse in its NGC holder. A number feature distinctive Australia labels, adding to their visual appeal. The star of this set is the scarce 2008P with F12 Privy Mark grading MS 69.

S3R - Samara Numismatist
The end of the USSR and Russia’s adoption of its own republic ushered in an entirely new coinage, and among these pieces is the series of silver 3-rouble commemoratives coined as proofs. This set presently is 88% complete for the 438 entries listed, a remarkable achievement. All coins are NGC certified in high grades, and they are accompanied by photos of each side in its holder. There are many scarce issues in this set, but a few high-scoring standouts are 1998 View from a Bell Tower (PF 70 Ultra Cameo), 1999 Diplomacy with China (PF 69 Ultra Cameo) and 2000(SP) Ice Hockey Championship (PF 70 Ultra Cameo).

Best Presented Sets

Just mint state Lincolns with no mint errors – Coinbuf
This collector began with purchases of raw Lincoln Cents back in the 1990s and was ultimately swept into seeking completion of all coins in this series through the present year. The Wheat Cents from 1909-58 are already complete with high grade pieces throughout. Each entry is accompanied by interesting text about its acquisition and qualities, as well as excellent photos cropped to show obverse and reverse full field. This amazing set is one-stop shopping for anyone wishing to become familiarized with Lincoln Cents.

49er Collection of Proof Seated Dimes - 49er
This is a superb set of proof Seated Liberty Dimes that’s complete for the period covered. All are gems, with the majority certified by NGC. Each coin is presented with sharp color photos that are cropped full frame for easy study by the viewer. A brief commentary for each coin provides details regarding the characteristics associated with that date and its availability in higher grades. Some memorable highlights include 1858 (PF 67), 1859 (PF 68 Ultra Cameo), 1864 (PF 68 Cameo) and 1866 (PF 67 Ultra Cameo).

The “Pamela Henard Collection” of Circulation Issue Peace Dollars - evilwoman13
One of the finest sets of Peace Dollars ever assembled, this collection is overflowing with superb gems. Each coin features high quality photos of obverse and reverse that are large enough for close study. The detailed commentary on each coin comes from the set’s owner, as well as NGC Chairman Mark Salzberg, who recently evaluated this collection in a published article. The set opens with a simply amazing 1921 example NGC-certified MS 67. Other standout pieces include 1922-D (MS 67+), 1924 (MS 68), 1928 (MS 66) and 1934-S (MS 66).

JAA USA/Philippines Type Set Collection – JAA
As related in the owner’s introductory essay about this set, the United States/Philippines coins are of the highest historic interest as the only series of coins made under the USA banner specifically for use outside the United States. Presented here is a complete type set from half centavo through peso, all of the coins in very high grades. Each piece is accompanied by absolutely gorgeous photos and highly detailed commentary on the type and the individual specimen. Top points go to an extremely rare MS 63 example of the 1918-S five centavos mule variety.

This collection is complete for the proof quarter dollars of 1950 through 1964. The criterion set by its owner was to obtain the highest graded pieces available (and affordable) with the exclusion of Cameo and Ultra Cameo examples. Each coin is nicely illustrated in its NGC holder, obverse and reverse, and brief commentary is provided regarding the rarity of that particular issue. The standout condition rarity in this set is easily the 1952 NGC-certified as PF 69, as only a single other has been graded higher.

Jack’s Potosí mint 8 reales types – jgenn
The Potosí Mint was located in what is now Bolivia, and it created a rich legacy during the years of Spanish Empire. The five NGC-certified coins in this set represent the various types of 8-reales pieces that bore its mintmark. All are nicely illustrated with large photos their obverse and reverse, and each entry includes the owner’s commentary. Top-scoring coins in this set are Charles III Portrait Type (AU 50) and a scarce example of Ferdinand VII (VF 35). It is one of two Top-Pop coins in this set, the other being Charles IV with Portrait of Charles III (MS 61).

China Lunar Series II Colorized S10Y, 生肖二轮1盎司彩银系列– sundz
This is an especially attractive series of coins, as all are NGC-certified PF 70 Ultra Cameo, and a number of them feature colorized relief, as issued. All of the coins are illustrated obverse and reverse in their certified holders, and a brief commentary is provided, as well. As modern collector coins, there’s not a broad range of point scores, but some of the top scoring pieces are 2012 Year of the Dragon, both regular and colorized, 2013 Year of the Snake and 2014 Year of the Horse.

1st Casualties of Hyperinflation – Revenant
The owner of this set has focused on coins that fell victim to hyperinflation, one effect of which is the disappearance from circulation of coins in favor of notes. As explained in the introductory essay, certified Zimbabwean coins were few in number when beginning this set, and many of the pieces had to be submitted raw for NGC certification. The 21 coins presented here with nice photos, while low in market value, are quite interesting historically. What makes this set so outstanding in presentation is the detailed commentary provided for each piece.

Baryang Pilak: Philippine Republic - The 12th Denticle
In the introductory essay, the owner of this set explains that baryang pilak means “silver coins” in Pilipino. Each of the 27 coins is a commemorative honoring individuals and events important to the history of The Philippines. All are illustrated both obverse and reverse, and each one features detailed information about the coin’s theme and the historical element being honored, as well as the challenges in obtaining it in higher grades. All of the coins are NGC certified, with several of them being Top-Pop entries.

中国贺岁金银纪念币(2015-至今) (Good Fortune Series, 2015-Date, Complete) – Jansun
The Good Fortune coins are an annual issue, typically as Silver 3-Yuan pieces, though for 2021 a Gold 10-Yuan coin was added. Each commemorates the Chinese New Year, as well. This set is complete, and all of the coins are NGC-certified as MS 70. Displaying both obverse and reverse in their NGC holders, all reveal special commemorative NGC labels. Detailed commentary is provided for each individual coin.

Best New Sets

Complete Used Gold - tsevni2
A complete type set of United States gold coins include 27 slots. This fine collection is complete for all but the pre-1834 types, which are very rare and expensive. All are NGC certified. This collector has focused on the various grades of About Uncirculated as a way of getting a lot of coin for the hobby dollar, and there are some really attractive pieces as a result. Each coin is illustrated heads and tails, and the owner provides interesting comments about quality and availability. Highlights include a Type 2 gold dollar (AU 58), a Coronet Eagle No Motto (AU 58) and a Type 2 Coronet Double Eagle (AU 58).

Mercanti’s Capo Di Tutti Capi Set - Secret Argent Man
As of 2021 there are 16 coins that together comprise a complete set of American Silver Eagles having the U. S. Mint’s “burnished” finish. All are represented here in uniform grades of NGC MS 70, and each coin is illustrated obverse and reverse. There are wide variations in point scores, and this reveals the more desirable entries. Top among these is 2008-W with Reverse of 2007. Other high scoring examples include 2006-W, 2011-S, 2012-W and 2021-W Type 2 Reverse.

Ian’s FT Roosies - IanBrown2014
In assembling this complete set of circulating silver Roosevelt Dimes, the owner’s criteria were a minimum grade of MS 66 and FT (Full Torch), and that goal has been achieved quite nicely. All of the entries are NGC certified. Each is illustrated obverse and reverse in its holder, and the owner has provided brief descriptions of its quality and rarity. Some top-scoring pieces include 1950 grading MS 67+ FT, 1953-S (MS 67 FT), 1954-D and 1955-D (both MS 67+ FT), 1957 and 1961-D (both MS 67 FT).

There are 75 entries in a complete set of circulating Jefferson Nickels through 1964, and this collector presently is 82% there. The real story, however, is the outstanding quality and eye appeal of the coins included. This is easy to ascertain, as the photographs are absolutely superb. All of the coins are NGC certified in high grades, and each is accompanied by informative text. The owner’s favorite entry is 1951 (MS 66 5FS), but other remarkable coins include 1938-S, 1946-S, 1949-D (all MS 67 5FS), 1952-S (MS 66 5FS) and 1961-D (MS 67).

Albert L. Carr set – raindogsteve
A complete set of Peace Dollars consists of 24 coins, and all are represented here in certified grades of either AU 55 or AU 58. Now, while these may not be expensive coins, some of them are very challenging to find as nice About Uncirculated specimens. Not surprisingly, the top score belongs to a very pleasing 1934-S (NGC AU 58), with 1928(P) following close behind at NGC AU 55. This charming set is dedicated to the owner’s father, who taught him the values of thrift and hard work. Commenced as recently as 2020, this Peace Dollar set is a fitting tribute and a pleasure to view.

Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach - Lars Meyer
When Germany unified as an empire in 1871, its component lands were permitted to continue coining multi-mark issues under their own names. This complete set of nine entries represents one of those constituents, and it is a very handsome collection. Comprising 2-mark, 3-mark and 5-mark pieces, all are NGC certified and illustrated obverse and reverse in their holders. Outstanding entries include 1892 2 marks (MS 63), 1901 2 marks (MS 62) and 1908 5 marks (MS 66).

Julian’s Treasure - 1187
Comprising 79 entries, Japan’s silver 1000-Yen series in Proof is a very challenging collection to complete. The owner of this top-ranked set presently is 86% there, and the coins already entered are superb. All are NGC certified, with nearly all grading PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Each coin is illustrated obverse and reverse in its holder, and several feature interesting background text. Just a few highlights include 2003 Asian Winter Games – Colorized, 2003 Amami Island Reversion and 2015 Cherry Blossom – Earthquake Reconstruction – Colorized (all NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo).

Silver Stag Collection (Stolberg-Stolberg) – SilverStag
There are 50 slots in this set, and the owner presently is about a quarter of the way to completion, but what has been entered already is outstanding. Beginning with a very interesting introductory essay about the region and its history, the set presents some really attractive examples of this 18th Century coinage. All of the entries are illustrated obverse and reverse, revealing their very intricate engraving. A few standout pieces include 1717 IIG 1/24 thaler (MS 63), 1746-50 1/12 thaler (AU 58) and 1768-90 EFR 1/6 thaler (MS 62).

Martin S. Collection of Silver 1oz Kookaburra mint state one per date - libertad1998
This set spans 33 slots for silver, one-ounce bullion coins featuring Australia’s kookaburra (spoiler alert---it’s a bird). These are really pretty coins, and this owner’s set is complete for each year through 2022! All of the coins are NGC certified, mostly MS 70 but with a few MS 69 pieces. Each is nicely illustrated obverse and reverse. Top scoring examples include 1995, 1996 and 1997 S$1 (all MS 70). The lone S$5 in this set is the first year of issue, 1990, and it’s a Top-Pop MS 69.

21st Century 100 Pesos (Bi-Metallic Silver PF & PL) 2011-2014 - SD_MexCoins
Though of fairly brief duration, this series nonetheless resulted in 25 slots needed to complete the set. This owner’s collection is indeed complete in high grades, with all the coins NGC certified. The photos are excellent, being cropped to frame the coins for easy viewing. Each coin features a commemorative reproduction of a vintage Mexican coin, with these spanning several centuries. It’s like a primer in Mexican numismatics, with the added appeal of much higher grades than are known for the originals.

Custom Sets

Siam / Thailand Coins - deposito
This set assembles the 19th and 20th Century coins of the Kingdom of Siam, modern-day Thailand. The owner points out that this was the Southeast Asia country to never be colonized. The set includes several dozen coins, nearly all of them NGC certified. Each piece is illustrated on both sides, and a description of the subject and the availability of that coin is provided throughout the set.

German State Sede Vacante Talers and Medals - worldcoinguy
“Sede Vacante” means vacant seat and refers to coinage issued during a period when no ruler served at the head of government, most often following the death of a leader. For German state and bishopric issues during the 16th through 18th Centuries, Sede Vacante coins were issued with an especially great variety of designs as memorials, to honor local landmarks and to commemorate important events. Worldcoinguy’s impressive set includes a deep and careful selection of these issues, displayed with beautiful photographs and informative descriptions, making it truly a jewel of the Registry and an achievement that cannot be replicated.

Roman Empire Emperors - Von Werner
The goal of this collector has been the daunting task of owning at least one coin from every Roman emperor. Even with over 350 coins in the collection, it's still not complete. As you look through this set you can see the care the owner has for each coin in it. Every emperor is placed in chronological order with a brief history of that ruler. There is a wide range of denominations and types, including some Roman provincial coins. The collector has been able to find some rare and uncommon emperors such as Jotapian, Gordian I and Gordian II. Despite the difficulty of the task, this collector shows how hard work and patience can pay off in building this large collection.

Lusterrules So-Called Dollars – Lusterrules
This collection from Lusterrules is basically a highlight reel for So-Called Dollars. A set of this caliber and completeness is neither cheap, nor easy, and would require a detailed search over the course of a decade or more. This collector's goal is to find "attractive, quality examples, no matter their grade". However, many of the pieces in this set are top-pop, or near top-pop. While later date examples in the collection may be easy to find, earlier So-Called Dollars are quite difficult to buy in high grades, which is exactly what this set accomplishes. Highlights include a top pop example of HK-8A, the Crystal Palace, in Bronze, which carries an R8 rarity, a top-pop NGC MS65 example of HK-9, the Heenan-Sayers boxing medal, a stunning iridescently toned example of HK-13, the Pilgrim Jubilee Memorial, a colorful example of HK-75 featuring the signing of the Declaration of Independence in NGC MS65 (tied for the finest known), an HK-120, Wyoming Battle & Massacre in NGC MS66, and an HK-148B, National Monument, in NGC MS63 DPL. Each medal exhibits such remarkable imagery, history, and workmanship, that the set provides a vivid look into America's past.

Coinsarefun’s Tokens and Medals – coinsarefun
Here is a collector who proves that you don't need to build a specific set to have a great collection. Her "set" features a wide array of tokens and medals including classic Hard Times and other 19th century merchant tokens, Civil War tokens, Political/Campaign tokens, Bolen medals, gaming tokens, So-Called Dollars and more. But here's the rub: they are all tokens and medals that will immediately catch your eye. This collector has a strong taste for artistic medallic works, as most of her collection has well-executed busts or are pictural in nature. Every piece has a beautiful design or great story behind it. It features curiosities like "no pleasure can exceed the smoking of the weed" and "boy and dog". The highlights include three colorfully toned store cards by John K Curtis, E. Hill, and Carrington & Co. that also have designs coveted by collectors. Forget a complete set of Lincoln cents, this collection is sure to excite collectors and non-collectors alike with history, art, and quality of selection.

Most Creative Custom Set

Wildman Coins of the German States - World_Coin_Nut
This very interesting collection opens with an introductory essay that tells something of the owner’s background in the coin hobby and continues into a history of the coins depicting the mythical Wildman. Some 59 pieces dating to the 16th-18th Centuries are included, and nearly all are NGC certified. Each coin is accompanied by good photos and both technical and historical text. . The creator of this set clearly shows a deep care for these sometimes-overlooked coinage. With numerous interesting types and denominations, this unique set truly highlights how fascinating these mythical men can be. To quote the owner, “No other coins in my collection give me the joy that these Wildmen do.” This is clearly a collection to watch for new additions in the future.

Most Informative Custom Set

Foreign Coins Struck at United States Mints - coin928
In 1874 Congress authorized the U. S. Mint to produce contract coinage for other nations, and this fabulous set tells the whole story in words and photos. Also included are coins struck by commercial mints in the USA for other countries. This set is so big that it runs to 12 pages, and a bit of spot checking suggests that it is indeed complete. Both the accompanying photos and background text for each entry are excellent, and this landmark collection could be published as a book.

Best in Category

And as always, the NGC Registry honors the #1 set in each category with an icon of recognition next to the set. Winners will also have an option to print a certificate of achievement through their My Account page.

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