Congratulations to our 2007 Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/10/2008

The NGC Registry has grown to include more than 28,600 sets. Even more importantly, the Collectors Society as a whole has blossomed into a solid community where participants educate, assist and challenge one another each day. Many thanks to all of the participants in the NGC Registry and contributors in the Collectors Journals. Your continued efforts make the Collectors Society site a valuable resource for the hobby.

The task of choosing winners for the Registry awards is never easy. We set out to choose five sets in three competitive categories Best Classic, Best Modern and Best Presented.

Additionally we chose four winners for Signature Sets in the following categories, Best Overall, Best World, Most Creative and Most Informative. This area of the Registry allows our collectors to create their own set definitions. Some of the most creative collecting happens in our Signature Sets area.

Finally, we are honoring three outstanding Collectors Journal authors. The journals are a "blog" that has become a tool for collectors to further share their collecting experiences.

Our team of experts, Rick Montgomery, Scott Schechter, Jay Turner and David Lange reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry and after much consideration, selected the following sets. Congratulations to our winners!

Classic Sets

Z Willie - J & L Commemoratives Type Set
United States commemorative coins have long been prized for their variety and beauty, and this type set includes some of the most beautiful pieces in existence. Each would be the showpiece of most collections, but here they are gathered in one. Standout rarities include an Isabella Quarter grading MS-69, a 1938-D Boone in MS-69* and an 1892 Columbian certified as PF-66 Cameo! Many of these coins are pedigreed to some of the most prominent names in commemorative collecting.

NMK8104 - Kamin Libs, Liberty Head Nickels 1883-1912
The Liberty Head Nickel series is one that is easily completed in lesser grades, but the superb overall quality of this set is simply amazing and testifies to its careful assembly. Both types of the 1883 issue are graded MS-67, while the 1884 grades MS-66* (stars are seldom awarded for MS coins of this type). The key dates of 1885, 1886 and 1912-S are all gems certified as MS-65. From 1899 through 1905, just a single coin grades less than MS-67!

HUR - HUR Collection #2, Two-Cent Pieces 1864-1873, Including Proofs
Here's a collection in which the owner really put in his two-cents worth. Complete for all dates 1864-73, and including both varieties for 1864 and 1873, this set blends MS and PF coins of outstanding quality. The very scarce 1864 Small Date variety is a splendid MS-66 RD, while its Large Date companion is a lovely proof in similar grade. Other highlights include 1871 (MS-66 RD), 1872 (MS-66 RB) and matching PF-65 RD examples of the two 1873 varieties.

JHS - JHS Gold Type Set 1834-1933
Complete for all regular types 1834-1933, this century's worth of U. S. gold coins is memorable also for the superior quality of its individual entries. Opening with the popular Small Head - No L variety of gold dollar in MS-66, this collection's highlights also include an 1834 $2.5 in MS-65, an 1895 $2.5 in PF-66* UC, an 1878 $3 grading MS-66, an 1892 $10 in MS-66, an 1857-S $20 in MS-66 and the always popular High Relief 1907 $20 grading an impressive MS-67.

SLUGGO - Slotkin Family Trust Proof Seated Liberty Quarters
This collection is complete for all dates 1858-91, including both varieties for 1873. In a series in which a "common" issue may have a mintage of just 1000 pieces, this set abounds in rarities. Some of its highlights include a PF-66 example of the rare 1858, a pair of 1859 and 1860 quarters grading PF-67 Cameo, a PF-66 Ultra Cameo 1875, an 1890 certified as PF-69 Cameo, and two beauties carrying the coveted NGC star: 1865 (PF-66* Cameo) and 1880 (PF-68* Cameo).

Best Modern Sets

NAA - NAA Franklin Half Collection
Complete for all proof dates 1950-63, this collection includes ten issues which are top-pop coins for either NGC or PCGS. Starting with a rare 1950 grading PF-68 Cameo, other condition rarities include 1951 (PF-67 Ultra Cameo), 1957 (PF-68 Ultra Cameo), 1959 (a very rare PF-67 Ultra Cameo) and matched 1961-63 proofs grading PF-69 Ultra Cameo. One of the prettiest coins is the 1952 half dollar certified as PF-66* Ultra Cameo.

RHF - RHF American Eagles
The sheer number of coins in this huge set is amazing by itself, as it includes nearly all MS and PF editions of Silver, Gold and Platinum American Eagles, as well as the American Buffalo gold coins (just a single entry is currently lacking). In addition, however, the grades of these are uniformly superior. All but a few of the MS coins grade 70 (there are scattered 69s), while all of the PF coins are certified as 70 Ultra Cameo. This is truly remarkable feat, given how rare the early issues are in such high grades. This is a truly dazzling collection.

Larry Dreher - Ailuropoda Melanoleuca, Silver 10Y China Mint State Panda Coins Including Varieties
As the certification of world coins becomes increasingly popular, sets such as this one emerge as standout collections. Comprising the various MS dates and varieties of China's 10-yuan Panda bullion coin series, it covers the years 1989-2007. The majority grade MS-69, while a number of condition-rarity MS-70 examples are also to be found. As the owner explains, the date size varieties typically indicate different mints of issue, in the manner of mintmarks found on Western coins. This is a very interesting and complete collection.

Donny R - Surf City Collection 1A, Gold 1oz China Panda Coins
China's Panda series of bullion coins has definitely arrived as an area of collecting enjoying widespread appeal. This collection of gold 100-yuan and 500-yuan coins ranges from 1982 to 2007, and it includes both MS and PF pieces in consistently high grades of 69 and 69 Ultra Cameo, respectively. A couple of entries are rare MS-70 examples, while the top point earner is the rare, first year 1982 issue graded by NGC as MS-69.

Allyn Povilaitis - Cazier/Povilaitis Statehood Quarters FD of Mintage Collection
In recent years the U. S. Mint has provided entirely new avenues of coin collecting, and one of these is the First Day of Minting issues. This excellent collection is nearly complete in such pieces for the state quarter series of 1999-2008. While a few entries are still lacking, this may be understood in the context of the superior quality for which the collector is striving. A majority of the coins in this set grade MS-67, while the balance consists of MS-66 examples. All have been certified by NGC as First Day of Mintage.

Best Presented Sets

Doc's Walkers - Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916-1947
This is among the most popular of vintage coin series, and the builder of this set has made the most of it. As explained in the introductory notes, the goal was not to compete on points, but rather to complete an attractive set of coins possessing original, natural surfaces and to present these in an educational manner for the benefit of other collectors. In this the owner has succeeded marvelously, each entry featuring helpful notes about the characteristics of that particular date and mint. It is a budget-friendly collection that illustrates the basic pleasure of collecting.

Bill Jones - USA Type Set, Including Modern Issues
The building of a United States type set is an excellent way to learn about the nation's coinage, and it helps in deciding which series one may want to collect afterward. This nearly complete type set ranges from half cents through dollars, and the owner has provided useful background information and collecting tips for most entries. The coins include a mix of circulated, MS and PF examples, and they are in grades that will have broad appeal to experienced collectors. The individual coins are also illustrated.

Jacek B - Morgan Silver Dollars 1878-1921, One-Per-Date
The rarity of several date/mint combinations within the popular Morgan series makes this collection of one coin per date a very attractive compromise. The owner nevertheless opted to include the rare 1889-CC and 1893-S dollars as his entries for those years, which is an interesting twist on the theme. With an unusual mix of grades ranging all the way from G-6 to MS-66 Prooflike, the stated goal is to upgrade as opportunity presents itself with an eye toward improving the set's overall score in the future.

Techno_mike - Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
This set of MS Franklin Halves is a winner on two counts. Not only does it include some really high grade pieces, making it the seventh-place set in NGC's Registry for this series, it also provides wonderful background information on each coin. The owner has generously shared the provenance of each entry, as well as revealing how it upgraded the set and which features make that particular issue challenging. This is a splendid collection that is complete in high grades and provides viewers a valuable education in the series.

Tazman - Carson City Morgans in GSA Holders Only 1878-1893
The GSA/Treasury hoard of silver dollars largely made Morgan Dollars the popular coins that they are today, and NGC pioneered the grading of GSA-encapsulated dollars. This collector has combined the best of both worlds with this set of Carson City Mint Morgan Dollars certified by NGC in their GSA holders. The set is complete for all such coins certified, with the sole exception of the non-competitive 1879-CC Capped CC variety. Nearly all are gems, some quite outstanding. Each coin comes with excellent photos and pithy observations that make for fun reading.

The Best Overall Signature Set

PSL - American Colonial Historical Medals
The catalog of American historical medals published by C. Wyllys Betts in 1894 has been reprinted a number of times, a testament to its lasting value. This splendid collection uses the Betts' reference as the foundation for a rich collection of medals telling the history of early America from 1666 to 1786. Each piece is accompanied by superb, oversize photographs and informative commentary that adds much to the medal's historic and artistic significance.

The Best World Signature Set

Eagle1 - The Challenger Collection - Mexican Gold, 50 Pesos
The large and beautiful 50-peso gold coin of Mexico was first minted in 1921 as a commemorative of that nation's centennial. This collection features all of the original mintings through 1947, as well as several restrikes in different finishes. Other highlights include the finer of only two proofs known for 1947 and the extremely rare platinum striking of that date. This is a most thorough collection of this impressive coin type, and nearly all pieces are illustrated.

The Most Creative Signature Set

Dbldie - Variety is the Spice of Collecting - Non Proofs
There are no absolute rules regarding the contents of a United States 20th Century type set, and the owner of this amazing set has undertaken to build his type collection using only die varieties, rather than ordinary coins. Some of these remarkable coins are familiar issues such as the 1918/7-S quarter, while others, such as the 1892 half dollar with tripled-die reverse, are known only to variety specialists. Each coin is accompanied by excellent photos, including detail shots of the PUPs (pick-up points) for that particular variety.

The Most Informative Signature Set

Gerry Fortin - Top 100 Liberty Seated Dime Varieties
The owner is known as the author of an online web-book for Liberty Seated Dime varieties, and this set features his picks as the best 100 varieties in the series. A few of these may be found in popular references and are considered mainstream entries in a collection of L. S. Dimes, but most are rare and are known only to specialists. Each entry features explanatory text, and many of the coins are also illustrated. The opportunity to view so many exotic varieties online within this signature set is indeed a rare one.

Collectors' Journals

The Collectors' Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We're proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.

Bruce Wilmore
This writer was our most frequent contributor in 2007. He is a person with whom many people can identify. He shares his total experience as a collector from convention visits and photography to the many phases of the submission process. It's been fun to log in each week and see what's new with Bruce.

This is a man who loves Silver Eagles! His enthusiasm for the coins, and collecting in general, is absolutely contagious.

In 2007, JimL4004 took us on a journey through internet auctions and the development of his registry sets. It's been particularly interesting to follow him on his quest to complete his Peace Dollar collection. Thanks JimL4004 for sharing and good look in the hunt for the final coin to complete the set.

In the category of Best Journal authors we would also like to extend an honorable mention to The Wisconsin Collection for his efforts in 2007. He is a young numismatist who is clearly on his way.

Best in Category

And as always, we have given out the Best in Category awards for the year. A full review of the winners, including lists of the Best in Category winners can be found on our 2007 Awards Archive page.

2007 Awards Archive

Who won last year? Click here to view our 2006 Winners

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