Congratulations to our 2006 Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/4/2007

As the NGC Registry continues to grow we are delighted that the sense of community surrounding it also further deepens. Many thanks to all of the participants in the NGC Registry and contributors in the Collectors' Journals. Your combined efforts make the Collectors' Society site a valuable resource for the hobby.

The task of choosing winners for the Registry awards is never easy. We set out to choose five sets in three competitive categories Best Classic, Best Modern and Best Presented.

Additionally we chose four winners for Signature Sets in the following categories, Best Overall, Best World, Most Creative and Most Informative. The creativity of the Signature Sets is amazing and it was a pleasure to closely review so many unique sets.

Finally, we are honoring three outstanding Collectors' Journal authors. The journals are a "blog" of sorts that has become a tool for collectors to further share their collecting experiences.

Our team of experts, Rick Montgomery, Scott Schechter, Jay Turner and David Lange reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry and after much consideration, selected the following sets. Congratulations to our winners!

Best Classic Sets

Forsythe – Gerald Forsythe MS Buffalo Nickel Collection 1913-1938
Gerald’s second time winning with this amazing collection, it’s hard to beat high-grade Buffalo Nickels for a pleasing collection. The outstanding condition rarities include 1913 T1, 1914-S, 1919 and 1926, all in MS-68. The key dates are in superb grades, too. At the MS-67 level are such tough coins as 1914-D and 1916-S, while rarities such as 1913-S T2, 1915-S, 1918-D, 1921-S, 1926-S and 1937-D 3-legged are represented by wonderful MS-66 examples. The very rare 1916 DDO and 1918/7-D varieties are present, too, the former slot now upgraded with a MS-64 example. There are also three star-designated coins.

SLUGGO – The Slotkin Family Trust Proof Shield Nickel Set
Here’s a first-time winning set, though the Slotkin name has already come to be associated with truly outstanding rare coins. This complete set of proofs abounds in spectacular gems, including PF-68 examples of the 1879/8 overdate and the 1881, the latter being a Cameo piece. Carrying the NGC star designation for outstanding eye appeal is the rare, proof-only issue of 1877 (PF-67Cameo), while the proof-only 1878 is also PF-67. Included in this collection is the extremely rare 1867 With Rays nickel, a PF-66 Cameo beauty. Its No Rays counterpart offers a rare example of a Shield Nickel certified as Ultra Cameo!

CoinGuru – The Spaniard- Indian Head Half Eagles 1908-1915, Proofs
While the title doesn’t tell much, the coins themselves speak volumes. This complete set of proof Indian Head Quarter Eagles is a first-time winner, and it’s truly amazing. All eight entries in this short-lived series of 1908-15 are included, with none grading less than PF-66. The years 1910 through 1913 are an unbroken series of PF-67 superb gems, with the 1910 also carrying the coveted NGC star designation for superior eye appeal. All of these coins are matte proofs, with the exception of the 1909-10 issues, which have the satin finish sometimes called “Roman gold.” For a collection in which only a few dozen examples are known for each date, completing this set is a monumental achievement.

First Strike Society – Everest Collection of Proof Morgan Dollars
Now a three-time winner, this collection of proofs never fails to amaze. Lacking just the 1881 issue for now, it is otherwise complete and features all three varieties of 1878, as well as the two finishes of 1921 proofs. Some of the finest coins in this wonderful set are PF-68 Ultra Cameo examples of 1896, 1898 and 1900. Other important condition rarities include 1878 8TF (PF-67 Cameo), 1894 (PF-67 Ultra Cameo) and 1901 (PF-68 Cameo). The key date 1895 is an extremely desirable PF-67 Ultra Cameo! The rare Zerbe and Chapman proofs of 1921 grade PF-66 and PF-67, respectively, the latter being one of the great rarities of American numismatics.

Merritt – The B. Merritt Collection - Gold Commemoratives 1903-1926
The series of classic gold commemoratives is a relatively short set, but one that includes some very rare coins. The B. Merritt Collection, a two-time winner, is complete and includes a very rare PF-66 Ultra Cameo example of the 1903 Louisiana Purchase Dollar with Jefferson bust. All of the gold dollars and quarter eagles are in superb condition, the highlight being perhaps the MS-68 example of the 1904 Lewis & Clark Dollar. Both varieties of the 1922 Grant Dollar likewise grade MS-68. Certainly the keys to completing this series are the magnificent fifty-dollar pieces dated 1915-S, and both of the coins in this memorable collection grade an impressive MS-65!

Best Modern Sets

G. M. Chow Collection – G. M. Chow Roosevelt Proof Collection
Here’s a first-time winning set that really packs a punch. While Roosevelt Dimes are technically modern coins, the earliest pieces in this set are now more than 50 years old, which makes their condition truly remarkable. Perhaps the rarest entries are the 1950 and 1954 dimes, both of which grade an astonishing PF-68 Ultra Cameo. Among condition rarities, the 1951 and 1953 dimes are both PF-69 Cameo. The 1952 is a real beauty, grading PF-68 Cameo! From 1955 through the end of the silver series in 1964, all but the 1956 are nearly perfect, PF-69 Ultra Cameo pieces, making for a set of uniformly superb quality.

Michael R. Bianco, III – M. R. Bianco, Jr. MS Memorial Collection, Part 1
We seem to have some truly dedicated collectors of Roosevelt Dimes. This superb set of business strikes is complete from 1946 through 1964 and scores as a second-time winner. With a minimum grade of MS-67 throughout, the overall quality of this collection is quite impressive. In addition, most of the coins have been designated by NGC as FT (Full Torch). Condition rarities include 1946 (MS-68), 1948-S (MS-68 FT), 1950-D (MS-68 FT), 1956-D (MS-68 FT) and 1960 (MS-67 FT). Standouts among the scarcer dates include 1949 (MS-68), 1950-S (MS-68 FT), 1952-S (MS-68) and 1954-S (MS-67 FT).

Eagle1 - The Challenger Collection of $50 Gold American Eagles
Consisting of every Mint State gold, one-ounce American Eagle bullion coin from 1986 through 2006, this collection probably wins its class on weight alone! Included are both the Saint-Gaudens/Family of Eagles type, as well as this year’s enormously popular debut of the American Buffalo gold coin. Every specimen is a stunning MS-70 example. Some of these have extremely low certified populations, the standout rarities being 1989, 1991, 1994 and 1996. Given the hot competition for American Eagle coins is this ultimate grade, the bringing together of every single date in one place is a noteworthy accomplishment, indeed.

Chauncy Renard – The Renard Collection
Now a four-time winner, this collection is a perennial favorite. The sheer number of coins required for completion of the modern commemorative series is staggering, but the uniformly high quality of this set is likewise almost unimaginable. All but two of the Mint State coins grade MS-70, and this set also includes a perfect, uninterrupted run of proofs grading PF-70 Ultra Cameo. With the quality of this set essentially unimprovable, the best thing to do is list some of the rarest pieces in high grades: 1982-D Washington 50c (MS-69), 1989-D Congress 50c (MS-70, upgraded from last time), 1992-S Olympics S$1 (PF-70 UC), 1994-P Vietnam S$1 (PF-70 UC), 1996-S Olympics 50c (PF-70 UC), 2000-P Leif Ericson S$1 (PF-70 UC) and 2001-P Capitol 50c (PF-70 UC).

FuzzyChaos – Wow!Pan Collection - Silver 10Y China Panda Coins - One Per Date
It’s Panda-monium! Has anyone here been in the hobby long enough to remember standing in line for hours at coins shows during the mid-1980s for the chance to buy the latest release of China’s gold and silver bullion coins? If you recall that time, then you’ll know just how difficult it was and still is to complete this series of silver 10-yuan pieces from 1983 through 2006. Blending MS and PF coins, this set has a minimum grade of 69 throughout, with the last five years scoring the coveted MS-70 grade. Perhaps the real stars of this collection are the scarce 1983 and 1985 issues, both of which grade an amazing PF-69 Ultra Cameo.

Best Presented Sets

Rayshield - Five Times Dime – Kennedy Half Dollars 1964-Date Proofs
Though still a work in progress, this set boasts a great number of descriptions that are informative in terms of specific coin detail as well as personal information about this collector. A particularly unique feature of the presentation is the use of colored backgrounds to highlight and organize the images.

GSA_Gem_Quest - The Conde GSA CC Collection - Carson City Morgans in GSA Holders Only 1878-1893
If ever an education was needed in GSA CC Morgan Dollars, one need not look any further than The Conde GSA CC Collection. It exhibits a thorough introduction as well as interesting descriptions and pictures for every required coin in the set.

The Wihlborg Collection - Early Silver Commemoratives 1892-1954
The effort invested in the presentation of this set is immediately evident. The introduction and individual coin descriptions convey this collector’s appreciation for each piece in the set. After viewing the consistently beautiful pictures exhibited with this set, it is no wonder that so many collectors are captivated by this series.

GGerald - GMONEY'S FULL MEAL DEAL - 20th Century Series Type Set, Non-Proofs Only
This husband and wife team is on a quest to find just the right examples to include in this set. The pictures and descriptive text provided for each coin gives us a sense of their journey so far. It will be fun to watch their future progress.

goldsaint - Young's Castle Collection - Early Half Dollars 1794-1839
This set is compelling enough in terms of the difficulty in acquiring the certified coins required to complete it. Add to it the good photos of each entry and informative historical text to accompany them and you have a set that is interesting on many levels.

Best Overall Signature Set

AOEDAD-TJ – So-Called Dollars .. set # 1
This collection of non-monetary pieces wins top honors in 2006. It is comprised of medals and tokens relating to the World’s Fairs and Major Expositions from 1876 to 1976. Most of the medals included are catalogued in Hibler and Kappan’s seminal work on the so-called dollar series, but interesting related pieces assume the place of HK so-called dollars where they were a better thematic fit. Blank spaces are used to provide a place for introductory text about each of the Expositions represented. For each Fair, at least two items are included. Why two? One for the collector’s son, and one for his daughter. This set includes much of what we look for in a great Signature Set. It is thematically defined, every item is well photographed and described, and, most of all, it shows the active agency of the collector.

Best World Signature Set

Siegfried89 – French 20 Franc Type Set
A pleasing and well-balanced type set of gold issues, each has an image and description of the type. This set is elegant in its composition, a straightforward type set of each of the designs of France’s gold 20-Franc coin. This kind of set is very widely collected, and we love to see complete collections of matched quality in the Registry. This same collector is diligently working on several other sets, all equally well defined, photographed and described.

Most Informative Signature Set

Hoot – Transitional Pieces of 1836-40
This collector jumps across several series to engage U. S. coinage of 1836-40 in new and meaningful ways. This set is informative in three manners: First, it summarizes the circumstance and scholarship of these transitional coinage issues; second, it shows how a collection can be defined around a central concept, which dictates its scope and, in the best cases, immediately identifies the relevant issues; and third, it shows how coins may be described and presented for maximal contextual impact. While this collector has a long way to go before completing his set, it is surely among the most promising and captivating signature sets in the Registry.

Most Creative Signature Set

Jackson – High Seas
A compelling topical theme, it is well executed with a broad reach. A challenge to the collector was how to sort this collection. With a thematic collection, we find that the theme itself is the best means for sorting. In this case, the owner wrestled with different ways in which to arrange the coins before deciding that the most satisfying to him was to enter his favorites first and then just add new ones as they were acquired. The result is a charming nautical journey that spans all type and eras of watercraft, as well as both modern and vintage coin issues.

Collectors' Journals

The Collectors' Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We're proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting.

DM Merrill Associates, Inc.
DM Merrill's entries continue to be some of the best we’ve seen which is why we’ve selected him for a second year in a row. With every entry he manages to reveal more and more about the man behind the coins. He includes personal aspects of his collecting journey to which most anyone can relate. The entry titled ‘Herman’s Coins’ from 6-18-06 is one super example among many.

Bammer’s journaling allows us to truly share in his experiences as a collector. From keeping us updated on the progress of his registry sets to reports of his latest acquisitions to sharing tips about photography, his entries are always fresh and interesting.

Jackson is arguably the most active of our journal contributors and as such he is impossible to overlook. His collection of entries is the embodiment of the spirit of the Collectors' Journals. It is essentially the diary of his complete collecting experience.

Best in Category

And as always, we have given out the Best in Category awards for the year. A full review of the winners, including lists of the Best in Category winners can be found on our 2006 Awards Archive page.

2006 Awards Archive

Who won last year? Click here to view our 2005 Winners

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