Congratulations to the 2016 NGC Registry Award Winners

Posted on 1/6/2017

The NGC Registry has grown to include more than 93,000 sets since its debut in 2001. The rising number of participants with varied interests has made the NGC Registry a valuable resource for the hobby, worldwide. It’s exciting to see the tremendous effort from newcomers and NGC Registry veterans alike. 2017 promises to be an exciting year with countless new competitive set options and system improvements.

Annually, NGC recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry Set building. Five winners were selected in each of four competitive categories: Best Classic, Best Modern, Best World and Best Presented. Additionally, we chose five winners for Custom Sets in the following categories: Best Overall, Best World, Best Ancient, Most Creative and Most Informative. Finally, we are honoring three outstanding Collectors Journals authors.

After much consideration and review of sets across all categories, our team of experts made their selections. Congratulations to our winners as well as all NGC Registry participants!

Best Classic Sets

Who won last year? Click here to view our 2016 Winners

TD Petersen — TDP Collection - Two Cent Proofs
The two-cent series of 1864-73 has long attracted collectors for its seeming ease of completion, yet that simplicity is deceiving. This superb collection of the proof editions is complete in all dates and varieties, excepting just the ultra rare 1864 Small Date. In terms of grade, the breakout star of this set is the 1871 example NGC-certified as PF 67 RD Cameo. All of the other entries grade 66 or 67, and included are both of the proof-only varieties for 1873. The Closed 3 example grades NGC PF 67 RB, while the Open 3 coin checks in at PF 66 RB. This is a small but very impressive collection.

Gage — Gage Barber Proof Dimes
Proofs of Charles Barber's Liberty Head Dime were coined for every date but 1916, as the Mint did not anticipate coining dimes of the old type that year. This amazing collection is complete for each date, and all but one are NGC-certified as PF 67 and higher. Highlights include 1893 (PF 68 Cameo), 1895 (PF 68 Ultra Cameo) and 1911 (PF 68 Ultra Cameo). The very low mintage (425) 1914 edition grades an impressive NGC PF 68, an indication of the overall superb quality of this handsome collection.

Alpha Trilogy — Alpha One
The stated goal of this collection's owner is "to put together the nicest collection that I could afford (and find)..." The items sought are the "soft pack" Morgan Dollars sold by the GSA during the 1970s. Soft packs were purchased by those who wanted to gamble on what they'd receive, and most date/mint combinations are now known. This very fun collection presently includes the vast majority of these and reflects the wide range of grades typical of the soft pack dollars. All of the coins are illustrated and accompanied by informative text about their rarity.

Mr. Jernigan — Jerni's Set — 183122
The Classic Head Quarter Eagle series of 1834-39 is not often sought in its entirety, but this collector has indeed acquired all date/mint combinations, as well as the two date styles of 1836. Each coin grades AU or MS, with the finest example being the 1834 NGC-certified as MS 65. The key dates are the Charlotte and Dahlonega issues, and highlights among these are 1839 C (AU 58) and 1839 D (AU 58). Though a short series, this is a most impressive collection when present in its entirety. The addition of photos would be most welcome, but it already stands as a major achievement.

ftrifilio5 — Frank's San Fran
This extensive collection includes nearly all of the double eagles produced at the San Francisco Mint. Indeed, just four great rarities are lacking, and this set obviously represents a commitment of many years. The majority of the coins are MS, and the remainder are AU. It's challenging to select highlights among so many scarce coins, but standout issues include 1866 S No Motto (NGC AU 50), 1866 S Motto (AU 58), the very scarce 1908 S (AU 58) and 1925 S (MS 63). Each coin is illustrated and accompanied by a brief commentary about its quality and rarity.

Best Modern Sets

velenrk — Mint State Presidential Dollars
Now that this 10-year series of coins has ended, it's a rewarding experience to examine a complete collection of the non-proofs. Both mints are represented for each president, and all of the coins are certified by NGC in high grades, with MS 68 being the most often listed. Many of these coins are also special-label pieces. Among the more important entries are 2007 D George Washington (MS 67 - First Day of Issue), 2009 P William H. Harrison (MS 68 FD), 2010 P Franklin Pierce (MS 67 FD) and 2011 D Rutherford Hayes grading an astounding MS 69! Each coin is illustrated for the viewer's enjoyment.

Private Collection — Dan's Golden Eagles #1
This amazing collection is absolutely complete for the 31-year series of MS Gold American Eagle bullion coins, including all denominations, dates, mints and special editions. As if that weren't enough, each and every coin is NGC-certified as MS 70! Finally, all of the GAEs eligible for Early Releases since 2006 carry that designation. The standout rarity is the 1987 G$25, and other notable entries include 1990 G$10, 1994 G$50 and 1998 G$25. A very extensive history and commentary regarding the series is provided, making this a particularly educational set.

J.D.A — J.D.A.'s MS Modern Commemoratives
It's been nearly 35 years since the U. S. Mint resumed striking commemorative coins, and the modern series is now quite extensive. This wonderful collection features each and every non-proof issue, and all but one are superb MS 70 examples. Standout condition rarities include the 1983 S and 1984 D Olympic Dollars, the 1989 D Congress Half Dollar, the 1997 W Jackie Robinson Half Eagle and the 2000 W Library of Congress Eagle. All coins are illustrated and accompanied by useful fact tables. Many of the 2011 and later pieces carry the NGC First Releases or Early Releases labels.

0909 — 1988-1999 Platinum 100 Yuan Lunar Proofs
Among the most popular of modern China coin series is the one-ounce platinum 100 Yuan Lunar coins struck annually from 1988 through 1999. This set is complete, and all the coins are grade matched as NGC-certified PF 69 Ultra Cameo. Most of the entries include brief commentary from the set's owner. In addition, a single group shot of all 12 coins is used for each entry, and the only thing needed to improve this lovely collection would be individual images of these attractive coins.

KKM — Lincoln Cents — Memorial Reverse and Later Designs Set
Until recent years the post-1958 Lincoln Cents were not seriously sought in the highest grades, but, as this collection demonstrates, there are indeed condition rarities that command strong premiums. It is absolutely complete for all non-proofs 1959-2016, and all but a few grade NGC MS 67 RD or higher. Outstanding pieces include 1962 D and 1963 D (both MS 67 RD), 1972 Doubled Die Obverse (MS 67 RD), 1982 D Zinc Large Date (MS 68 RD), 1984 DDO (MS 68 RD) and 1995 DDO (MS 69 RD). Starting with 2011, several carry the NGC Early Releases label.

Best World Sets

HergertCollection — PQPanda Silver Medal Proofs
The series of proof silver medals featuring China's beloved panda began in 1984 and continues to this day. This splendid collection is complete with the exception of just two entries, and the NGC grades are uniformly high. A lengthy introduction defines the market in these medals, and each piece is both illustrated and accompanied by a description of its rarity and desirability. Some of the many highlights include 1985 and 1987 5oz. Hong Kong, China Expo medals (both PF 69 Ultra Cameo), the 1996 and 1997 1oz. Munich Coin Show medals (both PF 69 UC) and the 2016 50gram ANA Anniversary issue (PF 70 UC).

St.Petersburg Russia — Penni (1864-1915), Circulation
Finland was a grand duchy under the Russian Empire for most of the 19th Century and lasting until the fall of the Romanovs. Copper one penni coins represented the smallest denomination in its coinage during that period. This fascinating collection presents the complete series, including the Civil War issue of 1917, presently lacking just one date and two varieties. Each coin is NGC-certified as mint state, and most are gems. Among the most desirable entries are 1864 (MS 64 BN), 1870 (MS 64 RB), 1881 (MS 66 BN) and 1882 (MS 65 RB).

Iskrona — The Robertsson Collection of Icelandic Kingdom Era Coinage
Iceland was a kingdom in union with Denmark from 1918 until 1944, and this splendid collection was assembled over a period of ten years. It's complete for all issues during this period, aside from two pieces the owner possesses but has not yet had certified and two others whose existence as proofs he questions in the introductory remarks. All entries are NGC-certified and in high grades for their rarity. Some of the more notable coins include 1940 2 aurar (PF 66 RB), 1940 5 aurar (PF 65 RB), 1929 krona (MS 65) and 1929 2 kronur (MS 65).

brokencompass — Guptha's 1/4 Annas
The coinage for British India included many denominations. The copper or bronze quarter anna, comparable to an English halfpenny, was perhaps the most widely produced and circulated. This collection is mostly complete for all issues 1862-1942 (all NGC-certified), and the owner has provided a very detailed and informative introductory essay for the series. Among the more desirable entries are 1874(C) (MS 64 RB), 1901(C) (MS 65 RD), 1916(C) (MS 66 RD) and 1930(B) (MS 67 RD). Most of the earlier coins are illustrated, and several feature the owner's acquisition notes.

Nodrog — Silver R1 PF
South Africa has struck silver one rand coins annually since 1965, initially as a circulating issue and later solely for collectors. This charming set features a complete roster of the proof editions, all NGC-certified in very high grades. The early entries include some extremely rare issues, such as the 1965 Afrikaans language (PF 66 Cameo), the 1966 English language (20 minted, PF 66), the 1967 English (about 20 minted, PF 65), the 1968 Afrikaans (about 20, PF 66 Ultra Cameo) and the 1969 English (about 20, PF 67 UC). An important condition rarity is the 1994 Presidential Inauguration issue, NGC certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

Best Presented Sets

Zebo — Z - Australian Sovereigns 1855-1901
Australia began coining gold sovereigns to the British standard in 1855, those of the first 15 years having a unique reverse before the standard empire type was adopted in 1871. This collection brings together nearly all entries in the Australian series through the end of Victoria's reign. Each coin is NGC-certified and is accompanied by photos and text. The owner has also provided a particularly detailed history of Australia's sovereigns and the mints that coined them. The most significant entry is the 1857 sovereign coined by the Sydney Mint, but all of the coins have their stories to tell.

Ferdinand Erdman — Donald E. Schultze Memorial Set
This set presents a complete run of the 35 Franklin Half Dollars issues from 1948 through 1963, all NGC-certified in very high grades. The owner reveals that the hunt for Franklin Halves began at age 12, and the coins have been upgraded ever since. Each specimen is presented with photographs and a brief commentary about its qualities. An entertaining and informative essay precedes the roster of coins, and the owner describes his desire to move up within the Registry rankings with the acquisition of NGC and coins, as well as earning CAC stickers whenever possible.

TMCGRADY — MACK Brass Libertads
The owner of this set has brought together a complete run of Mexico's silver, one-ounce Libertad MS bullion coins, each NGC-certified in high grades. All coins are illustrated, and the owner has provided a paragraph detailing each entry's rarity and the challenge of locating that issue. In an introductory essay, the owner describes the great difficulty in finding many of the coins in high grades, due to poor quality control in the early years and the small population of certified coins for some dates. A lot of work and love went into this collection, including the searching of rolls for just the right specimen to submit for grading.

Piefort — Piefort's Gold Peso Set
Costa Rica's gold peso-denominated coinage of 1864-76 is presented here complete, save for a single entry shown in catalogs but the existence of which is doubtful. Each coin is illustrated, and the owner has included commentary on its rarity, variety and, where applicable, pedigree. The history of this coinage over five denominations is provided in an introductory essay. Noted is that seven of the coins included were formerly in the finest collection of Costa Rican coins ever assembled, and this attests to the owner's determination in building this set.

tommy44 — Tommy44 $5 Lib Full Set
The owner of this collection has taken on a tremendous challenge, completing the very extensive series of Coronet Liberty Half Eagles 1839-1908. In an introductory essay, the confession that completion may be an impossibility is something most collectors can appreciate, yet it only adds to the thrill of the hunt. The collection has been decades in the making, a point driven home by the owner's pedigree notes accompanying each entry. The majority of these coins are illustrated with good photos, and the range of grades for this long series is an education in itself.

Custom Sets

Best Overall Custom Set

Roblou270 — Resolute Americana Continental Dollar Collection
The Continental Dollars of 1776 are still something of a mystery as to their purpose and place of manufacture. Likely patterns for a silver coinage that never transpired, this collection brings together the many varieties. There are 17 entries in this set, two of which are not Continental Dollars but rather a medal and another coin that pertain to the theme. Each piece is superbly photographed, and all are accompanied by excellent commentary explaining their significance and pedigree. The introductory essay is richly entertaining and informative.

Best World Custom Set

EMO Collection — Cuba - 1915 to 1953 Proof Non-Gold Coinage
The 1915-53 coinage of Cuba was produced by the Philadelphia Mint, and this collection brings together nearly every proof or specimen striking known, save for a few ultra rarities. Each coin is NGC-certified and of superb quality, with examples in both matte and brilliant finishes. All of the entries are illustrated. The owner's goal is "to obtain gem museum quality proof specimens struck in every denomination and year," and it appears that this important challenge is close to completion.

Best Ancients Custom Set

SPQR — Roman Emperors to 400 AD
The imperial series of Roman coinage formally begins with the assumption of that title by Augustus, though would-be emperor Julius Caeser is also included in this collection. The owner's declared goal was to acquire the finest possible example of a circulating silver coin for each emperor up to the time that the empire was split between West and East, and that goal has been achieved. All of the coins are NGC-certified and of uniformly high quality, including many  pieces. Each is also presented in photographs of its NGC holder for the obverse and a blow-up of the reverse.

Most Creative Custom Set

gherrmann44 — The Coins and Medals of Laura Gardin Fraser
This presentation is among the most elegant and informative ever to grace the NGC Registry. As its title indicates, the entire medallic oeuvre of Laura Gardin Fraser is included in chronological order, and a true appreciation of her talent will be gained by the viewer. All of the pieces are accompanied by excellent photographs and detailed commentary, and the owner's introductory history about LGF and her role in the arts is both very illustrative and highly entertaining.

Most Informative Custom Set

Forest City — Quintos - The 1/5 Sols of Peru
This display is indeed extremely informative, qualifying as an e-book on the coinage series in question. Focusing entirely on this fractional denomination of the crown-size Peruvian sol, the collection is nearly complete, and all of the entries are NGC-certified in remarkably high grades. It is in the technical and historical information provided, however, that this set truly excels. In addition to a richly detailed introductory essay, several paragraphs of very specific facts accompany each coin entry. All of the coins are likewise well illustrated.

Collectors’ Journals

The Collectors’ Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We’re proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.


Best in Category

And as always, we celebrate the Best in Category awards for the year.

A full review of the winners, including lists of the Best in Category winners can be found on our 2016 Awards Archive page.

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