US Mint Birth Sets

Some US Mint birth sets include the silver half dollar.

In mid-March the US Mint introduced the “Birth Set,” a five-coin proof set designed to be a memento of a baby’s birth. The five coins included in the set are the proof 2012-S cent, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar. The dime, quarter, and half dollar were supposed to be clad, but after opening some sets a sharp-eyed NGC employee noticed that some of the half dollars looked silver, not clad.

The Mint was shipping some Birth Sets with clad half dollars, while other sets included silver half dollars. A call to the Mint confirmed that they were aware of this error. It is unclear at this time how many silver half dollars were included as part of the Birth Sets. NGC will recognize the composition of the half dollar on the label, although these coins will not be labeled as “Mint Errors.”

The label will also include a Birth Set pedigree if received by NGC in the sealed mint packaging. For detailed submission instructions for the Birth Set, click here.

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