Congratulations to our 2008 Registry Award Winners

Posted on 1/8/2009

We applaud everyone on their individual accomplishments in each and every set and thank all of the members who make the Collectors Society the vibrant community it is today.

Choosing registry award winners has never been easy. With the number of registered sets exceeding 40,200, it gets more difficult each year to choose a finite number of winners. We are honored to have the opportunity to review so many remarkable sets. We set out to choose five sets in three competitive categories Best Classic, Best Modern and Best Presented.

Additionally we chose four winners for Signature Sets in the following categories, Best Overall, Best World, Most Creative and Most Informative. This area of the Registry allows our collectors to create their own set definitions. Some of the most creative collecting happens in our Signature Sets area.

Finally, we are honoring three outstanding Collectors Journal authors. The journals are a "blog" that has become a tool for collectors to further share their collecting experiences.

Our team of experts, Rick Montgomery, Scott Schechter, Jay Turner and David Lange reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry and after much consideration, selected the following sets. Congratulations to our winners!

Classic Sets

Gardner – Seated Liberty Quarters 1838-1891
Quarter dollars are the most daunting of the Seated Liberty series to complete, so this set deserves to win an award for ambition alone. Only six pieces are yet lacking, and one of these is the ultra rare 1873-CC No Arrows. Consistently excellent throughout in terms of quality, some highlights include 1842-O Small Date in MS-63, 1849-O in MS-64, 1854-O Huge O in XF-45, 1859-S in AU-58, 1872-S in MS-66 and 1873-CC Arrows in AU-55.

JDW/SRW – Coronet Double Eagles, Type 3, 1877-1907
The size and majesty of gold double eagles are always attractions to collectors, but few attempt to collect the Coronet Liberty pieces by date and mint. This wonderful set includes each and every issue of the Type 3 twenty, and nearly all are Mint State. Among the most rare coins in this collection are 1879-O in AU-55, 1881 and 1882 both grading AU-58, and 1886 in AU-55. Condition rarities include 1880-S in MS-65, 1892 in MS-66, 1892-S in MS-64 and 1893-CC in MS-63.

Zakmar – Zakmar's Basic Type Set
All of the popular types of United States coins are included in this handsome collection. Among the minor coins, some of the standout pieces are a Coronet Large Cent in MS-67 BN, a Flying Eagle Cent in MS-65 and a Nickel Three-Cent piece in PF-68 Cameo. Silver highlights include a Three-Cent piece in MS-67, a Barber Dime in PF-67 Cameo and a Type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter in MS-67 FH. Gold rarities include a Type Three Dollar in MS-67 PL, a Coronet Half Eagle in PF-62 Cameo and a Coronet Double Eagle in MS-65.

Durango Collection – Early Silver Dollars 1794-1804
This collection features all dates and major varieties of United States silver dollars from 1795 through 1803, a significant accomplishment at any grade level. In addition, all examples grade F-15 or higher, and a number of Mint State pieces are featured. This set's highlights include 1795 Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Dollars each grading AU-55, a 1797 Stars 9x7 with Small Letters in XF-45, a 1798 grading MS-62 and an 1802 in MS-61.

DaveJPro – The Comus Collection of Three Cent Nickels
Decades ago most coin collections included a complete run of this unusual series, but to replicate this feat today is very challenging, especially in the high grades featured in this splendid set (all but five pieces are MS-66!). Each date issued for circulation is present, including both varieties of 1873. The outstanding highlights include 1875, 1879, 1880, 1882 and 1885, all grading MS-66, as well as the very rare 1884 issue in MS-64.

Best Modern Sets

RHF – Special Award for Achievement in Modern Collecting
RHF has become the King of Modern Coin Collectors for his outstanding success in assembling so many high ranking NGC Registry sets. It was impossible to select just one of his sets and not recognize his overall achievement. Indeed, this champion competitor is listed in no less than 26 categories and has a total Registry score of more than 866,000 points! Some of his top sets are in the categories of Modern Commemoratives 1982-Date Complete and American Eagles 1986-Date (having sets in MS, PF and both combined).

Kent Schroer – Chandler's College Fund & Chauncey's College Fund – Modern Gold & Platinum Commemoratives 1984-Date
This is an unusual winner in that it comprises two complete sets of gold and platinum United States commemoratives from the inception of the modern program through 2008. All of the coins have perfect scores, being either MS-70 or PF-70 Ultra Cameo. Among the scarcest issues in such outstanding condition are the MS 1996-W Smithsonian Institution Half Eagle, the MS 1997-W Jackie Robinson Half Eagle and the 2000-W Library of Congress Eagles in both Proof and MS.

Lablover-Barkaroosie – Roosevelt Dimes 1946-1964
The once-humble Roosevelt Dime series has come into its own over the past decade, with high grade pieces receiving intense collector interest. This wonderful and complete collection of currency strikes features some eleven coins grading MS-68 and all but two entries carrying the coveted NGC star designation for superior eye appeal. Highlights include 1947-D grading MS-68 and 1957-D grading MS-68FT.

The H.I.M. Collection – The H.I.M. Platinum PF70 Collection
This collection is sheer perfection, comprising each and every platinum American Eagle in PF-70 Ultra Cameo, as well as the 2007-W 10th Anniversary edition in Reverse PF-70. That's nearly 50 coins in all. Some of the most outstanding pieces include the 1997-W and 1998-W $100 coins in PF-70 Ultra Cameo. With the U. S. Mint cutting back its American Eagle coinage starting in 2009, the significance of this complete collection becomes all the more evident.

Guy Mc – Endangered Species Silver 10Y China Panda Coins – One Per Date
This stellar collection provides a 25-year overview of Silver 10-Yuan Panda series spanning the years 1983 through 2008. Combining both MS and Proof pieces, all of them high grade, this covers a period of remarkable changes in the People's Republic of China. Highlights of this set include the 1983 and 1985 issues in PF-69 Ultra Cameo, the 1989 and 1992 coins in MS-70 and the popular 2000 issue also in the highly desired grade of MS-70.

Best Presented Sets

physicsfan3.14 - The Poe Collection – Franklin Half Dollars 1948-1963
This Registry participant is truly infused with the spirit of coin collecting. While his set of Franklin Halves is still a work in progress, he is enhancing his and our enjoyment of it by providing detailed information on each coin's characteristics of strike, luster, etc. Also provided is a very readable account of what was happening that year in world events, as well as in the entertainment and music fields. This is certainly more than just a run of dates and mints.

EZ_E - Vic's Picks – USA Type Set, Including Modern Issues
A USA type set is an ambitious undertaking, and this collection is well on its way to completion. The coins are all in desirable grades, the early pieces being nice circulated examples, while the more recent coins are uniformly Mint State or Proof. What is particularly appealing about this collection is that its owner has provided not only complete numismatic information about each coin, but he has revealed its provenance, as well.

Techno Mike – Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1941-1947
The “Short Set” of Walkers is a perennial favorite with collectors, as it is both an attainable goal and a beautiful series of coins. Among the owner's stated criteria in building this set is to acquire pieces that “meet my criteria for eye-appealing, properly graded coins.” He has certainly achieved this, with most of the halves showing attractive, original toning. The grade range is a remarkably consistent MS-64 to MS-65 throughout, and each coin is accompanied by an insightful critique.

Sluggo – Slotkin Family Trust Gold Proof Type Set
United States gold proof coins made prior to the modern period are all rare by definition, and the assembly of a proof gold type set is a major achievement. This set is complete for all competitive entries, and most are stunning gems. Devoted to each coin is a detailed account of its relative rarity, as well as a review of its specific characteristics. In addition to being terrific eye candy, this Registry set is also a very useful learning tool for other collectors.

Jacek B. – Jacek's Millennium Mint Proof Set
It's surprising that the Millennium is now nearly ten years behind us. This collection features each of the United States coins produced in the year 2000, excluding commemoratives, and it's a very appealing souvenir of that storied year. Each coin is in the ultimate grade and is accompanied by a history of its denomination and type, as well as an account of its acquisition. Here again is another collector who found a fascinating area of specialization and really made the most out of sharing it with us.

Best World Signature Set

ROBBAKE12157 – The Bakewell Collection of George V - South Africa - Finest Known
The Union of South Africa began issuing its own coinage in 1923, and this ambitious collection features all of the pieces produced during the reign of King George V, which lasted until 1936. From farthings through sovereigns, this collection includes a rich variety of coins. Nearly all are Mint State, and most of them are simply outstanding specimens representing the finest quality available.

Most Creative Signature Set

Gherrmann44 – Inspirational Ladies
This fascinating theme collection is built around images of women on coins from around the world. Allegorical personifications include images of the USA's Liberty, France's Marianne and the United Kingdom's Britannia, as well as others. A number of important women in history are also to be found. These range from figures of the past, such as Dolley Madison, to more recent celebrities such as Diana, Princess of Wales.

Most Informative Signature Set

Charles Stevens – Foreign Coins Struck at U. S. Mints 1876 – Present
The U. S. Mint received approval to begin coining for other nations in 1874, and it exercised that privilege for the next 100+ years. Its biggest customers have been Latin American nations, and this collection includes many coins struck for our southern neighbors. Other countries represented in this set include Australia, The Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Books have been written on this subject, but here is tangible evidence of what a collector can achieve.

Best Overall Signature Set

AOEDAD-TJ – A Superb Collection of Bashlow Restrikes
The late Robert Bashlow marketed a wide variety of restrikes and historical replicas during the 1960s, and this collection features some of his most popular emissions in truly amazing grades. A rich assortment of coining metals is herein represented, as well as some fascinating designs. Some of the best known Bashlow restrikes are his Confederate Cents and Continental Dollars, and this collection features multiple examples of both.

Best Overall Signature Set – Honorable Mentions

James D. Cleaveland – Cleaveland's Civil War Tokens
This is a really fun collection that centers around the Patriotic series of Civil War Tokens, but it has been expanded to include some Store Cards, as well. The owner has availed himself of both NGC- and NCS-certified pieces, which permitted him greater flexibility in his acquisitions.

Guy Mc – The Collection of Palladium Coins of the World
The use of palladium as a coinage metal is a fairly recent development, but it has become a popular player in modern commemorative and bullion coins. This collection features a variety of entries from around the world, including countries such as Canada, Russia, China and Portugal.

Yarm – Box of 20 – George III Copper
Britain's George III may have had an ugly mug, but some really splendid coins were created bearing his portrait. This collection features superb copper pieces from his reign dated 1770-1806. Many are the products of Matthew Boulton's state-of-the-art Soho Mint and are lovely proof impressions.

Collectors' Journals

The Collectors' Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We're proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.

Who won last year? Click here to view our 2007 Winners

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