State Quarter Errors

Posted on 1/1/2008

Examples of State Quarter Errors

2001 New York   2000 P Massachusetts
Struck on scrap planchet/2.93 grams   Struck on scrap planchet/2.52 grams
2001 New York   2000 Massachusetts
MS65   MS65




1999-P Pennsylvania   2000-P Virginia
Struck on experimental planchet   Struck on 10c planchet
1999 Pennsylvania   2000 Virginia
MS67   MS64




1999-P Connecticut   1999-P Georgia
Struck on 5c planchet   Struck on 5c planchet with obverse brockage
1999 Connecticut   1999 Georgia
MS65   MS66




1999-D Delaware   1999-P Delaware
Struck on 5c planchet   Reverse Cap die
1999 Delaware   1999 Delaware
MS64   MS68




1999-P New Jersey   1999-P Delaware
Double struck both off center   Multi struck in collar
1999 New Jersey   1999 Delaware
MS64   MS64




1999-P New Jersey   1999 New Jersey
Broadstruck on T-1 planchet with 70% obverse brockage   15% off center with 50% obverse indent
1999 New Jersey   1999 New Jersey
MS67   MS62




1999-P Connecticut   2000 South Carolina
Obverse struck thru capped die/ partial collar   Off-center on straight clip planchet
1999 Connecticut   2000 South Carolina
MS66   MS67




2000-P Virginia   2000-P Massachusetts
Curved and Straight clips   Off center on 30% straight clip
2000 Virginia   2000 Massachusetts
MS67   MS66




1999-D New Jersey   1999-D Delaware
Triple curved clips   Double curved clips
1999 New Jersey   1999 Delaware
MS65   MS64




1999-P Pennsylvania   2000-P New Hampshire
Corner clip   15% Straight clip
1999 Pennsylvania   2000 New Hampshire
MS64   MS65




1999-P Delaware   2000-P Massachusetts
50% Curved clip   Reverse struck thru clad layer
1999 Delaware   2000 Massachusetts
MS63   MS62




Undated Statehood   1999 Pennsylvania
60% off center obverse clad layer   Reverse clad layer
Updated Statehood   1999 Pennsylvania
MS66   MS64




2000-D South Carolina   2000-D South Carolina
Reverse clad layer missing   Obverse clad layer missing
2000 South Carolina   2000 South Carolina
MS66   MS65




1999-D Delaware    
Rotated reverse  


1999 Delaware    




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