NGC Ancients

Welcome to NGC Ancients, a branch of Numismatic Guaranty Company devoted to ancient coins. We identify and grade most coins struck in the Western world from the origins of coinage through c. AD 500, as well as coins of the Byzantine Empire (AD 491-1453). All other eligible World coins can be graded under NGC’s World Coin program.

The program is led by David L. Vagi, author of Coinage and History of the Roman Empire and a specialist in ancient coins since 1990.

Overview of Services

NGC Ancients attributes, grades and encapsulates ancient coins for collectors and dealers worldwide. We offer a full suite of service levels. Please visit our NGC Ancients service roster.

  • Encapsulation — All coins graded by NGC Ancients will be encapsulated, except those deemed ineligible because of their physical characteristics (unstable surfaces, inappropriate dimensions, etc.); those coins will receive Photo Certificates, which also are available as a supplementary service. Every effort will be made to use our EdgeView® holder for ancient coins, but when that is deemed impractical due to the physical characteristics of a coin (a typical example is a heavy Ptolemaic bronze with beveled edge), at the sole discretion of NGC Ancients, a standard core will be used, or a Photo Certificate will be issued.
  • Regular and Express Grading — Coins submitted for these services will be:
    • Attributed
    • Weighed (to the 1/100th of a gram)
    • Evaluated (graded) for:
      • Grade
      • Strike
      • Surface
      • Style
        • Surface features
        • Star designation

  • Bulk Grading Service — Coins eligible for this tier of service will receive a simplified analysis. Most attributions will not include the individualized detail of regular and express service coins, but all essentials will be present. Coins will not be weighed, and will be assigned a single, adjectival "net grade" that incorporates all of the factors affecting their appearance.

  • Conservation — Select ancient coins are eligible for conservation work by NCS.

  • Authenticity — NGC Ancients will only grade coins that it believes to be genuine. Authenticity and attribution represent the opinion of NGC Ancients and are not guaranteed, nor is any guarantee implied. Please see the NGC Ancients Coin Grading Guarantee for complete information.