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In Numismatics, Knowledge is Power

1/18/2018 - Know what you want to acquire, and then keep an eye out for the right price!
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The FUN Show Never Disappoints

1/11/2018 - The annual winter Florida gathering is changing cities next year.
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Seventh Annual Market Review (Part 2)

1/4/2018 - Winter FUN underway, but baby, it's cold outside!
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Never Too Old to Learn Something New

12/28/2017 - Take advantage of opportunities to enhance your numismatic expertise.
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Seventh Annual Market Review

12/21/2017 - Experts from the world of coins take the pulse of the numismatic market.
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What is Real Money?

12/14/2017 - Precious metals have a 3,000-year track record, but Bitcoin has captured speculators' attention today.
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Holiday Memories

12/7/2017 - Ideas for the numismatist (or potential numismatist) on your shopping list
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Maybe Leonardo da Vinci Can Help the Rare Coin Market

11/30/2017 - What drove a $450 million sale? Bragging rights? Philanthropy? Clever marketing?
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Can Social Media Re-energize the Rare Coin Market?

11/16/2017 - We should meet younger numismatists where they are, such as Facebook and Twitter.
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Finding Great Value at Major Sales

11/9/2017 - Pedigreed rarities for a pittance: Newman IX claims $4.5 million
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