New Version of the Collectors Society Message Boards

A new version of the Collectors Society message boards has been launched, and it comes with many new conveniences and improvements. Check out the full list here.

Earlier this month, a new version of the Collectors Society message boards was launched. Aside from the improved aesthetic, the new version offers many new conveniences. Here is a list of just some of the changes you’ll find:

  • Threaded Private Messages
  • More convenient “jump forums” drop-down at the top of the screen
  • Ability to attach multiple files to a post
  • Highlight text and click a format button, and it adjusts the highlighted text
  • Faster performance — the new boards have an improved database structure and cleaner code base, as well as more extensive use of caching to create faster page loads
  • Better navigation
  • Scrollable quote boxes and image boxes to prevent people from forcing a whole thread to scroll sideways with their excessive quoting or overly large pictures
  • More posting icons
  • Easier controls to watch a thread
  • Better security
  • Drop-down menus on user names in threads to offer a variety of options
  • Online/offline status visible in threads by user’s names
  • Easy access in the “My Stuff” menu to a list of your own posts
  • Better calendar layouts

We hope that if you haven’t used the message boards in a while, you will stop by and check out these new features. The Collectors Society community is continually growing and we will continue to make improvements to provide the best collector experience possible.

If you have not used the message boards before and would like to participate, click here to create your message board login. This login is different than a Collectors Society login. If you are a Collectors Society member and have not created a message board login, you will need to click the link to register.


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