NGC Special Labels & Designations for 2020 Pandas

Posted on 10/30/2019

NGC is offering its popular Early Releases and First Releases designations for eligible 2020 Silver and Gold Pandas. Two attractive Panda labels are also available for these coins.

The highly anticipated 2020 Silver and Gold Pandas were released on October 30, 2019. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is offering special designations and attractive labels to celebrate the latest issues of China's premier bullion coin.

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The design of the 2020 Pandas continues a multi-year story for these coins that began in 2019. While the 2019 Pandas feature a baby panda cradled in its mother’s arms, the cub on the 2020 Pandas has grown into a “child” and is depicted eating bamboo on a grassy hill, conveying a message of peace, prosperity and happiness.

Two attractive NGC Panda labels celebrate the new releases. One shows an image of a cheerful panda at right, with a wider view of a panda among foliage at the bottom. The other shows a panda drawn in a style reminiscent of traditional ink brush artwork. Each NGC label is available by request for an additional fee of $5 per coin.

Coins received by NGC within the first 30 days of their release are eligible for NGC's popular EARLY RELEASES and FIRST RELEASES designations. To learn more about NGC Early Releases and First Releases, please click here. To see NGC Early Releases / First Releases cutoff dates, click here.

Submission Instructions

  • Submit coins under the Modern grading tier or higher.
  • All coins submitted must be graded.
  • Select the NGC Oversize Holder option (+$20) for Panda coins whose diameter exceeds 45 mm (including the Silver 50 Yuan, Silver 300 Yuan, Gold 1,500 Yuan, Gold 2,000 Yuan and Gold 10,000 Yuan). Please note that Panda Ink Brush Label #887 is not available with the NGC Oversize Holder.
  • Indicate your desired label and/or Releases Designation on the submission form. If no special label or Releases Designation is indicated, the coin will receive the standard label and description without a Releases Designation.
  • If you would like packaging returned, select “Return Packaging” on the submission form. The fee is $5 per form plus the cost of shipping.

The following designations are available for the 2020 Pandas:

Designation options Fee Directions
Early Releases +$10 per coin
On the submission form, select Early Releases.
First Releases +$10 per coin
On the submission form, select First Releases.
(No Releases Designation)   By default. (The coin will not receive a Releases Designation if one is not requested on the submission form.)

The following labels are available for the 2020 Pandas:

Label options Fee Directions

Panda Large #383
+$5 per coin By request.

(Select Special Label on your submission form and enter Panda Large #383.)

Early Releases and First Releases are available on this label for an additional $10 designation fee, if applicable.

Panda Ink Brush #887
+$5 per coin By request.

(Select Special Label on your submission form and enter Panda Ink Brush #887.)

Cannot be used with coins over 45 mm in diameter.

Early Releases and First Releases are available on this label for an additional $10 designation fee, if applicable.

Early Releases #378
Included with fee for Early Releases designation Select Early Releases and enter Early Releases #378 on your submission form.

First Releases #379
Included with fee for First Releases Designation Select First Releases and enter First Releases #379 on your submission form.

NGC Standard Brown #377
Free By default. (Except for Early Releases and First Releases designations.)

First Day of Issue

Please note that the FIRST DAY OF ISSUE designation and label are not available for individual or regular bulk submissions of 2020 Pandas.

Bulk Submissions

Interested in bulk submissions? Contact our sales representatives:

Scott Heller: 941-360-3990 or

Miles Standish: 949-922-0515 or


Please contact NGC Customer Service at or 1-800-NGC-COIN (1-800-642-2646).

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