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Posted on 8/13/2019

49 new sets are eligible for 2019 awards.

The 2019 annual award deadline of December 6, 2019 is fast-approaching. This month, we have three new categories and 49 new competitive NGC Registry set types that are also eligible for this year’s awards. Please keep a few key 2019 dates in mind. If you wish to have your sets considered for any annual award, your sets must have been marked as visible, not “obscured,” by July 1, 2019. There is a deadline date of 10 am EST on December 6, 2019 for 2019 NGC Registry award consideration. Winners will be announced on January 10, 2020.

If you haven’t done so already, create your NGC Registry sets today on There will be more than $20,000 in prizes awarded for 2019! Here are the new categories and sets available for your valued coin collections:

New Categories:

  • Paraguay
  • Saint Helena
  • Sudan

New Sets:

  • Australia – Commemorative: Silver 50 Cent, 2013-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Austria: Corona, 1892-1908
  • Austria: Corona, 1912-1916
  • Austria: Schilling, 1959-1992, Circulation Issue
  • Austria: Schilling, 1959-1992, Proof
  • Austria: Silver 10 Schilling, 1957-1973, Proof
  • Austria: Silver 5 Euro, 2002-Date, Mint State

  • Belgium: Silver 250 Francs, 1976-1999, Mint State

  • Canada - Commemorative: Silver $20, 2019, Proof

  • China-Commemorative: Gold 400 Yuan, 1979-Date, Proof
  • China-Commemorative: 2019 World Horticulture Expo. Beijing, 2019, Complete Proof

  • Costa Rica: Brass 25 Centimos, Reform Coinage, 1944-1946, Mint State

  • France 1870-Date: Silver 100 Francs, Commemoratives, 1984-1997, Circulation Issue
  • France 1870-Date: Silver 1/4 Euro, 2002-2008, Mint State

  • Great Britain - Pre-Decimal: Penny, George V, 1926-1936, Bronze, Proof Issue

  • Great Britain- Decimal: 10 Pence, Great British Coin Hunt Series, 2019, Mint State

  • Great Britain - Proof Sets: 2004 Proof Set Coinage

  • India - British Colony: 1/4 Rupee, Victoria, 1838-1901, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties
  • India - British Colony: 1/2 Rupee, Victoria, 1838-1901, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties

1894B India 1/2R

  • India – Portuguese: Kingdom of Portugal, 1901-1904, Prooflike Complete

  • Israel: Silver 2 Sheqalim, 1980-1985, Complete

  • Multi-Country (Incl. Euro): Pride of Two Nations, 2019, Complete

  • Netherlands: Gold Ducat, 1901-1937, Circulation Issue

  • Niue: Silver $1, 2019, Proof

  • Palau: Gold $500, 2008-Date, Proof

  • Panama: Gold 75 Balboas, 1978, Mint State and Proof

  • Paraguay: Decimal Coinage, Type Set, 1870-1939, Mint State
  • Paraguay: Centimo, 1944-1950, Mint State

  • Russia: Russian Ballet, 1991, Mint State & Proof Complete

  • Rwanda: Gold Type Set, 1965-Date, Proof

  • St. Helena: Silver 5 Pound, 2008-Date, Proof

  • Somalia: One Dollar, 2004-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Somalia: 5th Anniversary of Independence, Type Set, 1965, Proof

  • South Africa – Republic: Nickel Rand, 1977-1990, Circulation Issue and Prooflike
  • South Africa – Republic: Clad Rand, 1990-Date, Circulation Issue and Prooflike
  • South Africa – Republic: Nickel Rand, 1977-1990, Proof
  • South Africa – Republic: Clad Rand, 1990-Date, Proof

  • South Korea: Zi: Sin Medals, Silver, 2017-Date, Complete

  • Sudan: Silver 10 Pounds, 1978-1981, Proof, Including Varieties

  • Turks & Caicos Islands: Crown, 1969-Date, Proof
  • Turks & Caicos Islands: Silver 5 Crowns, 1975-1977, Proof

  • Tuvalu: Gold $15, 2006-Date, Mint State & Proof

  • Ukraine: Gold 2 Hryven, The Smallest Golden Coin Series, 2003-2012, Mint State & Proof
  • Ukraine: Gold 2 Hryven, Archangel Michael, 2012-2016, Circulation Issue
  • Ukraine:Gold 2 Hryven, Zodiac Signs, 2006-2008, Mint State

  • US: Quarter Dollars: Seated Liberty Quarters, 1838-1857, Proof
  • US: Quarter Dollars: Statehood & US Territories Quarters, 2005-2009, SMS

  • Yemen: Silver 2 Riyals, 1969-Date, Circulation Issue

  • Zambia: Silver 10 Kwacha, 1979-Date, Proof

If you have not already done so, please check out the NGC Registry on We are here to help with requests and with any other questions you may have. Feel free to send an email to and let us know how we can help.

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