Serbia Nikola Tesla 2019 'Remote Control' Coins

Posted on 5/7/2019

The invention was just one of his hundreds of patents.

MENLO PARK, CA — Mish International Monetary Inc announces the arrival of the new Serbia 2019 silver 1 oz Nikola Tesla “Remote Control” coins. This is issue #2, now available after the Mint’s sell-out of issue #1, the 2018 "Alternating Current." They are legal tender by the National Bank of Serbia and struck at their own minting facility Topcider.

These coins appeal to a wide spectrum of coin collectors, science and technology buffs, Tesla car owners, academics, electrical professionals, and pop culture followers.

“Remote Control” was one of Tesla’s more than 700 patents. He was the first to understand an array of electrical and energy technologies, including many which others would further develop or take credit for years later. Tesla’s understanding of the greater universe continues to amaze scientists today as they rediscover or apply his concepts and contentions. His belief that almost free energy could be harnessed from the atmosphere alarmed some establishment industrialists and bankers, who organized to discredit, marginalize and defund him.

Serbia 2019 Silver 1 oz Nikola Tesla
Permanent Obverse

Serbia 2019 Silver 1 oz Nikola Tesla
Reverse - Remote Control

Serbia 2018 Silver 1 oz Nikola Tesla
Reverse - Alternating Current

Nikola Tesla is the face of a new silver 1 oz legal tender coin series issued by the National Bank of Serbia in honor of their world-famous native. Tesla arrived in the USA in 1884 penniless but rich in ideas.

The collection will feature a permanent portrait of Tesla on the obverse with an evolving reverse showcasing his inventions, patents and visionary concepts.

The first issue, released in September 2018, exhibited a prototype of his alternating current electric motor.

The second issue, released in March 2019, commemorates his invention of remote control.

Three different issues of “Teslas” are scheduled for 2019 and each dated year after. According to Nikola Tesla, the relationship of the 3, 6, 9 are the key to understanding how the universe works.

The coins are struck in .999 pure silver and carry a denomination of 100 Dinara.

Issue #1 “Alternating Current” had a mintage of 50,000 business strikes (“BU”) and 3,327 Proofs. Mintages are set to increase with each issue as awareness of the collection builds. To accommodate demand, Issue #2 “Remote Control” will feature 75,000 BU and 3,327 Proofs. As the series grows, its collectability may lead to premium value growth for the early issues.

Nikola Tesla is viewed by many scientists and historians as one of the most notable inventors and visionaries of all time. He is credited exclusively or in part with technologies that changed the world, including the electric lighting grid, electric motors, remote control, hydro-electric power, turbine engines, magnetic propulsion, electro-magnetic energy generation, X-rays, lasers, particle beams, solar power adaption, weather manipulation, robotics, wireless transmission, radio, television, cell phones, and the internet. Many of these will be the subject of future coins.

When asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive, Albert Einstein replied: “I do not know, you will have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

In 1975, Nikola Tesla was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame at Alexandria VA.

In 1976, the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers established their annual award of the Tesla medal for contributions to the utilization of electrical power.

In 2003, Nikola Tesla’s concepts were acknowledged when a new electric automobile company named itself in his honor.

Tesla has been the subject of numerous documentaries in recent years. In 2018, the History Channel ran a five-part investigation documentary titled “The Tesla Files,” which opened new considerations and suggested new revelations as to his life, importance, and associations in America. Tesla’s accomplishments, those both noted and those previously suppressed, are still being rediscovered and applied to evolving technologies.

In 2017, an episode of the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory was themed, “Are we Edisons or are we Teslas?"

In 2019, Ethan Hawke will star as Tesla in a new Hollywood major studio biographical movie.

Short but fascinating videos about Nikola Tesla and his inventions include these:

“Teslas” are available at many coin stores in the USA, Asia, and Europe, as well as online through retail distributors.

A limited quantity of Teslas are available certified and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with a special Tesla portrait label. For prestiged collectors, NGC has also certified the first 100 coins of each issue numbered in the order minted as well as the remaining few hundred struck on the first day of minting. There were also 100 five-piece sets of Alternating Current certified by NGC with the labels individually hand-signed by each of the Serbian Government and Mint Officials involved in creating this program. Many of these were given as gifts to Serbian dignitaries and Mint officials worldwide, leaving only a portion for the numismatic market.

For dealer inquiries, media inquiries, corporate promotions and further information regarding the Nikola Tesla coin program, contact:

Robert Mish
1154 University Drive
Menlo Park CA 94025 USA
(650) 324-9110

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