New and improved add-coins interface on the Certified Registry

Posted on 8/7/2002

Did someone mention they wanted a better add-coin interface?

We have put in place a new and improved method of adding coins to the Certified Registry in response to feedback. Below is a quick summary of the issues, followed by more details.

  • New coins can now be registered in the system from inside of the pages for creating or editing sets.
  • When coins are submitted to be registered through the set screens, once they are processed, they will automatically be added to the set and slot from which they were submitted.
  • Once a coin is registered this way, it will be available (as always) for any slot in any set for which it is a valid coin.
  • If you register a new coin for a slot that already has a coin in it, the new coin will replace the old one in that set. The old coin will continue to be in your registered inventory until and unless you delete it. It will also continue to be used in any OTHER sets it was assigned to.
  • If you submit a coin in a slot where it is NOT valid, it will be added to your coin inventory, but it will not get assigned to the set and slot where you added it from.
  • The "Coin Description" field, which was previously intended to be a spot for the owner to confirm the denomination and details of the coin for us, now does what you would THINK it should do. That is, anything you type in here carries over to the user description field for coins that is displayed within sets.
  • The old method of adding coins through the "Add/Manage Coins" menu item still works just the same as it always has.

Basically, our system has had to balance flexibility and power against ease of use. It was designed to be a powerful tool for managing your whole inventory of coins. In order to accomplish this, it stores each of your coins separately so that you can register a coin once and use it again and again in other sets without having to re-register it. It also makes it easy to delete that coin and have it automatically removed from all of the sets where it is registered, or to simply remove it from individual sets. This is a pretty handy set of features. The problem is that it created a multi-step process to add sets and coins.

The old method:

  1. Submit your coins to the registry
  2. Wait till your coins are processed and you are emailed about it.
  3. Go and create a new set.
  4. Assign your coins to their appropriate slots.

The new method:

  1. Go make a new set
  2. Submit your coins to the registry through the slot where you want them to go.
  3. Wait till your coins are processed.

That's it. They're already up in your new set. And you can STILL go add them to other sets, or delete the coin and have it automatically removed from all of your sets.

Hopefully, this delivers the best of both worlds. The power of having your coins stored independently of sets, and an easy process for getting sets up and running.

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