NGC Message Boards Are Even Faster

We moved our message boards to a new server to increase speed! We know you'll find a great improvement.

If you are an existing user on the new server for the first time…

Unfortunately, on the new server, the encryption of passwords has changed. This means that we cannot recover your old password. On the new site, you will not be logged in, and your old password will not work until you do what's described below.

Simply click "login" and use the "I forgot my Password" section on the bottom of that page. A new working password will be emailed to you. Remember, the passwords are CASE SENSITIVE, so you must type it in exactly as it appears in the e-mail.

If you would like an "easier to remember" password, be sure to go to "My Home" and click the link toward the bottom of the page next to "Personal information, email, password, etc." (or click this link and go directly to it, IF you are logged in already). You can change your password from here to whatever you'd like it to be.

Remember that when you login, you can click the "Remember Me" check box so that the system will remember you without having to login again each time you return.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. Happy posting!

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