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Posted on 2/12/2019

Influx of new set requests: 60 new set types!

We have received a record number of requests for new NGC Registry sets! We have just released two new categories and 60 new set types with many more to come. Thank you all for sharing your collecting ideas with us. We truly appreciate your support. Please take a moment to check out the new sets below to see what may interest you.

New sets:

2018 China Bi-Met 10Y - Opening Up Economic Reform 40th Anniversary

  • Columbia: Centavo, Bronze, 1942-1966, Circulation Issue
  • Cook Islands: Silver $2, 2016-Date, Mint State
  • Egypt: First Republic, Type Set, AH1373/1953-AH1378/1958, Mint State
  • Fiji: Half Dollar, 2017-Date, Mint State
  • Fiji: Silver $2, 2007-Date, Mint State
  • Fiji: Silver $5, 2017-Date, Mint State
  • France: Silver 50 Euros, 2010-Date, Mint State
  • France: France - 1870 and Earlier
  • France: 1/2 Ecu, Louis XIV, 1646-1659, Montpellier, Circulation Issue
  • Germany-1919-Date: Gold 20 Euro, Type Set, 2010-Date, Mint State
  • Germany-1919-Date: Gold 20 Euros, 2016-Date, Proof
  • Germany-1919-Date: 100 Gold Euro, 2002-Date, Type Set, Proof
  • Great Britain - Decimal (1971-Date) Gold 25 Pounds, Commemorative, 2010-Date, Proof
  • Great Britain - Decimal (1971-Date) Gold 100 Pounds, Commemorative, 2010-Date, Proof
  • India-British Colony: 2 Anna, 1862-1947, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties
New category Jan. 2019!
  • Iran: 5 Rials, SH1310-SH1313, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 5 Rials, SH1347-SH1357, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 10 Rials, SH1333-SH1344, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 20 Rials, Type Set, SH1350-SH1358, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 1/4 Pahlavi SH1353-SH1358, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1320-SH1323, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1324-SH1330, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1330-SH1353, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 1/2 Pahlavi, SH1354-SH1358, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: Silver 2000 Dinars, AH1331-AH1344
  • Iran: 50 Dinars, SH1315-SH1332, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: Rial, SH1331-SH1337, Circulation Issue
  • Iran: 2 Rials, SH1322-SH1330, Circulation Issue
  • Iraq: Faisal I, AH1349//1931-AH1352//1933, Circulation Issue
  • Iraq: Ghazi I, AH1352//1933-AH1358//1939, Circulation Issue
  • Iraq: Faisal II, AH1358//1939-1958, Circulation Issue
  • Isle of Man: Silver Crown, Lord of the Rings Series, 2003, Proof
  • Jamaica: Gold Type Set, 1972-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • Japan: 5 Sen, Nickel, 1933-1938, Circulation Issue
  • Japan: 5 Sen, 1938-1940, Circulation Issue
  • Japan: 10 Sen, 1938-1940, Circulation Issue
  • Latvia: 2 Santimi, 1922-1939, Circulation Issue
  • Jordan: Abdullah I, Fils Coinage, AH1368//(1949), Circulation Issue
  • Jordan: Abdullah I, Fils Coinage, AH1368//(1949), Proof Issue
  • Niue: Silver Dollar, 2017, Proof
  • Niue: Silver Dollar, 2018, Proof
  • Russia: 3 Kopeks, 1867-1917, Proof
New category Jan. 2019!
  • Sierra Leone: One Dollar, 1999-Date, Mint State
  • Sweden: Oscar I Type Set, 1844-1859, Circulation Issue
  • Sweden: Carl XV Adolf Type Set, 1859-1872, Circulation Issue
  • Sweden: Gustaf VI Type Set, 1958-1973, Circulation Issue
  • Turkey: Abdul Hamid II, Type Set, Silver Issues, AH1293//1 - AH1293//33 (1876- 1908), Circulation Issue
  • Turkey: Muhammed VI, Standard Coinage Type Set, AH1336//1-AH1336//4, Mint State
  • US: American Eagles and Bullion Coins: Burnished Gold Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State

2018 W G$50

  • US: Dollars: American Innovation Dollars, 2018-2032, Complete
  • US: Half Dollars: Franklin Half Dollars, 1950-1963, Basic Set, Proof (No Cameo or Ultra Cameo)
  • US: American Eagles & Bullion Coins: 2019 Eagles Set, Mint State
  • US: American Eagles & Bullion Coins: 2019 Eagles Set, Proof
  • US: Dollars: American Innovation Dollars, 2018-2032, Mint State
  • US: Dollars: American Innovation Dollars, 2018-2032, Proof
New category Jan. 2019!
  • Yemen: Milled Coinage, Type Set, AH1382-AH1384 (1962-1964), Circulation Issue
  • Yemen: Seiyun & Tarim, AH1258-AH1315 (1842-1897), Circulation Issue
  • Yemen: Saleh ‘Ubayd bin Abdat, Standard Coinage, AH1339-AH1358 (1920-1939), Circulation Issue

Do you have an NGC-certified coin in your hand and you’re not sure where it may fit in the NGC Registry? We are here to help with requests and with any other questions you may have. Feel free to send mail and let us know how we can help. Reach us easily via email at

If you're not familiar with the NGC Registry, take some time to explore it and see the many collecting options that are available. It is completely complimentary. If you have any questions, you may also click below for our help page:


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