NGC Registry: New Category and 19 New Set Types

This month brings to the NGC Registry four new US sets, as well as many new world sets from Bhutan to Rwanda.

The new month brings new offerings for your coin collecting interests in the NGC Registry. Four new competitive US sets are ready for the latest US Mint releases. We have also completed some of the many new World set requests. Keep those requests coming in. Your feedback is important to us. Check out the new sets, below:

New category:

  • Bhutan

New sets:

2018 World War I Centennial Commemorative Silver Proof

  • US: Commemoratives: Breast Cancer Awareness Set, 2018, Complete
  • Australia - Commemorative: Silver $1, 2018, Proof
  • Bhutan: Lunar Type Set, Silver, 2016-2027, Proof
  • Bhutan: Lunar Type Set, Gold, 2016-2027, Proof
  • Cambodia & Kampuchea: Silver 3000 Riels, 2001-Date, Complete
  • Costa Rica: Silver 25 Centavos, Decimal Coinage 1864-1893, Complete Circulation Issue
  • Colombia: Silver Peso, 1855-1859/6, Circulation Issue
  • Colombia: Silver 50 Centavos,1872-1886, Bogota, Circulation Issue
  • Columbia: Silver 50 Centavos,1887-1908, Bogota, Circulation Issue
  • Colombia: Silver 5 Decimos, 1868-1886, Mint State, Type Set
  • Dominica: Silver Issues, 1978-1988, Complete Proof
  • Dominica: Gold Issues, 1978-1985, Complete Proof
  • Ireland Republic: Gold 20 Euros, 2006-Date, Proof

Ireland Republic 2014 Gold 20 Euros

  • Italy: Silver 5 Euros, 2003-Date, Mint State
  • Netherlands: Nickel Gulden Type Set, Queen Beatrix, 1980-Date, Circulation Issue
  • Rwanda: Lunar Ounce Series, Silver 50 Francs, 2008-Date, Mint State and Proof

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