Congratulations to the 2017 NGC Registry Award Winners

Posted on 1/5/2018

Each year we’ve chosen the best sets to win awards in the NGC Registry. These collections demonstrate the participants’ passion for the hobby and their resolve to own the greatest.

The NGC Registry is filled with thousands of impressive sets owned by collectors from all over the globe and it is our honor to review those sets year after year.

For 2017 we have expanded the awards to name ten winners each in our Best Classic and Best Modern categories along with five Best Presented Set winners and winners in five Custom Set categories. Additionally we are naming five winners for Achievement in collecting and 3 Collectors Journal authors.

Congratulations to all of our winners. And to all NGC Registry participants, we thank you for sharing your collections with us!

Overall Achievement

rudman coleccion
Here is someone who has really embraced the concept of NGC Registry Set competition. With some 3,748 coins entered into 488 sets, the owner has a total point score of more than five million! The average score of these coins is 1,373 points. The range of these sets is extraordinary, with both USA coins and so many vintage and modern world coins that viewing the sets is like a tour through the Krause catalog. This is a truly remarkable achievement by a fanatical coin collector.

Stiel Coin Collection
A dedicated collector of United States coins, Stiel has assembled 335 competitive sets and 232 custom sets. These includes multiple sets within individual categories reflecting various degrees of completion. It seems no category of USA coins has been overlooked. An average coin score of 3,373 over these many sets has resulted in a total point score of 4,209,733, making this collector the top player within NGC's Registry in the United States field.

Dan Hughes
This collector is ranked fifth among all NGC Registry participants in point total. Some 380 competitive sets have been listed, comprising a total of 3,328 coins. The central theme of this competitor's collections is modern coins of recent decades from around the world, including the U. S. Mint's Eagle bullion coins. Every one of these pieces is illustrated, providing others the opportunity to embrace the owner's enjoyment. Bravo to Dan Hughes for sharing all this eye candy.

Kominsky Collection
This competitor in the NGC Registry is ranked 25th overall, a testament to the hard work of this collector in assembling complete sets in uniformly high grades. Joining the Registry just four years ago, Kominsky has come a long way in a short time. The total number of sets is actually modest, focusing on the modern issues of Australia, Canada, China, Mexico, Niue and the United States. Also presented are collections based on the books defining the 100 Greatest U. S. Modern Coins and the Top 50 Most Popular Modern Coins.

This collector is yet another enthusiast of modern coins, favoring some of the same coin series as Kominsky: Australia, China and the USA's American Eagle bullion pieces. By restricting acquisitions to the highest grades available, Russ736 has risen to sixth among world collectors in the NGC Registry. In addition, the many suggestions made by this participant has been instrumental in the expansion of NGC's roster of sets pertaining to China.

Best Classic Sets

KKM — Lincoln Cents — Complete Set of Circulation Strikes
As its title implies, this is an absolutely complete run of all the Lincoln Cents coined for circulation 1909-2017. It's quite a challenge to acquire such a huge number of coins, yet the owner of this set has done so in uniformly high grades for each issue. With the exception of the rare 1922 "No D" entry (NGC certified as MS 64 BN), every coin is a solid gem with full red or red-brown color. Some of the more outstanding pieces include 1909-S (MS 67 RD), 1915-S (MS 66 RD), 1923-S (MS 65 RD), 1926-S (MS 65 RB), 1930-S and 1954(P), both NGC certified as MS 67 RD!

evilwoman13 — Pam's Peace
Though comprising just 24 coins, the Peace Dollar series is remarkably difficult to complete in the highest grades. The owner of this set has done just that with a run of coins including seven "Top Pop" specimens. The emphasis has been not solely on grade, but also on eye-appealing, sharply struck, blast white coins. Just a few highlights of this collection include 1922-D (NGC certified MS 67), 1924(P) (MS 68), 1925-S (MS 65), 1928(P) (MS 66) and 1934-S (MS 66). All of the coins are illustrated and accompanied by the owner's assessment.

Gregg Bingham — Bingham's Star Coins
Gregg Bingham is a name well known to the hobby and one frequently found among NGC Registry Set winners. Presented here is a complete competitive set of United States silver commemoratives 1892-1954, more than 140 coins in all, and each entry is a superb gem. In keeping with the set's title, many do indeed carry the NGC for superior eye appeal. Among the standout condition rarities are 1893 Isabella (NGC certified MS 67), 1938-D Arkansas and 1925-S California (both MS 68) and a very rare Specimen striking of the 1922 Grant with Star (NGC SP 65).

Tiger Collection — Traditions Collection
The mint at Dahlonega, Georgia operated only from 1838 through 1861, and its products are among the scarcest of United States coins. This superb collection is complete for all denominations and dates---gold dollars through half eagles. The grades are very high for these issues, with no pieces being less than XF 40. Just a few of the highlights include the 1861-D gold dollar, the 1841-D quarter eagle and 1838-D half eagle (all NGC certified AU 58) and the 1839-D half eagle (MS 62). The superstar of this collection is easily the very rare 1861-D half eagle (NGC graded AU 58).

CT's COINS — CT's CC'S (GSA 1)
The dispersal of the Treasury Department's hoard of more than three million silver dollars was one of the biggest numismatic events of the 1970s. Since that time, a vast number of the specially holdered coins have been cracked out, making this complete run of Carson City Mint GSA-sealed dollars a very challenging set to assemble. The owner has provided excellent numismatic information about the sales program and each specimen, and all the coins are illustrated. The most memorable entries are 1879-CC "Capped CC" NGC certified MS 65, 1880-CC Reverse 1879 (MS 67), 1883-CC (MS 67 DPL) and 1885-CC (MS 67).

JAA — JAA USA/Philippines Proof Collection
From 1903 through 1945 the United States produced a separate series of coins for use in the Philippine Islands. The superb collection presented here is the Number One ranked set for the proof coins struck 1903-08. A very informative history is provided by the owner, who also describes the significant features of each year's proof coins and illustrates all pieces. Some of the top specimens include the rare 1905 50 centavos (NGC certified PF 67) and low-mintage proofs of 1908: 20 centavos (PF 65) and 50 centavos (PF 66).

Zebo — Z — Complete Australian Sovereign Set 1855 - 1932
Even after the United Kingdom terminated its gold standard coinage, Australia continued striking these historic pieces for a year or two. This set is mostly complete for all issues struck at the several Aussie mints. An extensive historical essay is provided, and each coin is illustrated. Highlights include the rare early issues, such as 1857 (NGC AU 55), 1864 (AU 58), 1872M with St. George reverse (AU 58) and 1879S St. George (AU 58). An important condition rarity is the 1930M (NGC MS 63, just one finer). This collection represents an outstanding achievement, as the sheer number of coins needed for completion is daunting.

Papakushi — 5R N2
This collector has taken on the complete series of gold five ruble coins of Nicholas II, the doomed last czar of Russia, a set ranging from 1897 to 1911. All but one of the competitive entries have been added, and their grades are remarkably high throughout this set. There are several pieces that stand out from the others. These include 1900 O3 and 1902 AP (both NGC certified as MS 68) and the rare final issue, 1911 EB (MS 64). It would wonderful to see photos of these coins, too, but the collection is already quite impressive as it stands.

BTD St. Louis — Morrison Collection
Great Britain did not introduce its own trade dollar until 1895. Given that it then possessed the greatest empire in the world, this was surprisingly late in the game. Nevertheless, production was extensive through 1935, mostly at the Indian mints in Bombay and Calcutta. This collector has nearly completed this long series, which features a wonderful standing figure of Britannia. Among the top entries are 1895 no mintmark (NGC AU 50), 1902C (MS 62), 1908/3B (MS 62), the scarce 1913B (MS 61) and the rare 1934B (MS 62). All the coins are illustrated, and most include useful commentary.

jgenn — Jack's Mexican Charles III Portrait 8 Reales Hoard
Spain's "pillar dollar" was perhaps the most recognizable coin in the world during the 18th Century. This splendid collection brings together all the portrait-and-pillar type eight reales pieces of Spain's Charles III struck at the Mexico City Mint from 1772 to 1789. The owner has provided a well written introduction, and each specimen is accompanied by photos and instructional commentary. Some of the outstanding pieces include 1772Mo MF (NGC AU 50), 1776Mo FM (MS 63), 1780Mo FF (MS 62) and the scarce 1784Mo FF (XF 45).

Best Modern Sets

rainbowroosie — Rainbowroosie
This collector is just wild about colors. The set presented is complete for all silver Roosevelt Dimes 1946-64, and each one is a gorgeously toned beauty. Most carry the NGC designation for outstanding eye appeal, and many are also certified as Full Torch (FT). Among the top specimens are 1948-S, 1949 and 1950-S (all NGC MS 68 FT). Others at this superb grade level include 1960 and 1960-D. These are coins of simply amazing beauty, and it's highly recommended that viewers jump straight ahead to the Gallery for this set.

Bruce Laquster — The Renard Collection PF Commemoratives
The U. S. Mint resumed production of commemorative coins in 1982, after a 28-year suspension, and this collection is nearly complete for all the proofs to date. The quality of the coins is beyond improvement, each specimen NGC certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo. From 2011 onward, almost all are likewise certified as First Releases. Standout entries include the 1983-S Olympics Dollar, the 1984-P and 1984-W Olympics Eagles, the 1987-W Constitution Half Eagle and the 2002-W Olympics Half Eagle. This set is very extensive, and each lovely specimen is illustrated.

Bob Len — Bob's MS Collection
This collector has nearly completed a collection of all the non-proof the Kennedy Half Dollars in extraordinarily high grades, especially considering the great condition rarity of the early dates. All but two entries are present, and these will be added when the desired quality is found. Each coin is illustrated and accompanied by a brief commentary of provenance and rarity, and all are NGC certified. Some of the most memorable pieces are 1965 and 1966 (both NGC MS 67), and 1967 and 1969-D (both MS67). Later condition rarities include 1982-P (MS 67), 1984-D (MS 67 PL) and 2003-D (MS 69).

Olemartin — Young Ideas Complete Ikes
The Eisenhower Dollar series of 1971-78 was short-lived, yet it produced a number of interesting varieties, as well as condition rarities. Nearly all of these are present in this impressive MS and PF set, which is missing just two varieties to be complete (it is ranked second for its category). Some of the more memorable coins, all NGC certified, include 1971-D (both regular and Friendly Eagle varieties, MS 67), 1972 Type 1 and Type 3 (both MS 66), 1973-D, 1974-D, 1976-D Type 1 and 1978-D (all MS 67). It is indeed rare to find this coin type in such high grades.

Augustus 70 — Canadian Masterpiece Set 014
The opening line of this collector's set essay says it all: "This is the World's finest collection of Canada Commemorative S$5 Mint State coins ever assembled, 1973-2016." It is comprised of just over two dozen pieces, and new issues will be added as they are released. The grades of these NGC certified coins are almost consistently MS 69, with a few MS 70 specimens among the later dates. Each is illustrated and features the owner's commentary. Top scoring pieces include the six 2011-13 issues, while most of the coins from 2012 onward also carry the NGC Early Releases label.

HergertCollection — PQPanda 5oz Medal Set
The series of China's silver five-ounce medals began in 1985 and continues to the present day. The owner of this complete set describes how one of the greatest pleasures of collecting these is their extremely low mintages, adding that most seldom trade hands and usually do so privately. All of the entries are NGC certified as either PF 69 Ultra Cameo or PF 70 UC. Each piece is illustrated and accompanied by population data. Highlights include the 1986 ANA 95th Convention issue, the 1987 Hong Kong, China Expo issue and the 1987 Long Beach issue (all PF 69 UC).

Jim Moser — The Flock Set
The owner of this set has assembled a nearly complete series of Australia's silver one-ounce Kookaburra bullion coins from 1990 to date. These feature both MS and PF examples, all NGC certified, and the grades are consistently high. The artwork of these coins is truly splendid, and the sheer number of entries is amazing. Some of the more noteworthy pieces include the 1992 Eagle (PF 69 Ultra Cameo), the 1995 Panda and 1996 Panda and the 2000 Kalgoorlie (all MS 69). Coins grading MS 70 include the 2001 Vermont, the 2003 Kookaburra and the 2010P colorized Shanghai Expo.

Cameonut — CGM III Cameo Shooters
Switzerland recalled its tradition of Shooting Thalers by launching a modern series of Shooting Festival silver 50 Francs pieces in 1984. This outstanding set is complete through 2017, and all the coins are NGC certified. Only the first entry is MS, the remaining pieces being proofs. Top coins include 1984 Oberhasli, 1985 Altdorf (both PF 69 Ultra Cameo), 1988HF Aarau-Brugg, 1989HF Zug-Menzingen and 1998 Schwyz (all PF 70 UC). Each entry is illustrated in excellent photos that reveal the superb design and sculpting of these commemorative coins.

MG88 — I kilo panda stud
Among the most popular of modern world coins are the various Panda series coined by China since the 1980s. This absolutely complete set of proofs features the large, one kilo silver issues 1998 to date. Each coin is illustrated, looking quite impressive in its NGC oversize holder. All are certified as PF Ultra Cameo, the majority grading 69 or 70. Highlights include the 1998 200 yuan and 2001 300 yuan (both PF 68 UC), the 1999 200 yuan, the 2000 300 yuan and the 2002 gilt 300 yuan (all PF 69 UC). The top scorer among the PF 70 UC pieces is the 2008 300 yuan. This is a truly beautiful set.

One of the most prolific of bullion coin producers is South Africa, which maintains many series in various metals. This collection features the silver two rand pieces coined as proofs since 1992, and it is absolutely complete in consistently high grades. Each coin displays a distinctive design, many pertaining to sports or wildlife themes. Top scoring entries include 1997 Knysna Seahorse, 2000 Octopus, 2002 Southern Wright Whale, 2004 Spotted Owl and 2005 Vultures (all NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo). The owner has included illustrations of every coin, as well as interesting commentary on the themes depicted.

Best Presented Sets

physics—fan3.14 — Prooflike US Type Set
The goal with this collection has been to acquire only NGC designated PL (prooflike) examples for the Basic US Type Set. Though this may prove to be impossible with some of the early issues, the owner has made up in enthusiasm what is lacking in completeness. Following an informative introduction to the set, each entry is beautifully illustrated and described in detail. Among the more remarkable coins include an 1862 silver three-cent piece (NGC MS 67 PL), an 1867 Rays nickel (MS 65 PL), an 1834 half dollar (MS 63 PL) and an 1885-S half eagle (MS 64 PL).

This impressive collection holds first place in its category and features two centuries of Britain's gold half sovereign coins. Lacking just a few pieces for completion, this is a splendid array of dates, all of them NGC certified. An extremely informative introduction lays out the series in detail, and each entry is presented with photos and commentary. Standout coins include 1821 and 1834 (both MS 64), 1844 (MS 66) and 1893 Veiled Head (MS 65). Among the modern issues is a significant grade rarity, 2012 (MS 69 DPL).

Piefort — Piefort's Indian Set
This collection comprises the 20 Costa Rican coins of various denominations and dates that portray the "Standing Indian" figure of that nation's first republic. Spanning the years 1850-64, these coins are popular with collectors. Each entry is NGC certified, beautifully photographed and is accompanied by the owner's commentary about rarity and provenance. Self-identified as the highlights are the 1851 2-1/2 escudos (MS 65 "the highest grade for any denomination"), the 1855 JB 1/2 escudo (MS 64), the 1850 JB escudo (MS 63) and the 1851 JB escudo (MS 64). Seven pieces are formerly of the famed Stuart Collection.

coin928 — USPI-One/Date
The United States coin series for the Philippine Islands 1903-45 is herein represented by one entry of each denomination and date, all of the coins NGC certified. Rather than including a general introduction, the owner has provided detailed descriptions of each entry, and all the coins are illustrated. Just a few slots are yet lacking, and all of the coins are in desirable grades. Highlights include the very scarce 1918 Large S centavo (AU 58 BN), the very rare 1918-S "Mule" five centavos (F 15), the rare 1906-S peso (XF Details), the 1908 peso (PF 63), and the very scarce 1912-S peso (AU 53).

gherrmann44 — Gary's Golden Wilhelmina Guldens
The owner of this set speaks of admiration for Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands (1890-1948), and he has described this collection as "a tribute to [her] life and her contributions to history." The 11 coins comprise a complete series of the gold 10 guldens pieces of her reign, all NGC certified, and they span the years 1897-1933. After an extensive introduction, each coin is presented with excellent photos and detailed commentary about the coin, its provenance and its place in Dutch history. All of the coins are gems, with the standout specimen being the scarce 1898 issue grading MS 66.

Custom Sets

Best Overall Custom Set

Xan Chamberlain — 1995 Error Coins by Xanno
The description of this set reveals that it's "A collection of error coins from around the world dated 1995 (or could be 1995)." You can't get more specialized than that, and the owner has assembled some 175 pieces illustrating that goal. Most of the examples are USA coins, and they feature a very broad cross section of error types. Each piece is illustrated with excellent photos and comes with brief commentary adding to the information already provided by the NGC certified labels.

Best World Custom Set

Forest City — Dineros of Peru and their Antecedents
This is easily among the most educational sets within NGC's Registry. The general introduction is quite long and detailed, while each individual entry is accompanied by its own mini-essay that brings an in-depth understanding of the series. The owner notes that the one dinero piece is the most difficult denomination of its type to collect in Mint State, yet numerous specimens as so graded, and all are accompanied by excellent photos. This set is a remarkable achievement.

Most Informative Custom Set

Siah — The J. Perry Collection of Colorado Coins and Exonumia
The theme with this set is to "give an unprecedented look into the history of my native state and current home, Colorado, through the eyes of numismatics." After a brief introduction to the collection, the owner provides a very detailed review of each of the 100 subject coins, medals and tokens. All of these items are NGC certified, and they provide a rich panorama of Colorado's history. The photographs of each entry are excellent, making for a most entertaining experience.

Most Creative Custom Set

Mohawk — Avians-The Dinosaurs Among Us
This collection takes a detailed look at birds as the only still-existing descendents of the dinosaur age. After impressing the viewer with this concept through an entertaining introduction, the owner presents a rich array of coins from around the world depicting birds. The connection between each bird species and its dinosaur antecedents is re-emphasized in detailed essays accompanying the coins. All of the coins are well illustrated. Though a relatively small set, this one makes quite an impression.

Best Ancients Custom Set

Kohaku — The Roman Empire
The stated goal of this set is to "Discover the Roman Empire through numismatics," and its owner has done a magnificent job of portraying 700 years of history though some 255 pieces ranging from the 2nd Century BC to the 6th Century AD. Every one of these entries is accompanied by excellent photos and detailed commentary on both the coin itself and its subject matter. All are NGC-certified, and the sheer amount of time and work that went into creating this collection is just staggering.

Collectors' Journals

The Collectors’ Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We’re proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.


Best in Category

And as always, we celebrate the Best in Category awards for the year.

A full review of the winners, including lists of the Best in Category winners can be found on our 2017 Awards Archive page.

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