NGC Registry News: Silver Turtles, King George I and Goddess Guan Yin

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As the month of June rolls in here in our Florida office, we are excited to offer 18 new NGC Competitive Sets for your collecting pleasure. This month our new options include additions in British India, Greece, China, and Aruba, among others.

For our modern collectors, we have silver commemoratives from Aruba and various new gold Yuan denomination sets from China. The China sets focus on commemorating the beloved Guan Yin, Goddess of compassion, mercy and kindness. She is also said to be the protector of seamen. Please use the links to some of our new sets below to start your own new NGC Registry Set.

Aruba: Silver 25 Florin, 1986-Date, Proof
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We appreciate your requests for new sets and look forward to offering new collecting options to you, our valued customers. Please keep those requests coming. Here is what’s new this month:

New Category:

  • Aruba
  • Kazakhstan

New Sets:

  • Aruba: Silver 25 Florin, 1986-Date, Proof
  • China-Commemorative: Guanyin Set, G5Y, 1993-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • China-Commemorative: Guanyin Set, G10Y, 1993-Date, Mint State and Proof
  • China-Commemorative: Guanyin Set, G25Y, 1993-Date, Proof
  • China-Commemorative: Guanyin Set, G50Y, 1993-Date, Proof
  • China - Lunar: Silver 1 Ounce 10Y, Scalloped, Series II, 2017-2028, Proof
  • China - Lunar: Lunar Medals, 20g, Silver, 2017-2028, Proof
  • China - Lunar: Lunar Medals, Brass, 2017-2028, Mint State
  • Greece: King George l, Gold Issues, 1876-1884, Circulation Issue
  • India - British Colony: 1/2 Anna, Victoria, 1862-1893, Proof Restrikes
  • India-British Colony: Anna, 1906-1947, Complete Proof
  • India-British Colony: Anna, 1907-1946, Proof, Restrikes
  • India-British Colony: 1/2 Rupee, George VI, 1938-1947, Proof
  • India-Princely States: Mewar Type Set, Fatteh Singh, VS1941-1986/1884-1929AD, Circulation Issue
  • Kazakhstan: Silver 100 Tenge, 1995-Date, Proof
  • Kazakhstan: Silver 500 Tenge, 2000-Date, Proof
  • Kazakhstan: Gold 100 Tenge, 2004-Date, Proof
  • Kazakhstan: Gold 500 Tenge, 2000-Date, Proof

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