Special Instructions for Submitting 20th Anniversary Eagles to NGC

In celebration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the American Eagle Bullion Program, the US Mint is issuing special commemorative sets. The Mint will be selling three different sets which include three different formats of both the silver and gold American Eagle, including a proof coin, an uncirculated coin with W mintmark, and a reverse proof.

Coins from these sets will be pedigreed as EAGLE 20TH ANNIVERSARY. A special NGC commemorative label will also be available. Because some of these coins are also available individually from the US Mint, special instructions must be followed in order for coins to qualify for this pedigree. Coins must remain in the sealed shipping boxes used by the US Mint, and the entire unopened package must be forwarded on to NGC for certification. NGC must open these boxes in order for the coins to qualify for the EAGLE 20TH ANNIVERSARY.

Additionally, submitters requesting this designation or special label must submit these coins on their own submission invoice. The 20th Anniversary coins cannot be mixed with other coins to qualify for this pedigree.

  • Select the Modern tier or higher and select Special Label/Releases.
  • The Eagle 20th Anniversary - Blue Label (shown below) is the default label for the 20th Anniversary Silver & Gold (Two Piece) Eagle Set.
  • The Eagle 20th Anniversary - Black Label (shown below) is the default label for the 20th Anniversary Silver (Three Piece) Eagle Set.

These submissions must be sent to the NGC offices in Sarasota, FL. Due to the special handling required, NGC will not accept submissions of these sets at trade shows.

US Mint coin boxes will be returned to the submitters, and a surcharge will be assessed on bulk submissions for this service. Dealers should contact NGC for bulk submission instructions and guidelines. Note that the shipping boxes are not returned.

As of this release, all 2006 reverse proof coins will be eligible for this pedigree and label regardless of mint packaging, as these are only sold in Twentieth Anniversary sets. Uncirculated and proof coins with W mintmark will not qualify for the designation if not submitted in sealed packaging.

Questions? Contact NGC Customer Service at service@ngccoin.com or 1-800-NGC-COIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NGC distinguish between coins issued in the 20th Anniversary Silver & Gold (Two Piece) Set and the 20th Anniversary Silver Set (Three Piece)?

Yes. Coins released in the three piece 20th Anniversary Silver Set are designated with the pedigree SILVER DOLLAR SET and encapsulated with a variant label.

Remember, to receive the EAGLE 20TH ANNIVERSARY designation, all coins must be submitted to NGC in sealed US Mint shipping boxes.

Are 20th Anniversary Eagles eligible for the first strikes designation?

No, this designation is not available for these coins. For more information about first strikes, please visit NGC authentication of first strikes coinage

What at the minimum quantities required for a bulk submission of 20th Anniversary Eagles?

Because of the Mint's order limits we have relaxed the minimum quantity requirements of 20th Anniversary Eagles. All dealers should submit 20th Anniversary Eagles as bulk submissions if requesting special label and pedigree.

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