Conservation Showcase: South Africa 1959 1 Shilling Proof

Conservation work revealed surfaces with little damage in spite of built-up residue.

NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase
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NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase

When coins are stored in such a manner to be exposed to the air and immediate environment residues will assuredly form. These residues, when combined with the correct moisture and other chemicals from the environment can cause the beginnings of corrosion to appear on the surface of a coin.

With the hope of removing the yellowing residues from the surface of the 1959 proof South Africa 1 Shilling and prevent any future damage, this coin arrived at NCS. Original surfaces were peaking through the residue on this coin in several small titilating spots. Conservation work was able to remove the yellow residue from the surface of this coin revealing surfaces that have been affected very little by the damaging aspects of such residue.

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