2013 NGC Registry Award Winners

Posted on 1/10/2014

We applaud everyone for their individual accomplishments in each and every set, and thank all of the members who make the Collectors Society the vibrant community it is today.

Annually, NGC recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry set building. We would like to thank all of the participants in the NGC Registry and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments. There are now more than 72,000 collections in the NGC Registry. We are honored to have had the opportunity to review them.

Five winners were selected in each of four competitive categories: Best Classic, Best Modern, Best World and Best Presented. Additionally, we chose four winners for Custom Sets in the following categories: Best Overall, Best World, Most Creative and Most Informative. Finally, we are honoring three outstanding Collectors Journals authors.

Our team of judges reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry. After much consideration, they selected the following sets. Congratulations to our winners!

Best Classic Sets

Mervis Collection — Mervis Collection
This is among the most impressive collections of early American cents ever formed. It is complete from 1793 through 1814 for all Sheldon-numbered varieties and is lacking just a few of Sheldon's NC (non-collectable) varieties. Rather than focus on securing the finest known examples of the more common die marriages, Mr. Mervis has pursued the even more challenging goal of acquiring the extremely rare pieces of which just a few examples are known or are, in some instances, unique. There are simply too many important coins in this massive collection to single out even a few, so just relish the whole.

KKM — All Four Eras
It's surprising how few advanced collectors pursue the entire span of the Lincoln Cent series from 1909 through 2013, most focusing on the early years or simply stopping with the last Wheat Cent in 1958. This remarkable collection is indeed complete for every issue, with the sole exception of the 2010 SMS cent, which will certainly be added shortly. Included, too, are the major Red Book varieties. The quality of these coins is uniformly outstanding, one impressive example being the 1914-S cent NGC- certified as MS 65 RB. Another very tough one is the 1926-S issue in NGC MS 65 BN.

49er — 49er Collection of Proof Seated Dimes
Old coin albums for USA proof coins began with the year 1858, as this is when the Mint codified its proof sales and first advertised them. Thus begins this superb collection of proof Seated Liberty Dimes, and it is complete for all issues through the end of the series in 1891. The lowest grade noted is NGC PF 65 for just two dates, including the very elusive 1862 edition. This collection includes a wealth of finest-certified pieces, a number of them pedigreed to the famed Phil Kaufman Collection. Also included are the extremely desirable misplaced date (MPD) varieties of 1868 and 1872.

NMK8104 — Kamin Libs
The Liberty Head Nickel series of 1883-1912 is extremely popular with collectors, and this collection presents these coins at their very best. It is complete for all currency strikes, and all 33 entries are gems, most of them at or near the top of the NGC Census. Some of the outstanding highlights include the rare 1885 and 1886 nickels (both NGC MS 65), 1889 and 1894 (both MS 67) and the popular branch mint issues of 1912. The Denver Mint example grades NGC MS 66, while its companion 1912 S nickel is an amazing MS 66, the Star () designation being NGC's unique identifier for superior eye appeal.

Simpson — Simpson Proof Indian Eagles
The collecting of vintage USA gold coins by date is a daunting task, but to do so exclusively as proof editions is an immense undertaking. This splendid collection is complete for the Saint-Gaudens Indian Head Eagle series 1908-15. All are matte, sandblast proofs with the exception of the satin proofs dated 1909-10. Each piece is a gem, and they represent some of the finest survivors of these very limited issues. Easily the standout condition rarity is the Simpson 1910 satin proof, which has been certified by NGC as PF 67!

Best Modern Sets

RHF — RHF American Eagles Complete 1986-Date
It seems impossible that the American Eagle bullion coins have been coined for more than 25 years now, but these are indeed no longer the new kids on the block. This impressive collection brings together every single issue coined in silver, gold and platinum. The sheer size of this gathering is amazing, and just a single piece grades less than 70, a truly remarkable feat. Some of the major highlights include 1989 G$50 (NGC MS 70), 1993 P G$25 (PF 70 UC), 1994 G$50 (MS 70), 1995 W S$1 (PF 70 UC) and 1999 S$1 (MS 70).

kellwj — Rainbowroosie
This complete set of Silver Roosevelt Dimes 1946-64 has a single theme–only the finest examples displaying beautiful toning. It's no secret that this coin type has a propensity to tone beautifully within coin albums or the old cardboard Uncirculated Sets issued 1947-58. Every coin grades MS 67 or higher, with all but one carrying the coveted NGC Star () for superior eye appeal. In addition, the majority of these coins are also FT (full torch) certified by NGC. Some outstanding highlights include 1949, 1950 S 1953 and 1957 D (all MS 68 FT) and the surprisingly rare 1963 NGC graded MS 67 FT.

huminheimer — cutty's crew
Jefferson Nickels are our longest running coin series still struck in the original composition. This magnificent collection of proofs is complete for all issues 1938-2013, including the two reverse types of 1939-40, the mintmark styles of 1979 and 1981 and also the Specimen strikes of 1994 and 1997. The grade level is uniformly superb, with all pieces since 1978 grading PF 70 UC or SP 70. Top pieces include 1940 Rev of 40 (NGC certified as PF 67), 1951 (PF 68 UC), 1965 SMS (MS 68 CA) and 1966 SMS (MS 68 CA).

CT104 — Ski's Silver 10Y China Panda Commemorative Coins
China's Silver 10 Yuan Panda Commemorative series is now more than 20 years old, and this collection presents it in its entirety, each piece grading 69 or 70. The set kicks off with the piefort 10th Anniversary issue of 1991 (NGC certified as PF 69 UC). Some of the standout pieces include 2000 Guangzhou Expo (MS 70), the elusive 2006 Jinan Bank 10th Anniversary (MS 70) and a pair or rarities from 2007, the Xi'an City Bank (MS 69) and the Citic Bank 20th Anniversary (MS 69). This is quite an impressive series when viewed together.

Ockday — AlanS Kangaroos complete
Australia's Kangaroo series of silver dollar bullion coins launched 20 years ago, and this delightful collection brings together the entire span of Mint State and Proof issues including the newly-released 2014 First Sightings Dollars. It is complete for all varieties, too, and every piece grades 69 or 70. Early rarities are the 1994C and 1995C dollars with alternating reeded and plain edge (both graded NGC MS 69). Other standout coins are the 1998C and 1999C dollars, both graded PF 69 UC. A more recent rarity is the 2003 gilt edition (mintage 7,450) NGC graded MS 69.

Best World Sets

Rudman coleccion — RUDMAN*8 REALES.*1732-47*
The milled, pillar type of Mexican eight reales coinage debuted in 1732, and this collection is nearly complete for all dates and varieties during the reign of Spain's Philip V through 1747. Most coins are illustrated, and about half include the owner's comments on rarity. The greatest rarities are found among the very early pieces, and these include 1732Mo F (NGC MS 63), 1733/2MX F (MS 63), 1733Mo MF Large Crown (MS 62) and the same issue with Small Crown (NGC MS 64). To find even a single one of these in Mint State is all but impossible.

Poldan — POLDAN's Victorian Florins
The florin, or two-shilling piece, was introduced in 1849 as Britain's first hesitant step toward a decimal coinage, since it was valued at one-tenth of a pound. This dazzling collection brings together the complete series of florins from the reign of Victoria through 1901. All but the very rarest issues are Mint State, and some of the outstanding pieces include the rare dates of 1854 (NGC VF 20), 1862 (MS 65) and 1863 (MS 64). Other highlights include 1868 (MS 64), the rare 1877 without die number (MS 62) and 1883 (MS 66).

Strandcoins — Benchmark Collection - Sixpence
After years of using British coinage, Australia received its own series in 1910. This delightful collection is complete for all Australian sixpence pieces 1910-63, after which time the coinage was decimalized. Every piece is Mint State, most of them gems. Early rarities include 1911 (NGC MS 66), 1916M (MS 68), 1918M (MS 65) and 1922 (MS 64). The final issue of King George VI, dated 1952, is a more recent rarity, and this collection's specimen grades a very desirable MS 66. Every coin is illustrated with excellent photographs and is accompanied by the owner's variety notes.

Stanislawski — FSD-1
What is now the Polish city of Gdansk was the free city of Danzig between the world wars, and it issued its own coinage 1923-37 before succumbing to Germany's 1939 invasion of Poland. This collection features a complete set of the currency issues from pfennig through 25 gulden. Each coin is Mint State, most are illustrated with photos, and several include the owner's numismatic notes. Some notable entries include 1927 1/2G (NGC MS 64), 1923 1G (MS 66), the rare 1927 5G (MS 61) and the even more rare 25 gulden gold coin of 1923 (MS 65), of which just 800 were coined.

COININVESTOR1943 — GB 1826 Proofs NS
Britain's King George IV was quite displeased with Benedetto Pistrucci's 1820 bust of him on the empire's coinage. To celebrate its replacement with a handsome portrait by William Wyon, a complete proof set was issued in 1826 from farthing through five pounds. These 11 coins are all presented here in this historic and attractive set. All of the proofs are choice or gem, with the finest of these being the glorious half sovereign NGC certified as PF 67 UC. The rare and magnificent two-pound and five-pound gold coins are represented by pieces grading PF 65 UC and PF 63 UC, respectively.

Best Presented Sets

coin928 — USPI Type, Eye Appeal
The United States coinage issued for The Philippines from 1903-45 is here showcased in a nearly complete type set from half centavo through peso, as yet lacking just two pieces. Each coin is an attractive Mint State or Proof example, but the real story here is the immense effort that went into documenting each coin type. The owner has provided superb photos, along with very detailed commentary on both the type represented and the individual specimen on display. This set is a virtual encyclopedia of the series.

JAA/USA Philippines Collection — Culion Island Leper Colony Coinage
Though Hansen's Disease is now known to be not easily transmitted, the ancient fear of leprosy manifested itself in a series of coins that were to be used and handled only by residents of the Culion Island Leprosarium in The Philippines. Some 19 issues were produced 1913-30, ranging in value from half centavo to peso, and this collection is now about two-thirds complete. All of the coins are illustrated with good photos, and these are accompanied by the owner's detailed notes about them. It is an excellent tutorial that should be required reading for anyone attempting to assemble this very challenging series.

SPHansen — Scott's Hail to the PF70 Chiefs
This collection is complete for all of the Proof Presidential Dollars 2007 to date. Each coin is a superb gem PF 70 UC. While the coins are themselves impressive, what sets this collection apart is the effort that went into presenting both the coins and the history of their subject individuals. Each piece is illustrated and accompanied by well researched essays on the administration of the particular president, as well as numismatic developments that occurred during his term(s).

Eagles-R-It — For They Are Forever Relevant
2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the first modern commemorative silver dollars minted by the USA. Beginning with the 1983-dated pieces for the 23rd Olympiad and continuing through the two issues for 2013, this collection is very nearly complete in both the Mint State and Proof editions. The quality of the coins is uniformly high, with most grading 70. Each entry is attractively presented with photos of the coin, as well as additional illustrations to set it in its proper context. Finally, an informative narrative tells of the coin and the theme for which it was issued.

JWalkers — Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1916-1947, One Per Date
A work in progress, this challenging collection when complete will include a Walking Liberty Half Dollar for each year in which this type was minted. Aside from 1921, all of the tough years are already in place. In addition, the owner has side-stepped the common mints, selecting the scarce 1916 S and 1917 S Obverse Mintmark (both grading MS 64) to represent those years. Each entry includes good photos, as well as extensive commentary on the rarity of that date/mint in both general terms and how it relates to the particular specimen selected.

Most Creative Custom Set

MsCoinz — Most Original, Weirdest and Rarest Set Ever
The theme to this collection is distinctiveness in the form of unusual shapes, add-ons such as embedded gems or colorization and, finally, low mintages. All of the coins are modern, as such characteristics were not possible until quite recently, and all are world issues. Begun in 1998, when the selection of unusual pieces was still small, the possibilities have since grown so vast that the owner of this collection has had to limit his objectives. Still, what is presented is simply amazing for both its breadth and the cleverness of the minting technology employed.

Most Informative Custom Set

gherrmann44 — The Use of Seated Imagery in Numismatics
Images of a seated figure or figures are design elements extending back to the ancient world. In this collection is taken a broad, worldwide view of such figures from the 18th Century to the present. The oldest piece is a 1794 Conder token, while the newest is a Canadian $3 piece dated 2013. Each coin or token is shown in excellent photographs, and the owner has provided an informative narrative about the item itself, as well as historic information that places it in its proper context.

Best World Custom Set

morganthebrave — MTB ZAR Pattern coins
This collection encompasses the pattern coins prepared between 1871 and 1890 for the five establishments that predated the South African Republic (ZAR). These coins were both a prelude to proposed actual coinage and objects that were desired by German numismatists of the time. The owner's goal has been nothing less than "to obtain a sample of each denomination, of each province and of each grade of Mint State and Proof patterns..." Most of these rare coins are illustrated and accompanied by extensive numismatic information about varieties and rarity.

Best Overall Custom Set

Spencer Collection — Spencer Collection of World and US Historical Medals Including So-Called Dollars
This is an immense collection spanning more than 300 years of medals from around the world. There is no one theme, but many of these pieces mark successful battles and treaties, while others commemorate important events in the lives of royals, significant engineering achievements and world's fairs. Each medal is illustrated and fully described by the owner with respect to both the item itself and its role in history. Needless to say, each such entry is a valuable essay in history, with the accompanying medal adding a sense of permanence.

Collectors’ Journals

The Collectors’ Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We’re proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.


Best in Category

And as always, we have given out the Best in Category awards for the year. A full review of the winners, including lists of the Best in Category winners can be found on our 2013 Awards Archive page.

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