Conservation Showcase: Chile 1751SO 8 Escudos

This coin was submitted to NCS for conservation and the removal of thick, reddish, rusty deposits — and the results are astonishing!

NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase
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NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase

Quite often coins arrive at NCS due to the development of residues such as PVC caused by the type of holder used for storage. Other coins come to NCS to have residues removed most likely from their accidental storage. This Chile 1751SO Gold 8 Escudos was submitted to NCS to remove the thick reddish rusty deposits covering a large portion of the surface. These deposits formed most likely from time spent in storage not as a numismatic treasure but as a lost treasure.

Every type of residue requires a different technique and among the most challenging are thick encrustations like those that appear on this large Spanish Colonial gold coin. Luckily the encrustations were able to be removed by NCS conservators leaving a bright original coin to be revealed once again.

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