NCS Conservation Showcase: 1927 $20 Gold Coin

Read about a recent submission to the NCS conservation laboratory.

NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase
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NCS Conservation Showcase NCS Conservation Showcase

It is not uncommon for classic gold coins to develop small reddish spots. In numismatic circles these kinds of spots are frequently known as copper spots or gold spots. Their presence is common though will certainly hurt a coin’s eye appeal. This 1927 St. Gaudens $20 was recently submitted to NCS to have the unattractive red spots removed from an otherwise gorgeous example of the type.

Removing spots from gold coins requires careful work to eliminate the appearance of the red yet disturb the surface of the coin as little as possible. A coin with a greater number of spots presents a greater challenge. This particular $20 was able to have the spots skillfully removed while retaining the look of the piece. Once again, this St. Gaudens is beautiful. After conservation this coin was able to grade very well with NGC.

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