NGC Recognizes 1984 Chinese Pagoda Medals

1984 Chinese Pagoda medals are now eligible for NGC certification.

The 1984 Chinese Pagoda medals, like the 1984 Chinese Goldfish medals, are another series that has puzzled collectors. The reason is simple: a lack of information. Similar to the 1984 Goldfish set, production of the Pagoda medals involved experimentation with the composition. Medals were struck in brass, silver-plated brass, gilt brass, and silver (90%). Most reference books on the subject mention only that the medals were struck in 90% silver, which has led many collectors to question the authenticity of the other three metal types.

After careful research including consultation with several Chinese mints, NGC acknowledges that all four metal types were officially minted. As a result, NGC will now accept all four metal types for certification.

1984 China Pagoda Medal - Zhenjue Temple
L to R: Brass, Silver-Plated Brass, Gilt Brass, Silver
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1984 China Pagoda Medals - Reverse Designs
L to R: Kaijuan Temple, Songyue Temple, Yingzian-Wooden Temple, Zhenjue Temple
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All four medals feature the same obverse design shown on the right.

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