NGC to Recognize Frosted and Mirrored Bamboo on 2003 Gold Chinese Pandas

NGC expands VarietyPlus program to include frosted bamboo and mirrored bamboo for the gold 20-Yuan and 100-Yuan Chinese Panda coins.

After further research and study, NGC will now recognize Frosted Bamboo and Mirrored Bamboo for the Gold 20 Yuan and 100 Yuan Chinese Panda coins. In May 2012 NGC began attributing Frosted Bamboo and Mirrored Bamboo for the 2003 Silver 10 Yuan.

The difference is readily apparent when comparing the bamboo against the closest leaf. On the Mirrored Bamboo variety the bamboo has the same reflectivity as the adjacent leaf while on the Frosted Bamboo variety the bamboo shows significant contrast against the leaf. Although there are reports that these differences can be seen on all denominations of 2003-dated Gold Pandas, this has not yet been independently confirmed by NGC.

Left: Frosted Bamboo; Right: Mirrored Bamboo.

Currently these varieties will only be attributed on the Silver 10 Yuan and Gold 20 and 100 Yuan Panda coins. NGC will continue to study the other denominations and will expand the attributions if warranted. The Frosted and Mirrored bamboo varieties will be recognized automatically and at no additional charge.

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