NGC Now Assigning Plus Designation to GSA Morgan Dollars

NGC will now consider all Morgan dollars in GSA holders for its Plus Designation.

In May 2010 NGC introduced the Plus () designation to indicate a coin that is at the high end of the assigned grade. Nearly all United States coins from 1792 to 1964 in the grades of XF 45 to MS 68 (or PF 45 to PF 68) are eligible for a Plus if they are at the high end of their grade range.

Morgan dollars in GSA holders were initially ineligible for the Plus but due to customer demand NGC will now consider all Morgan dollars in GSA holders for its Plus designation. GSA refers to the distinctive black holders issued by the US General Services Administration (GSA) when it sold the US Treasury’s remaining stockpile of several million Morgan dollars—mostly from the Carson City mint—between 1973 and 1980.

These holders are popular with collectors, and NGC offers the option to have the coin graded without being removed from its original government-issued holder. A tamper-evident band is then affixed to the holder with the NGC grade.

There is no additional charge to have coins considered for Plus grades and the designation is applied, when applicable, as part of the regular grading process. All NGC-graded GSA coins are eligible for the NGC Registry, and those with the Plus designation will receive a point premium.

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