NGC World Coin Registry Announcement

Effective January 31, the NGC Coin Registry for World coins will be NGC-exclusive.

The NGC Coin Registry is about to undergo what may be the most significant overhaul since it was started a decade ago. On January 31, the NGC Coin Registry for World coins will be NGC-exclusive, meaning that only NGC-graded coins will be eligible for inclusion. This change will result in a better experience for collectors with World coin Registry sets.

In the past few years NGC has become widely recognized as the leader in World coin grading, both in the United States and abroad. Collectors and dealers value NGC’s consistent and accurate grading, as well as the NGC Guarantee. NGC continues to expand globally and currently maintains a presence in China (Guangzhou and Hong Kong), Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland.

Most NGC World Registry Sets are already NGC-exclusive, so this change will affect relatively few users. Ultimately, it will allow us to create more accurate Registry Sets, streamline the process for adding coins to sets, and enhance the competition. All coins will continue to appear in your Collection Manager inventory. US Coin Registry Sets will be unaffected. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause. Thank you for your continued support of the NGC Coin Registry.

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