NGC's Certification Services for Chinese Pandas and Medals

Read this article for information regarding Chinese Pandas and Medals.

Chinese Pandas

There are numerous varieties for the Chinese Panda series. Currently, NGC only recognizes select varieties of Silver and Gold Pandas. The majority consist of small and large date varieties.

To receive a variety attribution with uncertified coins being submitted for grading, simply choose VarietyPlus services on your submission form.

View the current list of Chinese Pandas NGC recognizes.

Currently, NGC does not recognize any Palladium or Platinum Panda varieties.

Chinese Medals

NGC will only grade and encapsulate modern Chinese medals that have been made at one of the three official Mints of China (Shanghai, Shenyang, and Shenzhen Guobao). While NGC maintains a large record of official Chinese medals, we cannot guarantee that we can attribute all medals sent to us.

In order for NGC to review any official Chinese Medal (or Medallion) for attribution and grade, we request that any medal submitted to us have the appropriate verification documentation (or certificate of authenticity issued by the People’s Bank of China (China Mint Company). Verification documentation should include the date of the medal (or year struck/issued), diameter and metal content, mint it was struck at and the mintage. Inclusion of documents does not guarantee attribution and grading. Failure to include this information could result in the medal being returned un-graded with a note signifying the coin to be Non Eligible.

Three examples of Chinese medals that are eligible for NGC certification (all of which where struck at the Shanghai Mint, China) are:

  • 1984 Hong Kong Expo – Panda Silver 1 Ounce Proof, 1,000 Minted
  • 1989 Folk Gods Series: Maitreya Buddha Gold ¼ Ounce, Proof, 5,000 Minted
  • 1989 Zhao Gongming Silver 3.3 Ounces, Proof, 2,430 Minted
  • Medals should be submitted under regular service tiers based on value.

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