Congratulations to our 2004 Registry Award Winners!

Posted on 1/7/2005

Many thanks to all of the participants in the Registry. NGC appreciates the efforts that have gone into assembling every set. The task to choose five sets in three categories - Best Classic, Best Modern and Best Presented set – was extremely difficult. In fact, choosing just five sets in the Best Presented category was so difficult that we decided to award eight! Our team of experts reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry and after much consideration, selected the following sets. Congratulations to our winners!

Sets are listed in alphabetical order by set name.

Classic Sets
The B. Merritt Collection - Merritt
The series of classic gold commemoratives is a short set, running from just 1903 to 1926, but it includes some very rare coins, indeed. The B. Merritt Collection has them all, including a very rare PF 66 Ultra Cameo example of the 1903 Louisiana Purchase Dollar with Jefferson bust. All of the gold dollars and quarter eagles are in superb condition, the highlight being perhaps the MS 68 example of the 1904 Lewis & Clark Dollar. Both varieties of the 1922 Grant Dollar likewise grade MS 68. Certainly the keys to completing this series are the magnificent fifty-dollar pieces dated 1915-S, and both of the coins in this memorable collection grade an impressive MS 65!

Bob Moreno’s MS Walking Liberty Half Collection - Bob Moreno
This coin type is high on everyone’s list of favorite designs. The Moreno Collection is certainly one of the finest ever assembled, complete for all issues and with most pieces grading MS 66 or higher. The scarce dates are well represented: 1916-S (MS 66), 1917-S Obverse (MS 65), 1919-D (MS 65) and 1919-S (MS 67!). All three of the very scarce 1921 halves are gem MS 65. Both scarce and common dates are among this collection’s memorable condition rarities. These include 1916-D (MS 67), 1927-S (MS 66), 1937 (MS 68) and 1941-S (MS 66). Other coins grading MS-68 include 1934, 1937-D, 1939, 1940, 1943 and 1944-D.

EHG Half Dimes - Gardner
Few collectors attempt to tackle any of the Seated Liberty series in their entirety, and fewer still manage to complete one at the Mint State level. This set of Seated Liberty Half Dimes is simply outstanding. All of the scarce dates are present, including 1838-O (MS 65), 1840-O Drapery (MS 63), 1844-O (MS 65), 1853-O No Arrows (MS 65). The very rare 1846 is an impressive MS 62. Lovely condition rarities are likewise included—1839, 1853 No Arrows, 1856, 1857, 1860, 1862, 1863 and 1872-S—all grading MS 68! Several other issues carry the NGC star () for superior eye appeal, making for a truly memorable collection.

Everest Collection of Proof Morgan Dollars - First Strike Society
A perennial favorite, the Morgan Silver Dollar is never prettier than as a gem proof, and this collection abounds in outstanding examples. Complete for all dates, only the extremely rare 1878 Reverse of ’79 is lacking. Some of the finest coins in this wonderful set are PF 68 Ultra Cameo examples of 1896, 1898 and 1900. Other important condition rarities include 1878 8TF (PF 67 Cameo), 1894 (PF 67 Ultra Cameo) and 1901 (PF-68 Cameo). The key date 1895 is an extremely desirable PF 67 Ultra Cameo! The rare Zerbe and Chapman proofs of 1921 grade PF 66 and PF 67, respectively, the latter being one of the great rarities of American numismatics.

Gerald Forsythe MS Buffalo Nickel Collection 1913-1938 - Forsythe
Buffalo Nickels are attractive coins at any grade in the Mint State range, but how often do you see a complete collection of this series in which most of the coins grade MS 66 or higher? Some of the outstanding condition rarities include 1913 T1, 1914-S, 1919 and 1926, all in MS 68. The key dates are in superb grades, too. At the MS 67 level are such tough coins as 1914-D and 1916-S, while rarities such as 1913-S T2, 1915-S, 1918-D, 1921-S, 1926-S and 1937-D 3-legged are represented by wonderful MS 66 examples. The very rare 1916 DDO and 1918/7-D varieties are present with MS-63 and MS-65 pieces, respectively.

Modern Sets
Eric Pacheco Cameo Cent Collection - Pacheco
Lincoln Cents are a perennial favorite with collectors, and the proofs since 1950 offer an unbroken series of dates. Perhaps this set should be called the Ultra Cameo Collection, as this describes all but four of the cents in this collection. Three of the Cameo pieces are the SMS cents of 1965-67, which are exceedingly rare in Ultra Cameo. Highlights of this splendid collection include 1950 (PF 67 RD Ultra Cameo), 1953 and 1955 (both PF 68 RD UC), and 1963 and 1964 (both PF-RD69 UC!). From 1972 onward, these cents are uniformly PF 69 RD UC, with the exception of half a dozen awesome PF 70 RD UC examples.

Everest Collection of Proof Franklin Halves - First Strike Society
Though encompassing just 14 coins, the Franklin proof series is extremely challenging to complete when one is insistent on high quality pieces. That’s a perfect description of this particular collection, in which all but one of these gem proofs is designated Ultra Cameo. With but two exceptions—the scarce 1950 and 1952 dates—all of the coins in this set have a minimum grade of PF 67. Outstanding entries in this set include 1950 (PF 65 UC), 1954 (PF 68 UC), 1955 (PF 68 UC), 1956 (PF 69 UC), 1958 (PF-68 UC) and 1959—notoriously rare in Ultra Cameo—PF 67 UC!

John-Donna’s Ultimate Gold Collection - patmack98
Consisting of all the proof edition Gold American Eagles from 1986 to date, complete for all denominations, the number of coins in this collection presents a daunting task to even the most dedicated collector. The quality of this set is simply unimprovable, and it is destined to remain so, as every single coin in this set is certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo! At this grade level there are a number of very scarce entries, including G$5 1994-W, 1996-W and 1999-W; G$10 1993-P; G$25 1990-P and 1993-P; and G$50 1997-W and 1998-W.

Mike R. Bianco Memorial Collection - Michael R. Bianco III
The Roosevelt Dime series, though modern, now actually goes back nearly 60 years. This superb set from 1946 through 1964 encompasses all the circulating silver issues. With a minimum grade of MS 67 throughout, the overall quality of this collection is quite impressive. Some highlights include 1946, 1948-S, 1952-S, 1953, 1957 and 1958, all grading MS 68. Perhaps the standout specimen is this set’s 1950-D, which grades an incredible MS 68 FT! In fact, no less than seven of the coins in this set carry the coveted star designation for superior eye appeal. Most of the coins are also certified as Full Torch. These include dates usually found mushy, such as 1948-S, 1953-S and 1954-S.

The Renard Collection - Rick Renard
In this complete set of Modern USA Commemoratives the sheer number of coins required for completion is staggering. The uniformly high quality of this set is likewise almost unimaginable, with nearly all of the Mint State coins grading MS 70 and a perfect, uninterrupted run of proofs grading the ultimate PF 70 Ultra Cameo. With the quality of this set essentially unimprovable, the best thing to do is list some of the rarest pieces in high grades: 1982-D Washington 50c (MS 69), 1989-D Congress 50c (MS 69), 1992-S Olympics S$1 (PF-70 UC), 1994-P Vietnam S$1 (PF 70 UC), 1996-S Olympics 50c (PF 70 UC), 2000-P Leif Ericson S$1 (PF 70 UC) and 2001-P Capitol 50c (PF 70 UC).

Best Presented Sets

Cardinal Collection - cardinal
A winner in 2003 with his variety set of early dollars, Cardinal is back with another early dollars set. Some pieces will be remembered from his 2003 set but with updated commentary, this set is fresh and interesting.

The Gerry Fortin Collection of Liberty Seated Dimes - Gerry Fortin
Descriptions like these do more than create an appreciation for the collection and the coins, they deliver a wealth of information about the history of the minting of the coins. When 18 years of collecting experience get spread out in detail in a collection's descriptions, you can't help but to sit up and take notice.

The Gregg Bingham Type Set - Bingham
What’s better than a set as pretty as this? An owner that appreciates the greatness of each and every piece. Awesome photos of gorgeous coins!

Hoot's "Classic" Jeffs '38-'64 - Hoot
This winning set from 2003 has seen some changes in the last year. The addition of coins to the set are accompanied by new descriptions and photos that allow the viewer to really experience the growth of this set and the journey of its owner.

Legend Collection of Mint State Seated Dollars - Tradedollarnut
“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The stunning photographs provide a very real look at this amazing set. This set’s coin descriptions not only provide insight into the in-person quality of the coins, but provide some perspective on the provenance of the coins. The passion of the owner glimmers through the words in many of these coin descriptions.

Superb photography and interesting commentary make this set a sure standout.

Proofbarber's complete set - Proofbarbers
The introduction to this set adds a very personal touch that embodies what is special about the Registry. This set provides the ability to appreciate the coins through photography and commentary but also conveys the owner’s passion for collecting.

Sounder 1935 to 1942 Proof Sets - Sounder
This collection of 1936 to 1942 Proof sets boasts great photos with solid commentary. Very interesting! The award for this collection is a bit unusual as it actually spans over several sets, but the combined achievement is very worthy of the nod.

Please click here to see the details of these fantastic sets and also to see our list of #1 sets in every Registry category.

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