NGC’s Display of Fabulous Toned Commems a Highlight of FUN

Vividly toned silver commemoratives from two private collections on display at FUN.

While the FUN show is notable for the splendid numerous exhibits mounted by collectors and dealers, perhaps the biggest draw of this year’s winter FUN show was the awesome gathering of gorgeously toned United States commemorative coins displayed at the NGC booth. This special exhibit featured silver commemorative coins from the Bingham and Schultz Collections, respectively. More colors than found in a rainbow were seen in these outstanding coins. All of the selections were very high grade certified examples, these lofty grades due in no small part to their superb coloration. The coveted NGC Star designation was omnipresent in this display.

The classic silver commemorative series of 1892-1954 is renowned for coins featuring exceptional toning. Created as collector pieces from the outset, these coins oftentimes were preserved with great care. The height of commemorative mania in the 1930s coincided with the introduction of coin albums marketed by dealer Wayte Raymond under his National brand, and their sulfurous, cardboard pages made for some truly spectacular and symmetrical toning patterns over the years. In addition, many of the commemoratives of the 1920s-50s were sold in their own cardboard or paper packaging which imparted similarly stellar toning.

Mounted in a special display case to one side of the NGC booth, these wonderful coins drew rabid toning fans and casual collectors alike. The combination of good lighting and close proximity to the coins made for a particularly satisfying experience that few who viewed the coins will likely forget. NGC thanks the owners of the Schultz and Bingham Collections for sharing their prized beauties with FUN show attendees.

The following images are a few select examples of the 50 coins that were displayed.

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