2010 NGC Registry Award Winners

Posted on 1/7/2011

We applaud everyone for their individual accomplishments in each and every set and thank all of the members who make the Collectors Society the vibrant community it is today.

Annually, NGC recognizes outstanding achievement in Registry set building. We would like to thank all of the participants in the NGC Registry and congratulate everyone on their individual accomplishments. The number of outstanding collections in the NGC Registry is remarkable and we are honored to have the opportunity to review them all.

Five winners were selected in each of three competitive categories: Best Classic, Best Modern and Best Presented. Additionally, we chose four winners for Custom Sets in the following categories: Best Overall, Best World, Most Creative and Most Informative. Finally, we are honoring three outstanding Collectors Journals authors.

Our team of experts reviewed all of the top sets across every category in the Registry. After much consideration, they selected the following sets. Congratulations to our winners!

Best Classic Sets

MLMM Collection – MLM Morgan Collection
Morgan Dollars are arguably the most popular series in American numismatics. A complete set involves several dozen coins, and this collection is outstanding for both its completeness and average grade. Only the key date 1892-S and 1893-S dollars are less than Mint State, the remainder of the set populated by splendid Choice and Gem coins. Some highlights include 1879-S Reverse of 78 grading MS 65 DPL, 1882-O/S in MS 65, 1890-O with a grade of MS 66 PL and a stellar 1895-S grading an amazing MS 66. Though a common date, this collection’s 1881-S is an uncommonly beautiful MS 68.

wasatch coins – my quarter eagles
Collecting 19th-century USA gold coins by date and mint is no minor undertaking, and this remarkable collection is well on its way to becoming complete. The early issues are mostly Choice AU pieces, with the last 25 years or so consisting of Choice Mint State jewels. Among the more noteworthy entries are 1842-D grading AU 55, 1850-C in MS 61, 1853-D checking in at an impressive AU 53 and a rare 1865 certified as AU 50. The final four issues in the series, 1904 through 1907, are all superb gems grading a whopping MS 67.

JLRiddell – Louisiana Eagles
The rarest denomination of USA gold coins by date and mint are the eagles, mintages of which were typically small until the 1890s. This awesome collection presents a complete run of the New Orleans issues 1841 through 1906. The owner provides his own list of highlights, but these are worth repeating here: 1841-O AU 55, 1859-O AU 55, 1879-O AU 58 and 1883-O AU 58. All of these are very rare dates, but this collection also includes coins noteworthy for their high grades, such as the 1880-O in MS 62 and 1903-O grading MS 65. And, in case you didn’t know, J. L. Riddell was melter and refiner of the New Orleans Mint in the 1840s.

TD Petersen – TDP -3 cent nickel proofs
Most old-time coin collections included complete runs of proof three-cent nickels, but such sets have become rare since the 1970s. This one is absolutely complete and consists of uniformly superb gems. It kicks off with the rarest proof of this coin type, an 1865 grading PF 67 Ultra Cameo. Other superior entries include 1870 grading PF 67 Cameo, 1877 in PF 68 Cameo, 1881 certified as PF 68 Cameo and the scarce 1886 grading PF 68. This is a lovely run of very carefully selected specimens.

A Client of Barry Stuppler – A & A Illinois Peace Dollar Set
Though somewhat overshadowed by the Morgan series, Peace Silver Dollars are beautiful coins when found in top condition. This collection is complete and of uniformly high quality throughout. Outstanding coins include 1922-D grading MS 67, a gorgeous 1924 in MS 68, 1926-D in MS 67 and a very rare MS 65 example of 1928-S. The key date 1934-S is an impressive MS 66, while this collection’s 1935, though common through the grade of MS 65, is a whopping MS 67 gem.

Best Modern Sets

Brian Andersen – Brian's Rainbow Roosies
This writer has been in coins long enough to remember when a silver coin wasn’t even offered for sale until after it had been routinely dipped white, so to see a complete collection of silver Roosevelt Dimes, all of which have gorgeous toning, is a rare treat. Consisting of very high grade coins, most of which are certified with Full Torch and the NGC designation, this set is a remarkable achievement. Among the many highlights are the following: 1948, 1950, 1951, 1952-S and 1955-D, all grading MS 68 FT, as well as a rare MS 67+ FT specimen of 1961-D.

Dr. Naranjo – Kennedy Half Dollars 1964-Date, Proofs
The Kennedy Half Dollar, though rarely seen in circulation, remains a favorite with collectors. Especially prized are the proofs, all of which are included in this superb collection. From 1973-S onward, each piece is a perfect PF 70 Ultra Cameo, while earlier issues all grade at least 69. Some highlights include 1964 Accented Hair grading PF 69 Ultra Cameo, superb Special Mint Set coins of 1965-67, all grading MS 69 Cameo and the popular 1998-S commemorative edition grading SP-70.

The Ness Collection – Only the Best for the 21st Century Set!
It’s hard to believe that the current century is already old enough to form a type set, but this collection is splendid proof that such a set can be memorable. Though it’s not the highest-point entry, the owner reveals that the Lincoln Memorial Cent proved to be the key at MS 70 Red. Other condition rarities include a 2005-P SMS dime grading MS 69 FT, a 2004-D Texas Quarter in MS 69 and a very scarce MS 69 example of the 2005-P SMS half dollar grading MS 69.

Specialty One – 1965-1967 Special Mint Sets
The 1965-67 Special Mint Set series consists of only 15 coins, but this collection makes the most of them. All of the coins are in outstanding condition, kicking off with a superb 1965 cent grading MS 67 Red Ultra Cameo. Easily the greatest condition rarity is the 1965 half dollar in MS 67 Ultra Cameo, but other memorable entries include the following: 1966 nickel, quarter and half, all grading MS 68 Ultra Cameo, as well as 1967 nickel and quarter, also grading MS 68 Ultra Cameo. These are all lovely coins.

fish – Year of the Dog I MS
1970 was evidently the year of the dog, as this attractive set includes all of the non-proof United States coins bearing that date, some 11 pieces in all. Both varieties of the 1970-S cent are included, and these grade MS 66 Red (Small Date) and MS 67 Red (Large Date). The most significant entry in that year’s Uncirculated Set from the Mint was, of course, the non-circulating 1970-D half dollar, and this set’s example is a glorious MS 66 ProofLike. Another important condition rarity is the 1970-D dime, grading MS 66 FT.

Best World Sets

Stunmai – Texas CAR-8Rs
The Central American Republic was a transitional entity between Spain’s New World colonies and what ultimately became individual nations. This collection consists of the eight-reales coinage of the CAR, and it is nearly complete. These scarce coins of the 1820s-40s are mostly Choice AU, with a few rare Mint State examples, as well. Among the most memorable coins are 1830NG M Reverse of 1830 grading MS 63 Prooflike, 1831CR E and 1831CR F (both XF 45), 1831NG M in AU 53, 1841NG MA in AU 55 and the overdate variety 1847/6NG A, grading an awesome MS 64.

POLDAN – POLDAN's Victorian Florins
The silver florin was a latecomer to the British sterling coinage, debuting in 1849. The Victorian Gothic series is notable for being rare in Mint State, but this nearly complete collection is comprised mostly of such pieces. Standout entries include 1855 MS 64, 1857 MS 65, 1865 MS 64, 1874 MS 65 and 1877 Without Die Number, grading MS 62. The rare 1892 Jubilee florin grades AU 58. The Old Head type is more common, but condition rarities include 1895, 1897 and 1898, all grading a very impressive MS 66.

Clay – MEMMOTT COLLECTION Canada Proof Dollar
This fascinating collection includes all of the proof, collector-edition dollar coins minted by Canada 1981 to date. The majority of entries are graded PF 69 or 70 Ultra Cameo, attesting to their superb condition. Some of the highlights include 1985 National Parks, 1989 Mackenzie River, 1990 Henry Kelsey and 1991 Steamship Frontenac issues, all grading PF 70 Ultra Cameo. Perhaps the premier rarities in this collection are the 1997 Silver Flying Loon and the 2002 Queen Mother issues, both certified as PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

One of the relatively new features of modern coinage is the use of two different metals as component parts of a coin, rather than simply mixing them. This collection is complete for China’s bi-metallic Panda issues of 1990-97. Multiple denominations are part of this impressive collection, and each entry is a beautiful piece certified as PF 69 Ultra Cameo. Top scorers include the three Hong Kong, China Expo coins of 1990-91 and the 50 Yuan pieces of 1995, 1996 and 1997. These are coins that present the very finest in numismatic technology and art.

Rudman coleccion – IRM-JAMAICA- PENNY -1869-1900
This collection is something one will seldom see – a complete series of circulating halfpennies from Jamaica 1869-1900. Jamaica was formerly a British colony, and these coins were struck at the Royal Mint in London or at the commercial Heaton Mint near Birmingham. All are Mint State coins, which is a really remarkable achievement. Highlights include 1869 and 1882-H, both grading MS 65, 1887 in MS 64, 1894 in MS 65 and 1895 certified as MS 64.

Best Presented Sets

Jon Lorenzo – Jon Lorenzo Business Strike Trade Dollar Collection
The United States trade dollar was initially successful in its intended role but ran afoul of declining silver prices and abuse of the coins in domestic circulation. This collection includes all of the issues intended for general circulation, some 18 coins in all. Each is Choice or Gem Mint State, and all of the entries are accompanied by photos and background text which make this collection a real educational tool. Highlights include the rare 1873-CC in MS 64, 1875 grading MS 65, the popular 1875-S/CC variety in MS 64, 1877-S in MS 66 (ex: Eliasberg) and the rare 1878-CC certified as MS 64 (ex: Norweb).

Electric Peak Collection – Large Cents 1839-1857
Comprising a complete date collection of Braided Hair Cents, these 19 coins are nearly all gems. Indeed, the average condition is simply astounding. Each coin is illustrated and accompanied by text describing its qualities. The owner has even included the Newcomb variety numbers for the benefit of specialists. Some of the best entries are 1842 MS 67 BN, 1849 MS 66 BN, 1851, 1852 and 1855 (each grading MS 67 BN). The scarce 1857 issue is certified as MS 65 RB.

Jackson – Morton Short Set of Full Strike Walkers
The Walking Liberty Half Dollar series is extremely popular, and the “short set” of 1941-47 is an affordable goal for many collectors. This distinctive set was assembled with an eye toward overall quality, with special emphasis on strike quality. The owner’s commentary on each issue reveals the relative rarity of fully struck examples. Each coin is illustrated, as well. Condition rarities include 1941-S at MS 66, 1942-S at MS 66 (which the owner notes is an underrated date), 1944 and 1946-D (both MS 67). This Registry set serves as a valuable primer for anyone assembling the 1941-47 series.

W. K. F. – Kerry's Franklin Set #1
Very close to completion, this outstanding set of Franklins is as yet missing two issues. The owner’s fanatical devotion to supreme quality is undoubtedly the reason, but the coins already present are a delight to the eye and represent some very important condition rarities. Chief among these are the following: 1949-S, 1951-S 1953 and 1960-D, all grading MS 66 FBL. Other impressive entries are 1955 and 1957-D, both certified as MS 66 FBL. The owner describes this series in terms of “love” and “obsession,” and this commitment really shows.

Lehigh96 – The Atlantic City Set of Jefferson Nickels
This long series of Jefferson Nickels 1938-64 is nearing completion, though several issues are awaiting the location of suitable specimens. The owner is clearly determined to have the finest set, if not in terms of numeric grade or points then certainly in terms of overall quality and eye appeal. Several entries are also rare varieties, such as the 1941-S Large S grading MS 65 and the 1946-D over inverted D nickel at MS 66. Other highlights include 1939 Reverse of 40 MS 67, 1939-S Reverse of 38 MS 67, 1943/2-P MS 65 5FS and 1951-S MS 67. This set’s owner really knows his nickels and shares this information freely with readers.

Custom Sets

Most Creative Set

Guy Mc – The Collection of Palladium Coins of the World
The recent announcement that the US Mint is moving into the area of palladium coinage makes this set a very timely entry. Most of the coins produced in palladium thus far by various countries are included in this collection, and the unusual nature of such coinage has led to the use of very distinctive designs. Each is illustrated and described with its original mintage, though the owner notes that a spike in the price of palladium ten years ago likely reduced the number of coins extant. Also provided are links to the owners other sets so that viewers can learn more about specific country’s coins. The grades of the coins are outstanding, with most pieces checking in at MS 69 or PF 69 Ultra Cameo.

Most Informative Set

BoneHead – BoneHeads Collection of Blanks and Planchets
A mint error enthusiast, the owner of this collection has assembled a rich assortment of blanks (unmilled) and planchets (milled) intended for United States coins. The former are further distinguished as Type 1 (unannealed) and Type 2 (annealed). A wealth of information about the minting process is provided with this presentation, and the numerous examples included are all illustrated. The weight and composition of each entry are also provided, making this a most complete tutorial that should be required viewing for anyone contemplating a similar type of collection.

Best World Set

Dash Elezi – The Elezi Family Collection
This set’s owner celebrates his ethnic heritage with an impressive collection of Albania coins from 1926 to 2002. The early issues coined at the Rome mint featured superb designs, and the quality of these coins is excellent. Highlights include 1926R 5 qindar leku grading MS 66 RB, 1926R 2 franga MS 66, 1926R 20 franga commemorative MS 65 and an example of the rare 1927R 100 franga AU Details. The set also includes several rare prova (pattern) pieces, such as two varieties of the 1928R 100 franga in MS 61 and a 1929-R 100 franga prova grading MS 63.

Best Overall Set

Xan Chamberlain – Xanno Error Indians
Improvements at the US Mint in recent years have made the production of error coins nearly extinct, so it is wonderful to be able to see such a fine collection of vintage pieces. Including dozens of Eagle and Indian Cent error coins, this set is fully illustrated, something essential given the topic. Some of the more spectacular entries are an 1859 die cap grading MS 61, a double strike of the same date in MS 61, 1863 off-center graded MS 66, 1874 with curved clip in MS 65 RB, a gem MS 65 BN Shield Nickel on a cent planchet and an 1891 struck multiple times both centered and off-centered (MS 62 BN). Both the coins and presentation of this set are top-notch.

Collectors' Journals

The Collectors' Journal awards are our chance to highlight the great entries by our members. This area of the site is all about collectors sharing their passion for the hobby with each other. We're proud to give this award to the collectors who have done an outstanding job of journaling their collecting experience.


Best in Category

And as always, we have given out the Best in Category awards for the year. A full review of the winners, including lists of the Best in Category winners can be found on our 2010 Awards Archive page.

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