New Registry Sets Galore

More than 400 new World coin Registry set categories have been added to the Registry during the past two months.

The past two months have marked one of the most fruitful periods for creation of new Registry set definitions ever. Registry set definitions are the empty model sets collectors can fill by entering applicable NGC- or PCGS-certified coins. When NGC defines a set, we carefully examine published references for that coin series and consult specialists where necessary, to ensure that we build the most popular and collectible sets for each coin type.

After creating a base of US coins years ago, we sought to create definitions for the World coin types that were frequently certified. Having worked through the most obvious list, we started to get requests for specific sets. Over time, we prioritized these requests and filled in other obvious gaps. We also maintained modern coinage sets by adding new issues and refining scoring where inaccuracies were discovered.

In September, we embarked on a plan to create new set definitions based solely on member requests. Rather than working off a carefully planned prioritization, we just picked sets off the list of requests we had gathered. The list in full was posted on the Message Boards. When it was first posted on September 3, there were 1,417 different set definitions. Today, a little over two months later, there are 1,818 — wow!

We still have a long ways to go, but we wanted to highlight some of the exciting collecting options now available in the Competitive Set Registry:

Keep in mind that if you don’t see your set listed, you can request it. The easiest way to request a new set is to post your request on the NGC Message Boards or e-mail your request to Also, if your collecting follows a non-traditional path, you can always create a Custom Set of your own design.

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