An Open Message from Mark Salzberg

NGC’s chairman discusses deceptively altered coins.

NGC employs the best grading team in the world. Our experts include individuals who are highly skilled at detecting coins that have been purposefully and unnaturally altered to lend the appearance of a higher grade. We enhance our capabilities of detection through the use of proprietary technologies, and we continually research new methods and techniques to aid detection.

We don’t allow deceptively altered coins into NGC holders, and our graded coins are acknowledged to be universally problem-free. In the rare event that we do miss an alteration, we offer the strongest guarantee, by far, of any certification company. For collectors, the NGC guarantee is the high-water mark for consumer protection in numismatics.

We hold those who alter coins responsible for their actions that damage the hobby. NGC actively pursues claims against such individuals when warranted. This has always been our policy. This strong stance is absolutely necessary, and we support the efforts of others similarly aimed at eliminating these practices from the hobby.

Mark Salzberg

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